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Twenty Sided Server: Novelty rounds

By Shamus
on Friday May 29, 2009
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Video Games


On Wednesday night I jumped onto the server and found everyone running around bare-handed, killing each other with taunts. (I did not know this. Apparently certain taunts are instant kills if you can walk up to an enemy and get them to hold still long enough to pull it off. The downside being you have to be close, you’re rooted in place while taunting, and the animation takes a few seconds.) Seeing twenty four people all agree to set aside the established gameplay and run around operating under an impromptu rule set was pretty impressive. The results were hilarious, and I’m confident that such a thing would be impossible on a vast majority of existing servers.

They also did a round where everyone chose the heavy weapons guy class, and did the round using nothing but fists. Citizenparker was good enough to get some screengrabs of the event:


Thanks to everyone for being so much fun to play with. Thanks also to everyone who donated. (Next month is 2/3 paid for already. Like I said, no sweat if you don’t give, just make sure you log in and say hi. And let me set you on fire.)

Open thread. Perhaps tell us about your most epic moment on the server.

Comments (74)

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  1. Carra says:

    Ah, I’ll go and log on :)

  2. These sorts of games happen all the time on the Ubercharged.net servers – a little to my chagrin. Playing these sorts of things every once in a while is great, but not when it happens just about every time you get on the server.

    Most epic moment? I guess the camping-the-enemy-intel-room stunt in 2Fort was cool, but I just love playing the game with people who are there to have fun and take names.


  3. Nawyria says:

    The most epic moment… probably my first successful spy run on a payload map where I ran in and backstabbed a sniper and two heavy-medic teams.

    Other than that, when I was again a spy and wanted to get the drop on you; but, by pure luck or a glimmer of uber-ness, you managed to blow me up when I jumped down from a ledge… WHILE CLOAKED.

    Thanks for setting up this wonderful server! Loved backstabbing you, will do so more often in the future.

  4. Magichanics says:

    Epic moments… hmm. Probably my first successful spy run in a Payload map: I backstabbed a sniper and two heavy + medic teams and won the round for the team.

    As for another pretty epic moment: at some point in the last few days we were playing payload, you were a demoman on defence while I was a spy trying to get the drop on you. And you actually managed to blow me up in mid-air while I jumped down from the ledge to stab you… AND I WAS CLOAKED.

    Thanks for setting up this great server. It’s been fun backstabbing you so far and I think I’ll have fun doing it a couple of more times in the future.

    (In other news: my usual logon (Nawyria) doesn’t seem to work for me anymore, did it get blocked for some reason?)

    • Shamus says:

      My epic moment. Actually, not so much epic as simple hilarious good luck.

      Playing as a demo. We were on HooDoo, the section where BLU must get the cart over the bridge. I came out of the spawn room just in time to see a puff of red smoke on the ledge overlooking the area. A spy had just cloaked. I blindly chucked a grenade up, and it collided with the invisible spy just as he was jumping down. A blossom of red gore appeared. Poof! Spy gone.

  5. Davin Valkri says:

    Hey Shamus. Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for the server from Heaven, a place free of the rest of the interwebs!

    Epic moment would probably involve running around the cart as a Pyro at Badwater Basin, lighting everybody on fire, then taking some stairs, jumping down and doing it again from behind.

    Also got epic’d, if that makes sense. Someone by the name of Winter as an Engineer beat me up with his/her wrench, while I was playing a heavy and trying to track the bugger.

    Then I was bringing the intel back as a Heavy (this was on 2fort) and got lit up by an enemy Pyro. Jumped into the water, headed into friendly sewers…and ran smack into Winter’s sentry/teleporter nest. Ouch.

  6. Nawyria says:

    Epic moments… hmm. Probably my first successful spy run in a Payload map: I backstabbed a sniper and two heavy + medic teams and won the round for the team.

    As for another pretty epic moment: at some point in the last few days we were playing payload, you were a demoman on defence while I was a spy trying to get the drop on you. And you actually managed to blow me up in mid-air while I jumped down from the ledge to stab you… AND I WAS CLOAKED.

    Thanks for setting up this great server. It's been fun backstabbing you so far and I think I'll have fun doing it a couple of more times in the future.

    (In other news: my usual logon (Nawyria) doesn't seem to work for me anymore.)

  7. Fenix says:

    Can’t wait till tomorrow. I’ll finally be able to start playing again.

    Can’t remember many super awesome moments on the server (however the server is always fun), but it’s always awesome to sneak up on snipers and taunt kill them.

  8. Rutskarn says:

    Geez, I dunno. Probably one of the moments where I got an ubercharge and cleaned up.

    Or that one time, as Pyro, I was running through the ducts and chewed through a 5-person conga line of Reds.

  9. Seriously says:

    I don’t normally brag, but I gotta post this screenshot. My buddy Chad and I tore through the red team in this game, yet we still lost! Pyro rules all, by the way.

    Love your server Shamus; it’s one of the few servers I can stand to leave voice chat enabled. :^)

  10. I’ve got to say that I’ve had a lot more fun on your server than on most other serves I’ve played on, for any game. It’s probably going to be my consistent go-to game server for TF2.

    My epic moment was rather tame, but it was getting in a few head-shots on the payload race map (the one with red team and blue team each having their own carts). That’s probably the one time where I felt contributed the most while playing as a sniper.

  11. SimpleScholar says:

    @Seriously: Ah, there’s me in the bottom of the Red team list. At least I’m not last, which shows I’m slowly learning. And you killed me enough times for me to remember your name, and to start thinking up puns with it :).

  12. Matthew Allen says:

    While not a Team Fortress 2 thing, me and a friend were playing Quake3 at a Linux Conference(Loki Games booth) and we were wiping the floor with everyone so we choose to just use the melee weapon to make it fun and suddenly in a fit of unity everyone playing started using the melee weapon. You had every person on the map running around desperately trying to get close enough for the one hit kill with the hammer/fist/melee thing. Hilarious. Trying to chase people through the bounce pads…. hehehehe…

    It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing an FPS game. Every new player that stepped up immediately was playing with the melee weapon and ignoring all the weapons on the map.

  13. vdgmprgrmr says:

    I hate it when this happens on TF2. I prefer to play TF2 when I click the icon, not something that looks like it but isn’t.

  14. JoeFF85/Skitzophrenik says:

    I’m not good enough to have any epic moments. Aside from convincing everyone to play a round as fists-only Heavies, which is how we ended up playing taunts-only.

    Also when a bunch of us changed our names to include “bro” in them because of a couple of “bro”s who were there was funny.

    And now Steam wont connect for me. I hate this. This is why I never restart my computer. Argh.

  15. edcalaban says:

    One of the best games we had last night was like the taunts game. Somehow, by unspoken agreement, the entire red team played as scouts and proceeded to win two rounds on Badlands in under six minutes. The third round, blue was ready for us with multiple sentries. We traded the blue spire back and forth until the server switched maps on us. Truly epic.

  16. JoeFF85/Skitzophrenik says:

    We still need to have a game that is nothing but Snipers and Spies disguised as Snipers (“Spipers”).

  17. bbot says:

    We did this on the failtrain right after the Pyro patch introduced the taunt kill.

    This was on orange_cross, of course. You can’t capture a point if an enemy was standing on it, so eventually both teams would end up on the one point in contention. Eventually, someone would lose patience and attempt a taunt kill, at which point someone would try to taunt kill him while he’s immobilized, chain reaction, bodies everywhere.

    Ha ha, vat a bloodbath!

    Another gamemode was “hall of sentries”, based on the hall_of_death map. The map is a very small CTF map, basically a hallway between the two enemy “bases”, with several dozen pillars limiting sight distances.

    Each team was entirely engineers, plus one spy. The engineers were limited to buildings, melee attacks, and picking up the flag. The spy could only cloak and sap, not backstab or pick up the flag.

    Great fun.

  18. Chakan says:

    I’ll admit, I detest turbine, so when it comes up, I try to find new ways of playing old classes, etc. I was playing defensive medic, and I had two dispensers on me, I lasted the whole round, 18:XX minutes, used 12 ubers, and a total of 41 pts. It was terrible. Apart from the odd spy run where I kill 5-6 people in one go, or a couple times where, as sniper, I held BLU off on the first pt in goldrush (2?) the same level that was screencapped with the heavies in this post. I like it when everyone in a server goes one class, no mattter what it is, because you’re usually ill-equipt to deal with enemies of the same class. The exceptions being engy, spy, and sniper.

  19. Yar Kramer says:

    The only epic moments I’m aware of are secondhand, given that, well, y’know. (I keep being tempted to try to find some way of playing in a way that I’ll find, y’know, fun …)

    But a friend of mine got the achievements Constructus Interruptus, Identity Theft, and I believe The Man With The Broken Guns by backstabbing a single Engie. And then, shortly thereafter, Slash and Burn.

    Another friend had an incident in which he was on the attacking team of an attack/defend map, and basically the defending team was camping out at the entrance to the attacking team’s spawn-point, killing everyone who went through. This friend switched to Spy, cloaked and snuck out past the other team, and captured the control-point before the other team knew anyone had gotten out.

  20. Make it stop disconnecting from steam!!! do it .. NOW!!! or else… i’ll complain again

  21. Adeon says:

    Just an FYI TF2 has updated so it looks like the server needs to be updated before people can rejoin it (or at least I can’t join it since the update).

  22. Pickly says:

    Epic moments (I’m inexperienced, so these might not stack up well compared to some other people’s.)

    As a pyro, I logged onto the server yesterday, jumped into a game, and almost immediately found an opportunity to kill (or at least help kill) 4 people in a clump around some buildings (Nothing like that happened afterward, though, but the first time was fun.)

    I also managed to get a sniper once who was not paying attention (as a heavy.)

    (Will need to learn the game a bit better though, most likely. I do enjoy it, though.)

  23. Eddeman says:

    @Adeon: Indeed, I’m the only one on it right now and I see people joining but never entering the game :(

  24. kaleeshwarrior says:

    Heya guys. Thanks to Shamus’s posts, I’m looking into picking up Team Fortress 2 ASAP (silly vandal, I hope you get your finder’s fee from Valve, with your well-written and tempting posts…) However, my local stores don’t have it so I’m left looking at Steam.

    My question is: How large is the download? I’m currently on a 512/128 DSL line so anything larger than about 2 gigs is a no-go before I get yelled at for hogging the bandwidth. I already have the Source engine (thanks to Portal on-disc) if that matters.

    Any help here would be much appreciated :).

  25. Adeon says:

    @Eddeman: I noticed the population had dropped to 1 and wondered who it was :)

    I actually had to re-download it yesterday. I didn’t check the total size of the download but it took about an hour and a half with a similar connection to yours for what it’s worth

  26. Sem says:

    I just played TF2 for 6 hours with a pause in the middle to eat. It was my first game and I think am already addicted. I think I would have kept playing if the server didn’t forcefully disconnect me. FYI, Shamus, that happened somewhere around 0:30 GMT.

    Seeing I’m a newbie my ‘epic’ moment was rather small. I jumped as a pyro behind 3 guys (two medics and an engineer if I remember correctly) and got them all in one swoop.

    Btw, I was the guy who went ‘hello’ a couple of times over the voice chat to test his microphone. Rather embarrassing but after some time I finally figured out what happened. In the steam settings, I choose ‘automatically transmit my voice whenever I speak’ and assumed this would carry over to TF2.

    However, off course it doesn’t and so I was happily speaking away with nobody hearing me. I thought that my microphone was going weird because I bought a rather cheap one and already had some problems getting the thing to work (In the mean time I already ordered some headphones with built-in mic. I foresee lots of hours on the server -_-).

    That was my only grips with TF2. For practically all my games I tend to reconfigure the whole keyboard because I use my left hand for the mouse and the right one for the keyboard (I’m lefthanded). I also tend to play rather methodically and thus usually take some time to know the character(s) I’m playing (how high can I jump, which weapons do I have,…) while TF2 immediately throws you online and you have to figure it all out while you’re playing.

  27. BaCoN says:

    I like showing up and playing with names I recognize, and hearing shouts of “Bacon!” when I log in. Epic moments are hard to recap on my phone.

  28. Chris says:

    *Cough* Knife Fight

  29. BaCoN says:

    I also apparently can’t edit on my phone, dang.

    Shamus, did you fix the server? It wasn’t connected to Steam this morning, so no extra weapons for everybody.

  30. Volatar says:

    I found so much of the play we did today awesome.

    I still an laughing though, at this:

    I log into the server, select pyro, spawn, walk around the corner “OH SNAP ITS A RED GUY BURN BURN BURN!!!!1111 oh, I just joined the d20 server, and immediately killed Shamus Young…”

    Was so funny :D

  31. AGrey says:

    Walking the payload 2/3 of the way down the ‘goldmine’ map as a heavy, not once stopping my gun.

    Two medics behind me, and piles of enemy corpses to reload from.

    I felt like such a badass.

  32. Shadow2336 says:

    Yeah, needs a reboot right now. They patched TF2. You can now get the sniper and spy unlocks from achievements. So all those times where I was trying to get achievements for the spy and sniper worked! I now have the huntsman, the razorback, the ambassador, and the cloak and dagger.

    Epic moment… Probably when me and another spy (forgot name at the moment, he’s a regular, and I’ll probably remember when I see him again) were dominating the other team on Badwater as a team, but we still managed to lose the map anyway :(

    Got five backstabs in a row on that one though. :D

  33. Adeon says:

    I can’t remember who the other guy was but you need to leave my guns alone :)

  34. Shadow2336 says:

    You stop building them, I’ll stop sapping them.

    However, it should be your back you should be worried about. I still need the “stab an engie and sap three of his items”

  35. Adeon says:

    Memo to self: Don’t build three buildings in close proximity :)

  36. Shadow2336 says:

    Oh, c’mon! Be a pal, help me get the achievement!

  37. BaCoN says:

    Shadow will just run them all down. :p I SO need to work on my spy/sniper achieves now! God I want out of work

  38. Oh, My God says:

    Mmm. Reinstalled TF2 for the express purpose of setting Shamus Young on fire.

  39. AGrey says:

    server needs to be updated.

    I can’t connect, it gives me an error “server uses different class tables”

  40. RPharazon says:

    I managed to backstab 6 people in a row, including 2 medics, 2 heavies, a pyro, and a demoman, while they were pushing the cart.
    I singlehandedly wiped out half the enemy team in one fell swoop (they were the ones who used chat and made strategies, even) and not one comment was said.

    Oh, and I killed a heavily-defended medic/soldier fortification thing on a point by very fortuitous backburner situations. The soldiers had their backs turned, I killed them, the medics turned to see their soldiers get killed, and I backburned them.

    Too bad that the teams were so amazingly unbalanced that it was the only point my team ever captured in an entire 35-minute playing period.

    One last moment. Earlier today, I was playing demoman. I turned a corner and saw maybe 8 people spread out over a large area with their guns pointed at me. There was this medic (Volatar) who ubercharged me. I ran away, Volatar ran away with me, and then he broke down into a quivering mass wondering why someone would run away upon ubercharging.

  41. Winter says:

    Most epic moment? I guess the camping-the-enemy-intel-room stunt in 2Fort was cool, but I just love playing the game with people who are there to have fun and take names.

    Although this will be the third time i’ve mentioned it in here, i’m going to have to put this down as my most epic moment on this server. (I’m the engy who did that.)

    Also got epic'd, if that makes sense. Someone by the name of Winter as an Engineer beat me up with his/her wrench, while I was playing a heavy and trying to track the bugger.

    Hi :)

  42. Shadow2336 says:

    It just occurred to me that you may want to add some more admins to the server, Shamus, so that if the server needs a reboot, someone can get on it quickly.

  43. Sho says:

    I’m not much for epic moments as I am kinda slow at picking up this game, but there was this one time as a heavy where I was ubered at just the right time and took out half the enemy team on a payload thingy. I actually survived long enough to run out of ammo, which was pretty impressive for me. Of course, my instinct was then to run up to an enemy heavy and beat him to death with my fists, instead of going a little bit back to find that dispenser, but at least I got another kill.

  44. twede says:

    that was freaking hilarious. i was there when the whole thing started and pretty much everyone was laughing and having a good time. i loved how some people kept going rogue and disobeying the de facto rules and getting berated on the voice chat. i wanted to take screenshots but couldn’t remember how and gave up after i tried print screen and nothing seemed to happen.

    i’m glad you started this server shamus. gives me a reason to play TF2, since playing with immature strangers doesn’t have quite the same draw.

    the heavy taunt is the best. point, BANG! (some dude goes flying)

  45. Adeon says:

    this is frustrating, twenty sided server is broken and the public servers are all full of snipers and spies. On the plus side I’ve finally gotten some of the new spy toys and they rock.

  46. Rutskarn says:

    Once, on another arena server, me and another ChHa mate had a Heavy fistfight on the bridge. We planned it out in advance.

    For the record, there were several teammates on either side still alive at the time. They actually formed a ring and sat there, watching.

    For the record, I won round one, he won round two.

  47. I was looking forward to playing some TF2 on the d20 server today, but it is broken and both of the admins seem to be MIA. :( Playing on random public servers is just not the same.

  48. Shadow2336 says:

    YEA! Server’s being reset!

  49. Fedora.Pirate says:

    You’d be suprised how often this happens on servers, mostly when alltalk is on but still sometimes when it’s not. For some reason TF2 really promotes sillyness.

  50. kjones says:

    Ha! I was there for the punching and taunting, but left right before you came on.

    You might not know this, but we were taunt-killing for a while, then switched back to regular play – then changed back to taunt-killing when you logged back on.

    Fun times! I’m Friedlemar on Steam, and I hope to be seeing more of you!

  51. Shunal says:

    Epic moment happened last night for me, or rather, yesterday in general for you guys. I was playing sniper when suddenly a Medic ubered me. I just went ahead and got five headshots before the uber ran out.

    Also, in other news… Valve has fixed the extremely annoying weapon drop system. It’s also possible to get weapons based on achievements now. I just logged into a general server when suddenly, I had unlocked the Huntsman and Jarate for the sniper, and the Ambassador for the Spy.

  52. SatansBestBuddy says:

    Epic moment for me was when I was chasing two scouts with the breifcase and I was a soldier, they were leaving me in the dust so I rocket jumped over a building and landed right in front of them… and missed with the next two rockets while getting killed. XD

    Second epic moment would be when I had a Engie nest, complete with level three port, dispenser, and sentry, that was able to kill a record 22 people before being blown up… only to have my stats not save cause the sever wasn’t connected to Steam. :(

    Was an important sentry too, I think, since the blu team was 10 seconds from losing, but then they blew it up and less than a minute later won the game, even though they had to push the cart through two more checkpoints. O.O

  53. OddlucK says:

    My most epic would probably be on one of the payload race maps. I played as a heavy and quickly worked my way to the cart, where I just started spraying bullets at everything in front of me as I moved with it to the goal. With the help of the cart’s heal and reload and some well-timed heals and shots from the team, I managed to move the thing non-stop in one life. Felt pretty good there. :D

    Also, again as a heavy, I once came out of our starting area and saw an enemy spy cloak. I immediately started shooting where he’d been and sweeping bullets side-to-side to catch him, but hit nothing. So, I spun around a couple times, still firing, and hit nothing. Oh well. I went back in and reloaded and the spy backstabbed me the second I came out the door. Not sure who it was, but nicely done, sir!

  54. Volatar says:


    I hate you so much for that :P

    Before the update broke everything we were having tons of fun. I was playing medic a bunch, and had some great ubers.

    Too bad none of it saved :(

  55. Simply Simon says:

    My most epic moments on the server must be the few times I have managed to wipe half the enemy team out myself. One time, I cloaked as a spy on a payload map, and managed to take a heavy, pyro and a couple of medics out by backstabbing them, before getting blown up by Shamus as a soldier I think.

    Another fun moment was that time that the entire red team decided to camp the blue intel room. We had a transporter going back to our base from there. Getting the intel was quite effective.

  56. RPharazon says:

    OddlucK, #53: That was most likely me, kind sir.
    Or at least, I remember doing that to someone.

  57. Bryan says:

    Failing to express an epic moment, but you should try adjusting the size of the server, the game plays substantially differently with smaller teams, for example 2fort doesn’t bog down on a 16 player server rather than a 24 one.

  58. Vladius says:

    You know, only your audience would be intelligent enough to actually follow that behavior. For that, I salute you.

  59. Submarine Bells says:

    Okay, stupid question time:
    When playing on the Twenty Sided server, I often see players with [D20} in their names. Is this an invitation-only group, can anyone who participates here use that naming convention, or is it some other setup that I’m unfamiliar with?

    (I’m a regular TF2 player but I always play solo and so have little clue when it comes to Clans And Their Wily Ways)

  60. Adeon says:

    @Submarine Bells:
    It’s open to anyone to join. Just press shift+tab in game to being up the friends menu, go to settings and edit your name there.

    There is also a Twenty Sided steam group here:

  61. Pickly says:

    A bit ago today an engineer managed ot kill three people in a hallway with a wrench.

  62. Adeon says:

    Well my epic moment earlier today. We were just about to lose defending the first part of Hooloo, the cart was almost on top of the point. I respanwned as a Pyro thinking maybe I’ll get lucky and take one guy out before we lose charged onto the point and killed all three guys on the cart with flamethrower + axtinguisher (I got the Lumberjack achievement for it to :)). We still lost the map a minute or two later but it was extremely cool.

  63. RedClyde says:

    Yeah, I remember that night. I went in, picked the Heavy and killed two or three people before someone told me it was Taunt Fortress. >.< Sorry, guys!

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