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Final Fantasy: Advent Children Pictures

By Shamus
on Thursday Apr 27, 2006
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Below are some framegrabs from Advent Children. Just because.

Ol’ spikey-headed Cloud is still the star of the show. He’s still the world’s foremost badass, and still filled with guilt and self-doubt. YOU CAN CUT BUILDINGS IN HALF, MAN! Get a grip!

Barret is funny, as usual, although I feel like we didn’t see enough of him. His gun got a major upgrade, although his interpersonal skills didn’t.

Tifa is still around and still kicks butt.

Seriously Cloud: I know Aeris was pretty and you liked her, but she’s dead now and SWEET MERCY WHAT ARE YOU WAITNG FOR?

More pics below the fold…

Vincent. He’s terribly mysterious.

Cid. He looks younger and thinner than he did in the game. He looks less like a crabby old pilot and more like an X-treme! spearman from an alternate-dimension Moutain Dew commercial.

Yuffie. They even have materia-stealing jokes. She still uses the 4-pointed throwing star the size of a frisbee, which she can throw back to herself boomerang-style. We never see her stick anyone with it though, which is good, since it would reveal the major drawback of the weapon. Namely: Once you stick someone with it, you’re unarmed unless you can talk them into handing it back to you. Note that since you just skewered them, they may not be inclined to help you out.

Red, Marlene, and Cait Sith
Red, with Marlena. who is holding… that other $#% thing. DIE DIE CAIT SITH DIE!

Ahem. Sorry.

Turks: Reno and Rude
Even the Turks show up. They are funny, and they are still bumbling goofs in a fight.

Aeris and Zack
Aeris and even Zack!

Comments (47)

  1. Will says:

    For some reason, in all my hours of playing FF7, I never got the impression that Aeris was wearing red denim (or is that suede). All that’s missing are some tassels and sequins to complete the Grand Ole Opry look.

    I’m glad they decided to tone down Tifa’s “third dimension.” There’s no sense having this thing look like DOA.

  2. Dan says:

    Ya but the american version added nipple bumps to her leather

    Thanx, Square Enix

  3. . says:

    I feel like Tifa’s depiction in the game as a lithe, graceful acrobat kind of betrays her character — She always seemed short (like Cloud, who got a height upgrade as well) and more of a brawler than a super martial artist. She looks great, but it’s not Tifa in my opinion.

    Agreed on the Aeris clothing thing. I think they just wanted to show off the texture.

  4. Shamus says:

    Also note that it looks like Barret got rid of the mohawk in favor of cornrows.

  5. Will says:

    I will say this. If I were living in Midgar, I would so be in the hair gel business.

  6. Midnight says:

    YEA someone else who hates Cait Sith! When I saw Marlene holding that disease ridden flea-bag, I yelled at Barret for putting his daughter in danger of some weird disease! At least that cat doesn’t have that stupid Mog!
    Tifa was annoying as heck in the game, she was very clingy to CLoud and a bit of a show off. She’s the same in the movie, but she seems more tolerable.

  7. Zack says:

    Wher’s Zack?

  8. Zack says:

    Wher’s Zack

  9. Yeah I hate cait sith, too. That stupid kind of shit is the only thing that i dont like on final fantasy 7.

  10. pam says:


    ive never played ff in my life
    but the movie was kool

  11. Nami says:

    I prefered the mog better than cait sith!

  12. Lisa Vonclair_MCR72 says:

    Well, ^^ I think Cait Sith is cute too…
    He help Revee in DoC ^^ wehehe…

    Shamus!! ^0^ Ur FF7 AC pics are so cool!!!
    I lov it!!! ^^ Thq

    n hav u watch FF7 AC complete?

  13. Lisa Vonclair_MCR72 says:

    Hav u?
    Oooww… >_

  14. Lisa Vonclair_MCR72 says:

    I really want to!! ^0^
    Must be so cool!!

  15. joshiko says:

    Aeris is way cooler than Tifa. And Tifa is sooooo not hot (seriously, i got no idea why you guys are always fawning over her). Wow, love da piccy of Vincent!!! ;)

  16. Ariana says:

    I like the pics. Advent Children will forever be a great movie ^_^

  17. jed le page says:


  18. Masooma says:

    These are the best pic’s ever.

    And if any of you haven’t seen the movie go on google.com video, and type in final fantasy 7.



  19. Tashii says:

    hi! erm…
    d pics r totally cool but i don agree on some comments! sorry!

  20. Cloud's Gurl says:

    People, People, Please don’t argue! We all know that at the end of the day we all love CLOUD! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    Well I do!!!! Know dat hes da first of the pics!

  21. cat says:

    i agree with the caption under tifa’s pic. tifa is pretty n nice n everything… i wonder why cloud is STILL not over aeris… :( sigh… tifa n cloud is a nice match! :D

  22. Masooma says:

    I think Yuffie likes Cloud cause she kissed him!!! Looooooool!

    But i agree, Cloud & Tifa are a perfect match.

  23. Cloud's Gurl says:

    When did hu kiss hu? LOL. I think Cloud and Tifa should have had something. Does it seem possible now or do we have to keep imagining? LOL Tifa is lucky though, she gets to “Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally” Cloud. LOL

  24. J-Jacks says:

    Dude I totally agree with you you guys.FF totally rocks…um..ya

  25. Telas says:

    So why is the black guy the only one with any testosterone? I’m as politically incorrect as they come, but that even strikes me as odd.

  26. Shamus says:

    In FF, guys with testosterone are comic relief. You generally don’t need more than one of those in a group. The REAL heroes are the whispy doe-eyed teenage boys that can swing a sword the size of a surfboard.

    So, yeah. Barret is a hulking, musclebound man who uses a gun. Cloud is a 96 pound boy who uses a sword. Go figure.

  27. Cloud's Gurl says:

    How many stones is 96pound? LOL Hmm…
    Tell me please? N wats testosterone? Never heard of it. Someone tell me.

  28. cloud6 says:

    some of you are crazy look at yuna on ff 10. she is hot

  29. cloud6 says:

    you guys are crazy, yuna from ff 10 is hot

  30. Trueblue says:

    Get real man Yuna(FF10) is most definately not hot.
    She looks as if she’s about to explode, she looks fat than thin to me,i would choose rikku than yuna even though rikku anoys me.

    Yuna looks better in FFX-2….sorta…

  31. J-Jacks says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! …….funny. I thought Yuna looked good in both games.

  32. Gehirn says:

    The movie kept me shaking for hours. Just too good for an ff7 fanatic.
    My friends and I only noticed the trailers a few months before release so we didn’t have to wait long, although we knew about it for years.

    I want Blue Ray and Advent Children Complete!
    Dear lord please lower the cost of Blue Ray, please?

  33. J-Jacks says:

    I want Blue Ray to….but I only have so little because……I don’t know,but my favorite FF game is number 7.

  34. enigmatic_assassin says:

    Love this movie! You’re right about Cait Sith. He needed to go bye bye, but we all know he couldn’t because of the simple fact that he was in the game. Just because we hate him doesn’t mean that they can delete a character that was vital to the game story since the game still has something to do with this movie. I LOVE YOU FOREVER CLOUD! YOU’RE SO SEXY!!! XD!

  35. Bladez says:

    First off i Frelling had to wait for AC for close to 4 years since i heard that they were making a short for some convention. Second yea cloud should just learn to get over aries she’s finally with zack let em be. and finally as far as FF-X goes lulu is the way to go even if her breasts are a tad large (back pain lol), otherwise rikku she’s funny.
    i just wish that they had given the turks more screen time they may be silly but the rule!

  36. J-Jacks says:

    …….Lulu is ok,I guess,but I still think Yuna looks better.

  37. Abigail says:

    oh i love this movie!!! i could watch it all day :-D
    bought the dvd last week… though the german version’s not that bad but they could’ve done a better job in translating it! gosh… some sentences are kind of weird… and loose…

    man man man… i don’t like cloud clinging to that aeris that much… sure she’s pretty and sure cloud liked her sooo sooo much -_- … but that girl is BLOODY DEAD!!!

    stop that crappy accusing yourself of her death already…

    i like TIFA so much more than that stupid aeris (i didn’t mean that meany ^^ i was just so pissed off…)
    i wanna see the two of them (cloud & tifa) together hehe

  38. ricky romine says:

    you did a fantastic job on the photos. thanks for keeping final fantcy alive for so long.

    thanks alot, Rick

  39. aeris says:

    i really agree with whateva you you said…..

  40. J-Jacks says:

    S’up, I just finished my fricken homework and know i’m fricken bored……. so i’ll just play a couple of FF games.

    P.S I think Clouds hair smells good

  41. aeris says:


  42. J-Jacks says:

    FYI, my name is not Janine anymore I changed it,because J-Jacks sounds cool even though it dosen’t. So Aeris, why are you talking to me?

  43. aeris says:

    because you told me to

  44. aeris says:

    Yes you did,and you know it!

  45. J-Jacks says:

    You lie worser then cait sith!!!!!

  46. aeris says:

    You need to work on your grammer skills, gal!