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My Space

By Shamus
on Saturday Mar 4, 2006
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My Space

For the curious, here is my home office. Note that it is rare for someone to witness this tableau when it does not include the back of my head.

Comments (4)

  1. some jerk from the mall says:

    I must say I never thought of you as a cigar man. due to the website I assumed you to be the stereo typical pasty asthmatic. But now I see you defy the norm. By puffing away on large stogies
    day in and day out barking orders and laughing that buisness man piratey laugh that you I’m sure you do as you kick your feet up onto your desk. Or maybe you keep somthing stupid in the box like your D&D dice.

  2. inara says:

    “… you keep somthing stupid in the box like your D&D dice.”

    it would be so awesome if they’re kept there.

  3. Boingophile says:

    Not sure what’s in the cigar box, but you can CLEARLY see the dice on the top shelf (between the lava light and the clock) still in their original clear containers.

  4. GamerCow says:

    I kept my dice in a cigar box for years when I was a teen. Until my dragon-like greed for the little plastic pretties became so fierce they would no longer fit.

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