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Metro 2033 EP11: Face Stew

By Shamus
on Sunday Nov 3, 2013
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Spoiler Warning


Link (YouTube)

I like to think that Josh died over and over again on purpose so that the level transition would line up perfectly with the end-of-episode. That was nice of him.

I’ve had a week to think about it, and I still can’t place that movie quote. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it went something like this:

A vampire gets shot in the chest and shrugs it off. He says something along the lines of, “I’ve been stabbed, drowned, burned, and hung, but I’ve never been shot before. [scratches chest] Kind of itches a little.”

The first person to identify the movie gets a single slice of Processed American Orange Cheese-like Product. (Everyone else gets two.)

Comments (56)

  1. Daemian Lucifer says:

    This section is short,unless you explore it for a bit,or get lost.

  2. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Suck on my google fu:Vampire in Brooklyn.

    EDIT:Damn those ninjas!Still,my quote is more precise,so THERE!

  3. DGM says:

    >> “The first person to identify the movie gets a single slice of Processed American Orange Cheese-like Product. (Everyone else gets two.)”

    That was Eddie Murphy in “Vampire in Brooklyn.” Now what do I have to do to be spared the other slice?

  4. Klay F. says:

    Huh, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been through this area, and I’ve never found the route that Josh just used. The first time I played through it I got lost as all hell and ended up burning through all of my filters looking for a way to progress. That building was always an infuriating maze for me.

    • GM says:

      i did wonder where the radio tower was,that way to get up Josh found i had no idea it was there i had to stealth passes those nazis on the ground.

      • Corpital says:

        Haven’t had many problems with navigation on the map, finding the ladder to the roof was about the first thing I found after getting to the house. But the enemies, oh my goodness. Every third shot or so seemed to hit my gasmask and I was already low on filters. Good times.

        Did you have problems with not being able to see a damn thing in the house, because of the fogged mask and *just* enough lightsources to turn nightvision into bloom hell?

        • GM says:

          I found the ladder further outside,where the guys are,no the problem was

          I more or less,went up and then back down it and out of the room.

          Some people have a blindspot ,I do.

          I never tried the night vision outside ha ha.
          filters were never a problem except when getting to the nazis that one time and
          i was unskilled enough to die in a place of strenght,from above them.

        • Klay F. says:

          The problem my first time was that it took me forever to find the stairs down to the ground floor. I don’t know of anyone who had this problem except for me, so I just assumed it was because I was dumb. I dislike those stairs because its ridiculously hard to stay stealthy on the ground floor when coming from that direction.

  5. anaphysik says:

    Rutskarn may not be aware of it, but those NastyNatsy folk are considered to be pretty big jerkfaces. Good thing that Americans and their Old-Fashioned Cheese beat them in Metal of Duty. (I hear that someone even adapted it into a book! – too bad our school system is failing kids by showing them that instead of the original, but that’s were homeschooling comes in.)

    EDIT: tripped the moderation filters, probably because I said “duty.”

  6. anaphysik says:

    Shit fucking-bats!

  7. AJax says:

    This is the most difficult section to stealth through undetected. Much more difficult than the Nazi/Reds section.

    Thankfully, the next level Black Station is probably my favorite of the game in terms gameplay and storytelling/lore.

  8. Torsten says:

    I wonder if the game gives any explanation on how the nazis otherwise speak English with fake Russian accent but use and pronounce their ranks in school book German.

    • Daemian Lucifer says:

      Well thats the quirk of the english dub.What I would like to know is how they pronounce them in russian,and why would russian nazis use german ranks?Nazism is an ideology,not tied to a country.It would be like russian capitalist using only dollars.

      • Nick-B says:

        Well, don’t American Nazis use German words and terms? Seems to me that since Germany at the least popularized the idea, they tend to adopt phrases that seem to belong to it as well that are shunned on a whole (Fuhrer, Reich, etc) in the other culture. Makes sense to me that a group of Russians that adopt the German form of Nazi-ism want to take on everything about the culture, including the black bondage-er-leather coats and army rank terms and such.

      • Raygereio says:

        why would russian nazis use german ranks?Nazism is an ideology,not tied to a country

        Same reason real-world neo-nazis all over the world tend to use German terminology: Because they see themselves as a continuation of the WW2-era nazis and because nazism has become a culture that they’ve adopted.
        For a more innocent example of the latter: die-hard My Little Pony fans all over the globe call themselves bronies. You don’t see people using different titles in non-English countries.

    • Sleeping Dragon says:

      To be fair it’s a common occurrence for Nazi characters to English but the writer insisting on sticking to terms like “Fuhrer” (“leader”), “Reich” (which I think roughly translates as “nation” or “country”) and several other terms that were neither exclusively Nazi-related nor particularly difficult to translate, especially in administrative and military strucutres. It’s an interesting and complex issue from the sociolingual point of view.

      • anaphysik says:

        ‘Reich’ is more like “realm,” though as a political term, “empire” is the standard translation.

        • Josh says:

          More specifically, when talking about Nazi Germany, “reich” refers to the Roman Empire and its direct successor states. Hence Nazi Germany as the “Third Reich” being a new Roman Empire, a continuation from the Holy Roman Empire (which wasn’t really a valid successor state to Rome in any meaningful way but that’s a topic for another time), the “Second Reich,” which followed on from the Roman Empire, the “First Reich.”

          • anaphysik says:

            Hm? I’ve always heard the HRE as the first Reich and Imperial Germany (Deutsches Reich) as the second in Nazis’ crazy heads, of course. (‘Reich’ is most certainly the term used when naming the Roman Empire in German, however.) Although it would have been very IC of them to claim as such, given how much other History-Channel-level historiography they manufactured (and, well, given frankly obvious vague connections like the Roman salute which was invented by an 18th-century Frenchman – which, yes, makes “frankly” a pun ;P), they should’ve claimed to have been the /Fourth/ Reich if that’s what they were after.

  9. Decius says:

    I had the worst time in this section- not because it was intrinsically hard, but because I went in with roughly 1 1/2 filters on my gas mask, because there aren’t any in the shops right there.

    I was worse off later on in the library surface zones, where there are lots of time-consuming not-quite-cutscenes where other characters act as though you aren’t suffocating in front of them.

  10. MrGuy says:

    By the way, best opening title I’ve seen to a Spoiler Warning video. Well done.

  11. urs says:

    Ah yes. This is the part where I went from This is pretty nice! to Screw you, shitgame!

    Chchh out of shlch CHSCH ammo CHRCH cant CHch see a Chlurrp goddamn thing and CHSLLCH! whats with CHHHRR the framera-dead.

  12. broken says:

    Seriously Rutskarn, grenades are the linchpin of a successful stealth run? I can’t figure out if you did that deliberately or not…

  13. Sebas says:

    I have a question. Why dont you use the sticky grenades to kill the demons? They give you 2 on the roof just for that.

    You always avoid the demons, you can kill them with 1-2 sticky pretty easilly…

  14. bucaneer says:

    Discussing grammar in the presence of nazis? No wonder you couldn’t stealth through.

  15. Ben Hilton says:

    I really liked how at the beginning of this level the guy calls you Ranger.

    For me it had an effect similar to that of Lara looking in the mirror near the end of Tomb Raider. I realized that with my ridiculous arsenal, the tactical gear I picked up in Armory, and the collection of dirt and bruises I no doubt had by now, I must look like a Ranger to him.

    Then I thought about what I had been through and seen, and what I had survived even when Rangers hadn’t, and I realized that I was a Ranger now, even if not officially.

    • Spammy V says:

      I think that if you can save the Red soldiers about to be executed by the Nazis in Frontlines they call you a Ranger too. I think it’s a nice touch too. And I always kind of felt like once you got to Polis the Rangers thought of you as one of their own as well. And if not exactly one of their own than an honorary one, like Khan.

  16. Tizzy says:

    Penn is Teller’s minion, but it is expedient for them to make people believe it is the other way around.

  17. The Rocketeer says:

    I have to commend the title screen this time. This might be my favorite one yet!

  18. silver Harloe says:

    There’s a “typo” in your whiteboard at the beginning. It should say “execute men khanvicted of Khan puns” :)

  19. Hitchmeister says:

    Ceci n’est pas Français.

  20. PhotoRob says:

    Ok, I know I’m a couple days late to the party here, but I Googled the quote and got three results. All of them here at TwentySided!

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