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Stolen Pixels #81: Left 4 Dumb: Part 3

By Shamus
on Tuesday Apr 14, 2009
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I can’t decide what I like most about Left 4 Dead. Playing it, or making comics about it.

Who am I kidding? Playing it is two or three flavors of awesome. Thanks to everyone who joins in and acts nothing like I depict in the comic. That’s appreciated.

Comments (19)

  1. ima420r says:

    Nice. I have played many a game where I will say to everyone “Let’s just stay here in this house, it’s safe and has beds and ammo”. The safe houses have unlimited ammo and you could hold up there for a long time.

  2. CoarseSand says:

    On the unlimited ammo stockpiles, I’ve never figured out why there seem to be tin cans in the ammo pile. Who was keeping bullets in the Maxwell House coffee? Thousands and thousands of bullets.

  3. Factoid says:

    @CoarseSand: I’m pretty sure the unlimited ammo piles and weaponry are some sort of clever social commentary on the state of gun regulation in the country. In this case it works for the best, though, because without our abundance of second amendment rights we’d be screwed when the zombie apocalypse came.

    As for myself, I have a 12 gauge shotgun in my basement (for hunting) but no ammo for it. Hopefully when the zombies come I’ll have a head start so that I can change out the choke and remove the ammo plugs. A shotgun set up for pheasant hunting won’t work too well for close quarters combat. It is plugged (by law) to hold three shells (4 during duck season), plus one in the chamber, unlike the standard 8 shells you always see in video games. I don’t even know if it’s big enough for 8 shells. And the choke is set up to shoot in a tight pattern for birds flying a good 30-50 yards away…that would need to come right out.

  4. In every Left4Dead game that I’ve played so far, I always get the highest score for “Helping Others”.

    I just want everyone to know that in the event of a zombie outbreak, I’m the gal you want on your team.



    PS Shamus – thanks for letting me join your games!

  5. Kasz says:

    Well, here’s to hoping everything happens in America and we down in Australia are spared your zombie hordes because I have no idea where I can get a gun or know how to use one in the first place. I do have lots of blunt instruments around though.

    How low is your friendly fire? I was just in a game where someone ran around with an autoshotgun and friendly fired about 30 times, we were incapacitated alot.

    I think I’ve seen that server filled up once and that was the other day, quite empty all the other times.

  6. ZzzzSleep says:

    Kasz @ 5 There will be a zombie horde walking through Melbourne on May the 9th. Details can be found here or here.

  7. edcalaban says:

    Shamus, I’ll play with you as long as I can stay behind you. I’m watching those friendly fire scores :p

    The best part of any game with you is when we randomly stop somewhere and start talking, then some twenty minutes later realize “Oh, hey, maybe we should start moving again?”

  8. Rutskarn says:

    Leslee: Should the zombie apocalypse break out, and you’re ever in need of a teammate who sucks down pain pills like a deluxe vacuum cleaner, can’t throw a molotov properly, and whose aiming skill are such that if you place a shotgun in his hand, you’re essentially putting your signature on a suicide pact, I’m also available.

  9. Jericho says:

    Indeed, I think the boathouse in probably the best, most defensible position that is NOT a safehouse. Mounted gun, back to the water, ammo. Hold out there without triggering the finale should be simple. Most comfortable as well.

  10. Mari says:

    @CoarseSand – actually, I know quite a few people who keep their reloads in impromptu containers including coffee cans, Electrasol dishwasher tablet cans, and recycled Big Gulp cups. Not to mention the people who keep their .22 ammo in all sorts of bizarre containers. But then, this is Texas and we’re a little more casual about our guns and ammo here.

  11. lplimac says:

    Having been shot in the back by Shamus and watched all the pain pills being scarfed up by Rutskarn (and don’t listen to him, he throws the mollys way better than I ever will) I’ll still take them over any of the AI… I watched all three “teammates” gleefully jump off the building in Dead Air not once but twice in Advanced solo mode (the fools). As far as defendability, give me the runway final in Dead Air. The Mini gun is in the best position of any of them and during the final scene the Tank runs through the fire just below it a good amount of the time and the run to the escape Aircraft is nice and short. Just got to watch for them climbing on the tanker truck is all.

  12. As someone who likes to play on the D20 server and shoot people in the back, let me tell you: It’s one of the best I’ve found. The people playing it seem to understand that the only way we’re going to survive is to stick together and coordinate our defense.

    Played a game last night where it was every person for themselves. And forget about little things like talking to one another– half our team didn’t have mics…

  13. I’m starting a run… right now if anyone wants to join in…

  14. Rutskarn says:

    Just remembered this: if you’re a new player, be sure to consult this helpful guide.


  15. Miral says:

    Ok, I have no idea why, but for some reason this post is showing up in Chaotic Evil in my feedreader (but Lawful Good in my browser). All the other pages are showing up Lawful Good in both. Strange.

  16. RedClyde says:

    Yeah, big thanks to the Twenty Sided group for making Left 4 Dead even more fun. ^.^ (And don’t worry about me shooting you in the back/face/etc.; my friend-fire incidents tend to stay at around 2-3 per campaign. I try. @_@)

    BTW, great link, Rutskarn.

  17. DaveMc says:

    I just had to say this somewhere, and there’s no thread over here for the most recent Experienced Points (“10 Ways to Fight Piracy”): *Man*, does that comment thread (at The Escapist) ever make me appreciate the community over here at 20-sided! There’s just no comparison in terms of the level of discourse (with 20-sided winning handily).

  18. Christian Groff says:

    Zoey: Let’s stay here and fend off the zombies.

    Black Guy: Okay then, we’ll guard the bed… er, bedroom!

    Zoey: …. (disgusted) I’d rather take my chances with the zombies.

    BWA HA HA HA!!! That was classic comic relief, Shamus! And I don’t even like this game! Keep up the good work! ;)

  19. Craig says:

    Whenever I play infected and start ripping out someone’s guts all I can think or say is, “OM NOM NOM NOM!” It just makes it seem so much cuter. Aw.. the zombie’s just a bit peckish.

    Am I the only one?

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