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Good Robot: Out Now!

By Shamus
on Tuesday Apr 5, 2016
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Good Robot


Good Robot is released! We even have a launch trailer to prove it!

Link (YouTube)

I’m not nervous about sales. Maybe it will flop. Maybe people will dig it. I hope for the best, but I’m not worried.

No, what has me worried are glitches. We’ve done as much testing as a small outfit like ours can hope to do. The press have been playing the game for a couple of weeks now. While everything is basically okay so far, I’m still terrified that some previously unseen glitch will pop up when the game reaches the masses. Maybe the framerate will be low for people using left-handed mice, or maybe the display colors will be inverted for people using DVORAK keyboards, or whatever. There was no shortage of mystery problems during development, and I can’t shake the feeling that a few of them have been hiding, waiting until launch day to manifest.

If I designed a bad videogame and it gets bad reviews, then that’s how it goes. But if I designed a good game that gets trashed in reviews because of some obscure but game-breaking glitch, it will haunt me forever.

I’m sure we’ll have more posts in this series. Maybe I’ll do a postmortem. Maybe we’ll talk about sales. I don’t know. We’ll see what’s interesting.

Thanks to Pyrodactyl for teaming up to finish the dang thing. Thanks to Arvind, Mikk, Rutskarn, and Ross for the hard work, long meetings, and good ideas. Thanks to everyone who’s followed the project since day one. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for taking a chance and buying the game. Thanks for doing all the social-media sharing stuff to help the game reach more people.

Rutskarn’s Amendment:

First, I want to stress that for us to make it through the first few hours of Steam Shenanigans you should absolutely buy Good Robot now and not wait. Want to make that clear.

But a bonus for you–unexpected snag for us–is that for some reason, the launch was hinky in a few ways, among them being the game was discounted at 30% instead of the 10% we’d budgeted for. Steam Customer Support will presumably slouch into action before too long, but for now…I dunno. Know anybody ELSE who needs a copy of Good Robot?

EDIT: As of forty minutes from launch, the problem is fixed. Price is right, Robot is Good, page is here.

Comments (275)

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  1. Epopisces says:

    As of right now it is not available on Steam yet–still says ‘Available: April 5, 2016’. The only purchase option is the Pyrodactyl Complete Pack, which was available some time ago.

    Is it possible it is releasing at midnight in a specific timezone or something like that?

  2. Jeff says:

    Same here – only available as part of the Pyrodactyl Complete Pack.

  3. Ingvar says:

    Oooh! Time to investigate if I can trick a controller into working with my Mac…

  4. James Porter says:

    I recently reread though some of your dev blogs for your older projects and then all of Good Robot’s, and I want to say thanks for all the great writing on the game development process. I have to admit, I don’t know as much about coding as a would like to(I feel like I only know about 75% of what I need to make something work), but your writing has really helped my understanding of how computer languages work.

    I’ll be exited for whatever project you work on next Shamus! Also count me in for waiting to buy the game!

  5. Tizzy says:

    Good to finally see this update. I’ve been wondering what was up with Steam and the total radio silence on this site. For the past 6 hours or so.

    Well, I’ll have to get back from work before I can buy the game. Looking forward to it.

  6. MichaelGC says:

    There’s less than 11 minutes left to fix the typo in the countdown counter!!

  7. poiumty says:

    Congrats on your first game launch!

    I’ll be honest, it doesn’t seem like the game will succeed unless it gets played by many youtubers and gets praise via word of mouth. In retrospect, an early access beta would’ve probably been good.

    And this is not because the game doesn’t seem good, but rather because there’s little marketing behind it. Well, best of luck anyways.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Lunch while working from home…
    “Hmm, what will I do?”
    [hits 20-sided]
    [Fires up Steam to buy]

  9. DGM says:

    It’s shut-up-and-take-my-money-o’clock, but it just says “Coming soon” now.

  10. Zach Hixson says:

    So I bought it, but in my steam library it says “Coming Soon.” Any details on when this will actually be available to install?

  11. vrittis says:

    Refreshing that page…

  12. Gary says:

    Now when I try to go to the Good Robot link that Shamus linked at the top, it just takes me to the Steam Store homepage.

    Is anyone else seeing that?

    EDIT: AH! IT’S UP!
    IT’S UP

    EDIT2: I now “own” Good Robot! Victory is mine.
    Now I just have to wait until I get home before I can play it.

  13. DGM says:

    …And now the Good Robot page won’t even appear anymore. There’s a link to it in the “Upcoming” section, but it just dumps me back at the main store page.

  14. Grimwear says:

    I may had been up until 4 am trying to buy the game before I actually googled and discovered steam releases games at 11am mountain time. Oops. I just wanted to be the first person to buy it darn it!

    Edit: Bought and installing!

    Edit edit: Installed in literally 1 minute someone loves me.

  15. O-kay. After 1 PM hit it changed from “releases April 5” to “coming very soon.” Then I refreshed the page on Steam and it took me to the front page. Searching for Good Robot now brings it up in the drop-down as a free demo instead of $29.99 (which it had been showing due to the Pyrodactyl bundle). However, clicking it does nothing, and the above link also redirects to the front page.

    I swear, I’m trying really hard to get rid of some of my money in your general direction. C’mon, Steam.

    Edit: Aha! Victory!

  16. I have pleaded with all my twitter followers to check it out, if not buy it (I even linked the blog here cause I have a bunch of people who might not be interested in the game genre, but would hopefully be interested and support a game with fascinating blog articles about making it!).

    Perhaps using the hashtag #GoodRobot would help too? I shall purchase later, the antibiotics and the bacteria in my GI tract have decided to escalate hostilities and I don’t want to risk my computer to ick. (by later I mean in a few hours, certainly today!)

  17. Ander says:

    Bought! Congrats on releasing your game.

  18. DGM says:

    Okay, the page is back up and I made the purchase. Installing now.

    But you may have another problem. Didn’t Arvind say the launch discount was supposed to be 10%? The actual discounts are much steeper.

  19. German Dondo says:

    Well, the game is released all right. I even got an email letting me know that it’s available for purchase.

    My credit card is in the mail. It seemed like a quiet week to ask for it to be reprinted.

    Anyway, I’ll be checking it out as soon as that little piece of magic plastic arrives.

  20. Thomas says:

    Bought! But my schedule doesn’t allow me to play it for a couple of days :( The wait is going to suck

  21. MichaelGC says:

    Anyone else stuck on Good Robot v0.6.8Alpha (Not Responding)?

    • DGM says:

      I was just about to point out the alpha version thing. But it’s playing for me.

      • MichaelGC says:

        OK, that was bizarre! – I think it probably was running all this time, but until I unplugged my XBox One controller I just got a small black window (entitled Good Robot v0.6.8Alpha) with no sound, so it appeared that nothing had loaded at all. This is on Windows 10 – as I say, with an XBox One wired controller previously plugged in. Errr, let me know if any other info about the setup would be useful.

        PS If I plug the controller back in now that it’s running, it all seems to work fine.

  22. Woop! Been waiting for a post about this, I checked Steam earlier and figured they hadn’t released it yet so I stuck it in my wishlist so that Steam would tell me when it was out. Gonna pop off and buy it in a mo, once I’m done with my work. :) Fingers crossed it does well for y’all, you deserve it!

  23. houser2112 says:

    I received an email that it was available a few minutes ago, and I went right to Steam to purchase it. This was also when I found out that if you’re logged into the Steam desktop app, it offers to remotely install the game for you. So, with any luck, it’ll be ready to go when I get home from work in a few hours. My computer has been showing signs of Windows fatigue, though, so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to play it.

  24. Rob says:

    Long time lurker here. Congrats Shamus and team.

    I have thrown my America Bux (TM) your way.

    It’s only £4.89 for any Brits wondering. Generosity! Bargains! Wonder!

  25. DGM says:

    Okay, already found a bug.

    Start a game, pause and enlarge the window by dragging the corner. The in-game cursor will be stuck in the boundries of the game window’s original size (you can still leave the window entirely and reach the desktop). Going fullscreen will have the cursor stuck in a similar-sized boundary in the top-left.

  26. Dovius says:

    Any reason why the game window still refers to it as the v0.6.8 Alpha?

  27. MrGuy says:

    Also, anyone aware of any published reviews?

      • SeekerOfThePath says:

        That’s nicely positive :) I wish the team more like it.

        • Wide And Nerdy says:

          Its also on the front page on Steam at the moment at the top of “Popular New Releases” in the bottom part of the page. So there’s that. :)

          Bought it, downloaded and played 10 minutes already. Its cool looking. As for gameplay, I guess its like Hot Line Miami control wise (sites are calling it “twin stick shooter’) I stopped playing Hotline Miami mainly because I found this control scheme a little frustrating and the psychedelic aesthetic was a little unpleasant but so far Good Robot is more pleasing to look at in my opinion and that control scheme seemed to be plenty popular for lots of Hotline Miami fans so my own frustration with it shouldn’t be a barrier for others. Its very smooth.

          Great job. Like the funny hats and breaking news too. Its been ten minutes so maybe I’ll have more to say later.

          EDIT: And the soundtrack is up now. Got that too.

          EDIT 2:

          This guy has over 100,000 subscribers and at a quick glance normally gets between 2500 and 7500 views on his videos

  28. DGM says:

    Longer item descriptions at the vending machines can run outside the text box. I saved a screenshot if you want it.

    • Wide And Nerdy says:

      On the issue of fonts, when text wraps on the breaking news section, it bunches to the point of overlapping. It seems to be resolution related. I played on 2560 by 1440. At 1920 by 1080, the lines of text are close by not quite touching and at 1280, the spacing is fine. So the higher the resolution, the more the text bunches.

      When I say “bunches” I mean the lines overlap. The kerning on individual lines was fine.

      Nothing to stress over. I think we’ve all seen our share of font issues in games. I’m guessing you missed this because of your emphasis on “craptop” focused testing. This problem won’t show up on a craptop I’m guessing.

  29. SeekerOfThePath says:

    I’ve hesitated to buy an already cheap game with such a big discount even before I read Rutskarn's Amendment. I’ll wait till it goes to full price; I believe you guys deserve every penny.

  30. DGM says:

    The special sixth item is different each time I access an upgrade station. Intentional? If I’m supposed to have access to all of these items from a single station, this seems like odd interface design.

    • Galad says:

      I’m pretty sure I noticed that too, in their good robot stream a few days ago. I’d agree it’s not an enjoyable design decision. Maybe it would be changed in the patches to come

    • Majikkani_Hand says:

      It also changes every time you buy an upgrade, even from one of the other stacks. Weird. It feels intentional, but it does seem strange.

      (Note: I don’t play many games of this sort and I’m still having all kinds of fun, so don’t take this too hard, devs!)

  31. Narida says:

    Funny you should mention glitches, it took me 10s to find one (nothing serious, but the fullscreen checkbox doesn’t work with a controller). First impressions are good, but I’m getting pretty nasty screen-tearing and there’s no v-sync option. Am I missing anything?

  32. Cordance says:

    I havent actually played the game yet. However it does have the alpha version number at the top of the window while in windowed mode. Hopefully its the latest version.
    Random thought. In the credits page you should have linked the game creation blog series would have been interesting. I could actually see that kind of idea catching on for other games. About to jump in and waste the week away. On a side note because of the 30% discount I bought the sound track edition which I might not have gotten if it was more. I figured I was willing to pay $10 for the game I should.

    So where can we report strange behavior. Had an interesting interaction with a shop.

  33. Blockenstein says:

    Purchased. Now I just have to wait until I get home from work to check out all those game-stopping bugs!

  34. DGM says:

    Ballistic Missiles don’t add your velocity to theirs when launched, allowing you to “shoot” yourself in the back with them. I’m guessing this is intentional, but I mention it to be thorough.

  35. Zach Hixson says:

    So far the game seems great. Could have used a bit of an intro, as in a little booting up animation or something.

    Also can someone explain to me what the symbols on the doors mean?

    • Matt K says:

      My assumption is red is a harder level, green is easier. I know from experience that the yellow with a dollar sign is a level with a bunch of floating ? balls that either contain money or robots.

      Although a tool tip or even a manual would be nice.

      • Zach Hixson says:

        yeah, some kind of basic help would be great

      • Profugo Barbatus says:

        Color seems to indicate difficulty of the robots, and the number of symbols seems to indicate the preference between lots of weaker bots, and fewer tougher bots. I don’t know yet if combinations such as red-six cube is possible, but I’m quite enjoying it so I’m sure I’ll figure out soon enough.

        A bit of a tooltip description in the initial realm would be nice, but its not too difficult to intuit, especially if you just explore and experience. Big red box doors always got boss types in them. Guess its an exploration thing.

        • Majikkani_Hand says:

          I think colors indicate game modes, instead of game difficulties: red is boss fights (I think plain square is standard and the one with “hands” moves you to the next level) green is standard, yellow $ has the containers, blue lightning bolt electrifies the walls–I haven’t figured out the rest, though. They’re different but I haven’t played enough to fully quantify it.

          I think you’re right about the number–more robots on the icon does seem to give lots of small weak robots and fewer gives fewer strong ones.

  36. Warbright says:

    This lurker bought two copies. Woo! Now to finish the final 8 hours of my 12 hour shift. Then go to bed, then work more….and then get to play it…29 hours from now.

  37. Tony says:

    I’m noticing a lot of bugs, and cannot currently start the game.

    – First off, controller support is weird. It feels like I have to press twice in any given direction to navigate up or down in the menus?

    – Window was pretty small so the first thing I navigated to was graphics -> fullscreen. I was not able to check the fullscreen checkbox with gamepad, so I went for the mouse. That fullscreened the game.

    – Menu is no longer responding to gamepad or keyboard input. The mouse cursor is stuck in the corners because the cursor sensitivity is completely off its rockers.

    Been looking forward to the game basically since you first posted about development on it, too. :[

    Where can I find the savefile for the game and revert the fullscreen thing?

    Edit: I found it! AppData/Roaming/Pyrodactyl/Good Robot/settings.ini

  38. Phineas Rhyne says:

    Bought two, one for me and a copy for my shooter-obsessed friend as well!

  39. Dt3r says:

    Congratulations on the release! I just bought it on the east coast with no trouble, although Steam had an odd display bug showing it as 30% off instead of 10% off.

    Best of luck with the launch!

  40. Vectris says:

    Just bought it. The wishlist reminder email showed $10.99 CAN, but the store page had it 30% off until April 12th. The title bar shows v0.6.8 Alpha, but I’m assuming that will updated at some point.

    I’ve played a couple games (yeah, I died quick), and it stable and responsive for me. Running on Windows Vista 64 Core Duo E8400 w/ Radeon 4800 (8 year old computer), 1920×1200 resolution.

    Loving the variety of weapons, awesome work!

    Edit: I see the price has been fixed. I was planning on buying a couple of copies for friends, so I’ll do that now at the corrected price :-)

  41. DGM says:

    Finally got my first death. I didn’t realize the glowing red walls could kill me and I was already low on shields.

    Liking it so far!

  42. Daemian Lucifer says:



    But can robots be considered live in the first place?

    • DGM says:

      LOGIC: Good Robots can be considered alive. Robots are not alive after I kill them. Therefore, any robot I kill is a Bad Robot. Kill the robots I have killed to kill Bad Robots.

  43. Matt K says:

    Bought it and played about 30 min. So generally not a fan of twin stick shooters, but this one is pretty intuitive to play and I really enjoyed the time so far. Controller worked fine but I found aiming with the mouse to be more precise.

    Like the rebindable keys (although the current set up is fine with me) and the ability to save and exit (especially since I’m having a good run but needed to get back to work).

  44. OriBiggie says:

    Reporting in – have done my part and purchased.

    Apparently I missed out on the amazing discount (damn you traffic *shakes fist*), but as the money’s going to a good cause I’m happy to “settle” for the 10%.

    Looking forward to this, I’ve been following from the start.

    Good luck with the sales!

  45. Redingold says:

    Congratulations on the release, but the game simply isn’t working for me. When I try to launch through Steam, it just sits on the “Preparing to launch Good Robot” pop-up, and also crashes Steam, and when I try to run the exe directly, it causes Windows Explorer to freeze. I also notice that when I try to run the game, for some reason it creates three processes called GoodRobot.exe, none of which can be ended via Task Manager and none of which appear to be doing anything (no CPU usage, and the memory usage doesn’t change).

    EDIT: Aha, disabling my antivirus shields got it running.

  46. Gabriel Mobius says:

    Time for odd edge cases!

    Bought the game, loaded it up, go to change resolution and notice that the ‘back’ button flickers between having the little red B icon for an XBox 360 controller, and having nothing when I’m moving my mouse. I have no 360 controller plugged in, but I do have an X52 HOTAS plugged in. Additionally, when booting into the gameplay proper, the robot seems to go a bit crazy and fire and shift my viewpoint at random. Would all of this be caused by it picking up the X52 as a ‘controller’ and freaking out?

  47. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Was the ion repeater the weapon Josh got early on in the stream?The one thats supposedly rare?The one I got after killing the third enemy?

  48. Alpakka says:

    I bought the game!

    I have been reading this site for a few years now, but I rarely bother to comment on any sites. I’m not sure if the game is something I’ll like, but I’ve enjoyed reading about making it. At least by bying it I’ll support Shamus =) And hopefully I’ll also even like the game =P

  49. Jonathan says:

    Failed to Start Game (unknown error).
    Windows XP
    1024×768, 4:3 19″ monitor
    Taskbar on the left side.

  50. lethal_guitar says:

    Bought! :) Might buy a few more copies to give to friends. No matter if they want to play it or not. ;)

  51. Mephane says:

    Congratulations. I was so eager to buy it that I noticed the soundtrack edition only after purchase – no problem, just added the soundtrack “DLC”. :)

    Okay first thing I notice, sadly, no borderless/fullscreen window. There is either a floating window with a border, or true fullscreen.

    Edit: I noticed on my resolution (1920×1200 i.e. 16:10 aspect ratio) that sometimes the left or right edge of the map is slightly outside the visible area. When I can move to the actual border where I hit the wall, just the right arm of the robot is still visible.

    • Mephane says:

      Overall loving the game so far. After 2 shield and refire rate upgrades, with the argon blaster and (I think) plasma cannon I now feel much more confident, too. :)

      P.S. Noticed the same issue with the map at the top edge of my screen now.

    • NoneCallMeTim says:

      Playing on 1280 x 1024 res, and also came off the map.

      Other than that, seems like quite a fun game. Very pretty.

      Protip: on the ‘Lightning walls’ level, the lightning hurts you…

  52. Ardis Meade says:

    Steam account created and game purchased.

  53. Cragfire says:

    I just bought a copy. Been reading for a long time. I’m excited to get home and try it out tonight! :)

  54. If the game is crashing at launch, sometimes Steam doesn’t install the per-requisite setup files. Try opening the game’s folder (right click “Good Robot” in Steam library, properties, local files, browse local files). Open the “_CommonRedist” folder and install both the OpenAL and Visual C++ Redist setups. If that doesn’t fix it, verifying integrity of game cache never hurts, just in case.

    I’ll make a discussion thread in the Steam forums where you can send me the details of your computers and stuff. Really sorry about the problems!

    • Jonathan says:

      Wow, the Steam forums have the slowest, least stable, and worst forum UI I’ve seen in the last 5 years. Clicking on “Post Discussion” doesn’t do anything at all.

      Edit: They work with a 5 year old version of IE, but not with my up-to-date Pale Moon browser.

    • Droid says:

      I got the problem that while the CommonRedists installed just fine, it crashed Steam in the process. Well, not really crashed, but it stopped responding, and the game didn’t have Overlay when it started. Had to restart Steam, now it works fine.

      Do you have any particular location to send bug reports / typos / ideas?

      Game’s really fun so far. Those hat achievements are pure trolling, though.

  55. Dinsdale says:

    Purchased and installing remotely on my home computer.

    Congratulations on the release

  56. Alright, bought it but can’t play. Controls are wonky.
    If I’d had to guess I’d say the game either does not play nice with quadruple-head setups. Where do I send further info? Here? Steam User forums *shudder*? And no, I’m not returning the game. It’ll be patched before long, and I’m patient.

  57. Eric Peter Schwarz says:

    Congratulations Shamus, you are now a True Game Developer. How does it feel?

    (Note: If the answer isn’t “tired, sick, exhausted, stressed and vaguely suicidal”, you’re doing something wrong!)

  58. Hermocrates says:

    At first I was distraught because I had to head to campus just when the game was finally *technically* released… but then I remembered I have the Steam app on my tablet, so I can just buy it now and play it when I get home, and…

    A soundtrack edition?! I love soundtrack editions!

    Shamus & co., thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to playing this tonight (briefly… before getting back to work on my Erosion Control final project…).

    • Trix2000 says:

      If you replace “school” with “work” and “Steam app” with “Remote Desktop to my home computer”, your post is the same as mine would be.

      Congrats Shamus for releasing your game! That’s quite an accomplishment! Already can’t wait to get home and give the game a try.

    • Hermocrates says:

      UPDATE: I have discovered that I am exceedingly bad at twin-stick STGs. Still, the game’s fun, and I could see this getting quite addicting!

  59. Nixitur says:

    Already found what I think is a bug after less than half an hour. Here’s what I think is a weapon pick-up… except I can’t pick it up. I don’t see its name and hitting Enter does nothing. This is the second time I’ve seen this happen in the same run.
    Is there a log or something I can provide?

    Also, I’m not a fan of the boss music continuing to play after you kill the boss.

    • Ilseroth says:

      You already have that weapon equipped

    • Grimwear says:

      By having played…20 minutes so far and being an instant pro I will say it LOOKS like the drop you’re trying to pick up is the same as the one you currently have (they’re both orange) so I’m assuming it doesn’t let you pick it up cause there would be no point. I don’t know if this is right though but would make sense in that if drops are randomized there would always be a chance of the one you already have dropping again.

      Edit: Whelp Ilseroth said it sooner and more succinctly than I.

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