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Left 4 Dessert

By Shamus
on Sunday May 3, 2009
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The internet is a strange place where you can learn about things you need which you didn’t know you needed. For example, Left 4 Dead cookies.

Comments (8)

  1. Rutskarn says:

    I’m absolutely crushed by the lack of special-infected themed cookies.

  2. UtopiaV1 says:

    @ Rutskarn, you really want to eat a boomer-cookie? *shudder*

  3. Rutskarn says:


    Filled with delicious, gooey caramel.

  4. Yeah, or the “witch” cookies, filled with Cyan– one bite and you cry…

  5. Julian says:

    I’m sorry, my American-o-meter exploded when I saw the Food Writer.
    Really great stuff, I want one of those ^^

  6. Jabor says:

    One thing I do love is that the only ads I get here are for Experienced Points and Stolen Pixels.

    Oh, the cookies? I should try some of my own some time.

  7. Noble Bear says:

    Great stuff.

    My only lament is that this sort of thing can only be effectively done with sugar cookies; not snickerdoodles, chocolate chips, oatmeal or the like.

    Still though, It gives me some fun ideas.

  8. Phase says:

    I agree with Rutskarn, more special infected, please! But Bill looks delicious…

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