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Arkham Asylum EP3: Asylum of the Heart

By Shamus
on Friday Jun 12, 2015
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Spoiler Warning


Link (YouTube)

So that’s our first week of Arkham Asylum. I’m really glad to be covering something we like.

There’s a good bit of tension between this game and Arkham City, to the point where it’s hard to discuss one without bringing up the other. I think this one makes more sense and it has a more focused story, but I find City to be more fun to play and explore. The combat is smoother, the combat is deeper, the enemies are more varied, but the overall plot is muddled.

In Arkham City, it was like the team was compelled to use every Batman villain in existence, including some of the obscure D-listers. The game has Hugo Strange, Penguin, Two-Face, Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Zsasz, Hush, Deadshot, Soloman Grundy, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Riddler, and Ra’s al GhulAlso Calendar Man is there, perplexingly the only man in all of Arkham City who is locked in a cell.. That feels like extreme overkill. It feels like they were overcompensating. Which is odd, since the first game was great and they didn’t need to compensate for anything.


[1] Also Calendar Man is there, perplexingly the only man in all of Arkham City who is locked in a cell.

Comments (63)

  1. Grimwear says:

    To be fair the Batscratch happened the previous episode when Harley cut down the elevator and where is Chris? I recall him having like…one line last episode total. We need Shamus to put him on the spot with his “quick Chris say something meaningful about what’s currently happening!”

    Edit- Turns out Chris went to bed? I coulda sworn he had a line in Ep2! Did I imagine that? I’m going crazy over here but please don’t send me to Arkham Asylum I’ll get better. I promise.

  2. el_b says:

    riddlers response actually works better when you grief him like that because it sounds a lot more sarcastic.

  3. Gruhunchously says:

    24:31. Um, Josh?

  4. Joe Informatico says:

    22:10 – Cool guys casually glance away from explosions.

  5. 4th Dimension says:

    Oh Josh. You really need to turn down the sensitivity on your mouse because you keep getting wierd angles in combat.

    I guess since he has not played it before it’s going to be one of those backseat driving seasons right?

  6. Theminimanx says:

    A big problem I have with the riddles is that far too often, I know what I’m looking for, but I have no clue where to find it. So I often end up just stumbling across them by accident. What makes this worse is that, should you stumble across one without knowing what riddle it’s connected to, you can still solve the riddle. After all, it’s an obviously unique piece of scenery, so it has to be important somehow. This is especially annoying in Arkham City, where you have to search a city block for something as tiny as a wanted poster.

  7. theghatdamncatamaran says:

    1 vote for the Deep Road Trip! Also for that catchy new Batman intro song.

  8. Nidokoenig says:

    Given the nature of licensed games, the devs may have assumed that even if they make a masterpiece, they might not get to make a second because someone else would underbid them next time or people might assume it’s some crappy licensed game because some reviewers bring up a few nitpicks and tank the score. So, they throw absolutely everything in. Besides that, they have character designs and personalities ready made, they just need adapting to the game’s style.

  9. Ed says:

    I am not a Batman guy, but I thought the D-listers really came out in Origins. Or maybe they are like the E-list. Or the Z-list. Either way there was a guy named Anarky, which is something.

  10. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Riddler is totally a murderer.He killed that douche cop that was dating his would be lady.Its totally canon now.

  11. Daemian Lucifer says:

    I must say I love it how batman draws the little bat with the gel every time,even when no one is around to see it.So cute.

  12. MrGuy says:

    In Arkham City, it was like the team was compelled to use every Batman villain in existence, including some of the obscure D-listers. The game has Hugo Strange, Penguin, Two-Face, Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Zsasz, Hush, Deadshot, Soloman Grundy, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Riddler, and Ra's al Ghu

    You missed at least Deathstroke and Firefly, both of which are at least minor boss enemies. The game was staggering in its cast list.

  13. Thomas says:

    I think Detective Vision is one design problem the series really needs to solve (unless Origins did it). It’s a really neat mechanic, but it’s just too easy/valuable to leave it on and then have the whole game look kind of rubbish. That takedown sequence would have looked a lot more epic in colour.

    Maybe if you have to hold a button down to use detective mode? Or they make it so detective mode highlights things without making the whole world go into x-ray vision.

    • AileTheAlien says:

      Maybe have detective mode highlight detective stuff, but make other stuff hard/impossible to see? There’s got to be a way to encourage the player to not just leave it on all the time. :S

      • Thomas says:

        Actually Josh, would it be okay if you try to remember to turn it off as much as possible? It does make the video look not so cool when its on for long periods. It kind of sucks that one of the introductory quests to the Asylum requires people to use their detective vision a ton.

        Thanks for doing the LP though, even if it’s not one of your favourites! I’m super happy to see this game and hear you guys speak about it.

      • MrGuy says:

        I’d almost go the other way and just expect it’s going to be on all the time, and design your visuals for that. What do we accomplish from having it be a “turn it on/turn it off” back and forth?

        You’d have to get rid of the scary skeleton cam, and do something subtler, like a subtle color highlighting for hostiles and weapons that’s always on. I mean, we can already do some level of enhanced reality vision. He’s Batman. He’ll have really awesome enhanced reality vision.

        I get they were trying to create a “mechanic” here with the detective vision on/off, but it’s too useful to ever turn off. And making a penalty for using it seems arbitrary and forced (and also leads the the inevitable “why not just turn it on in one eye and have the best of both?” complaints).

        The other terrible idea (which I’m glad they didn’t elect to use) would be to make this a flashlight-style mechanic with arbitrarily limited “battery life” (bonus nega-points if you made a battery collection minigame).

        I think they ouththought themselves on this one. They made the detective vision too awesome to ever turn off. The skeletons looked so cool they didn’t want to cut them. But they crippled their pretty amazing art direction by making “see what the game actually looks like” the CRIPPLED gameplay mode.

        • Peter H. Coffin says:

          Maybe just make the Detective Vision only work of you’re not moving. Watch as long as you want perched on a gargoyle, but when you swoop down, it automatically turns off and won’t turn on until you stop moving.

      • Grimwear says:

        It reminds me of Yahtzee’s review of Asylum way back when since he mentioned that there’s no need to ever NOT be detective mode. And it brings me back to my days of playing the game where I just kept it on because it was more convenient but looking at when Josh first entered the asylum grounds proper…dang that looks good. Makes me regret not paying closer attention and turning detective mode off more often.

    • lethal_guitar says:

      I actually do sometimes switch between detective and normal vision during predator encounters, simply because with normal vision, it’s easier to see whether a thug is behind a wall or out in the open.

  14. Thomas says:

    One of the other things about Arkham is they take all this effort to personalise the guards and policemen, giving them their own names and personality, backstories and arcs – but I can never remember or recognise any of them.

  15. Phantos says:



  16. Ardis Meade says:

    Is Rutskarn trolling or does he not know who The Creeper is? I know he’s a D-list hero, but he strikes me as someone that Ruts would be into.

  17. Phantos says:

    As much as I dislike Batman Forever, I do sincerely love the Batmobile designs from the first few movies. That might have something to do with them being designed specifically to look like toys so that people would buy the actual toys.

    No disrespect to the Tumblr… Except in Rises, where at that point it really should have been more streamlined, because they were well past the whole “prototype” stage excuse.

    Okay, I’ll give it this much: Batman Forever isn’t as horrible as Rises.

  18. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Mumbles,would you say that the batmobile from the third movie will remain iconic forever?

  19. James says:

    “its like if Reginald Cuftbert knocked out batman and put on his costume”. Oh so that’s what happened in Frank Millers batman from all star batman and robin than.

  20. Ledel says:

    So, if Josh’s piloting of Batman causes someone to get a brain aneurysm from frustration, would that break the “Batman doesn’t kill people” policy?

    Also, wow, 3 episodes in and Shamus is already questioning if it was a good idea to play this game. I definitely lost that bet, I honestly thought it would be in week 3 that this happened.

  21. Sicod says:

    Well, hopefully I did the link right. Anyway, if you guys liked an idiotic batman facing off against the joker, well then the link below is awesome.

    The concept is very simple: What if Batman was a moron who somehow still got the job done? Pete Holmes who had a show on TBS plays Batman, and he is awesome as Batfool. If the link doesn’t work just Google Pete Holmes Batman and Riddler, you will be glad you did.

    Idiot Batman vs the Riddler

  22. IFS says:

    Wow that moon is huge, are you sure you guys aren’t playing Bloodborne?

    In more seriousness I had forgotten how cool that area looks when you step out into it, and if I remember correctly it changes a few times over the course of the game as things get worse and worse. Was another detail along the lines of Batman’s costume accruing damage that helped give the sense of time passing which was pretty cool.

  23. lethal_guitar says:

    Man, I’m so glad I played Asylum first before getting into City. The combat is just soooo much better in the 2nd one.

    I didn’t really “get” the combat during my playthrough of Asylum, I was just button-mashing my way through it. Then when playing City, I started learning how to do it right. I spent a lot of time in the challenge mode there, and while not perfect, I feel like I’m quite good by now. I can easily reach combos above 40 given a large enough crowd.

    Then yesterday while looking at my Steam library, I saw all the open achievements from Asylum, e.g. “do a flawless free-flow” and “get a combo above 40”. So I thought “well, that should be easy enough” and reinstalled it.

    Oh how wrong I was.. The combat is so different. It’s way harder to keep a combo going, it feels like you have to be much more precise with pointing Batman in the direction of the next foe. The combo meter and assorted information is also less pronounced and harder to see. Then you also don’t really get large enough crowds.. It’s actually really challenging to get a combo of 40.

  24. Joseph P. Tallylicker says:

    This is going to be better than the incinerator!

  25. Jakale says:

    After playing some Thief, recently, the detective mode darkness sort of warps my perception of whether or not the mooks should be able to see Josh.

    Rutskarn breaking into the Zooboomafoo song made me smile.

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