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The Escapist Presents: NY Comic Con 09

By Shamus
on Thursday Feb 26, 2009
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At the fifty second mark:

I assume that’s a made-up name?

If not, then God help that poor, poor man.

Comments (18)

  1. Terran says:

    I wonder what his inbox looks like…

  2. Ludo says:

    I’m a bit ashamed, but I laughed :/

  3. Noble Bear says:

    I got a buck that says there’s no way that’s his real last name.

  4. KarmaDoor says:

    I put Rollington into a web-search; apparently it is a legitimate last name. It’s too bad there’s no page on The Escapist listing staff and content contributors to verify this.

  5. BarGamer says:

    His name: Never gonna give it up, never gonna live it down, never gonna go around, and change it!

  6. Duoae says:

    Haha! Awesome! Wonder what he says after sex….


  7. Sam says:

    I was really confused when I first watched this video. I was so focused on reaching 50 seconds that I completely missed that guy’s name. No way it’s his actual name.

    On a separate note, MadWorld looks awesome and I look forward to its release. I haven’t purchased a Wii game since Smash Bros. Brawl.

  8. Julian says:

    That’s amazing!
    Poor guy, people must bug him about it all the time, PARTICULARLY at a place like Comic-Con

  9. albval says:

    Ah, finally got it, after two hours of subconscious brainwork. Now I feel stupid but happy.

    Just had to say this, though nobody probably really cares. Carry on:-)

  10. Rick Tacular says:

    They searched for that guy *specifically* because of his name. I’ll bet you anything (as long as “anything” is “nothing”, but I digress).

  11. AGrey says:

    Rick Rollington? Really?

    I’m actually kinda scared now, because apparently, someone slipped the “internet jargon” dictionary into the “generic weatherman name generator” by accident.

    Not too long before we see a Lowell Kattsworth out there.

  12. Nathaniel says:

    @11 Hahaha, nice.

    Regardless of the legitimacy of his name, I’m surprised he said it so easily. Either he’s a really good comedian, or it’s his real name. If he’s used to saying “I’m Rick Rollington, nice to meet you!”

  13. Caffiene says:

    The credits at the end under “starring” suggest none of the presenters are using their real names, Im afraid…

    Which is disappointing.

  14. MadTinkerer says:

    He’s too old for Rickrolling to be a meme back when he was born though. Heck, he looks old enough that the original song/video might not have been made when he was born. So it couldn’t be both a real name and a reference to the meme.

    It might be either one though. Maybe he insists on “Richard” most of the time and only goes by “Rick” on-camera?

  15. Conlaen says:

    Haha, I totally missed it the first time. I figured it would beabout a game name or something and then MadWorld came up and I am thinking: Well that’s not *that* bad is it? Rewind and pay extra attention to the 50 second mark…..

    If that is his name… poor guy!

  16. Luke Maciak says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely a fake name.

    I love how the Asian chick from that mock-ninja-fighting whatever group at the end of the video is the only one who gets this joke. She chuckles when the guy introduces himself. :)

  17. ClearWater says:

    Yup, he and the girl both seem to laugh at the name around the 2:50 mark.

    I bet Darlene X is her real name though.

  18. monkey61 says:

    He didn’t want his appearance at the NY Comic Con to ruin his career in gay porn…

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