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Stolen Pixels #95: Left 4 Dumb, Part 13

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jun 2, 2009
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Thankfully, in the real world we never have to put up with these kinds of pointless debates.

Credit where it’s due: Today’s comic was made using the user-made map rp_zombocity.bsp, which I downloaded from garry’s site and which sadly came with no attribution information other than the username “Omn”.

Comments (23)

  1. Aw, I feel like I have a little cameo in here, as Dysentery on Steam. Shamus, do you realize you linked to the forum thread, and not the comic? Pointless debates abound in fora, too, certainly, but I think the comic is more in line with your usual linkage in these posts.


  2. Jericho says:

    “I still don’t believe in the AI director, but I’ve stopped taunting him when playing on expert difficulty. Make of that what you will.”

    Is this the L4D version of “There are no atheists in foxholes”?

  3. Shadow2336 says:

    Makes sense…

    Though, did any of you see the L4D2, coming out?

  4. Wolverine says:

    Maybe in L4D2 the AI Director will be renamed to something more appopriate, like “The Almighty Zombie God”…

  5. JB says:

    >Thankfully, in the real world we never have to put up with these kinds of pointless debates.

    THAT has to be irony! :D

  6. Caliban says:

    I’m looking forward to L4D2.

    BTW, here’s a cool Rock Band video featuring the Survivors from Left 4 Dead, with Zoey singing.


  7. Goto Dengo says:

    I still think that they should have called it L2D, or Left 2 Die.

  8. skizelo says:

    The best joke on the title I head was “Left 4 Dead 2 do what?”. Could be worse though, they could of gone the Thi4f route and named it “L2ft 4 Dead”

  9. Volatar says:

    I have actually heard that they put a limited speech to text capability into the AI director, and it listens for certain phrases like “Its too quiet” and other things that would respond to what was said perfectly. I would not find it inconceivable for valve to have it parse “AI director” as “send tank” :)

  10. ATMachine says:

    This is apropos of absolutely nothing, Shamus, but are you going to be playing the new Monkey Island game when the first part comes out next month?

  11. Shadow2336 says:

    OH, that L4D RB video is hilarious.

  12. edcalaban says:

    @wolverine: Nah, he’s the Zombie HR Department.

    Finkel just reminded me that my steam idea doesn’t match my comment id. edcalaban = [d20]thegrinner

  13. Alexander Rogers says:

    Hi there,

    I’m really not sure this is the right place to post this, but I really need some help/advice with Steam.

    After reading about the wonder that is Team Fortress 2 on this blog, I decided to download Steam and purchase it. I now discover that my computer is not good enough to play it. Quite vexing, especially since Steam can apparently detect my hardware, and did not warn me about this before I purchased the game.

    But my real concern is that I can find no way to contact Steam or Valve to sort out this issue. I am unaware if I can get a refund, or give the game to somebody else. At the very least, I would like to ask them to ensure Steam checks hardware specs before selling somebody a game that Steam can know they can’t play.

    Shamus, I know this thread is not for such issues, and I fully understand if you delete this post. I tried to go to the Steam forums but it would not accept my login.

  14. toasty says:

    I remember when my programming teacher denied that inanimate objects (such as one of my classmate’s computers) “hated [said classmate]”.

    We all know that computers have personalities and video games have AI directors. Those that don’t are just ignorant.

  15. Rattus says:

    I think the director is already watching for what people say and understands all languages.. our trigger phrase is something like “hey, we’re almost there, just a little more” and “look we’re at the end, that was quite easy”. at that point tank and boomer attack at unison.

    as for L4D2 – I’m happy that there will be newer and better version of already great game. I’m not so happy i have to pay for it again, I kinda hoped there will be just updates to l4d – more modes, more maps etc.

    anyway looking forward to walking into one of those new “wandering witches” .. and hitting it with frying pan .

  16. Somebody Else says:

    And, in connection with that L2D RB video above, and in the interest of preserving online awesomeness, I’m going to go off topic and post this link:


  17. Vladius says:

    Oh, the debates are definitely pointless. You have that right.

  18. Pickly says:

    We all know that computers have personalities and video games have AI directors. Those that don't are just ignorant.

    Computers do seem like the dog stereotype sometimes, that they can sense whether you know what you’re doing, and if you don’t, that will screw up on you. :)

  19. John Callaghan says:

    I love the breakdancing robot. I want one! As a friend.

    And the Left 4 Dead rock video should have concluded with them all being turned into zombies and then continuing the song with various limbs dropping off, etc.

  20. Jericho says:

    @Alexander Rogers, to the best of my knowledge, Steam never claimed to do your system requirement checks for you. Though that would be a pretty cool function.

  21. krellen says:

    My response to L4D2:

    A sequel already, and still no Episode 3? <Bleep> you, Valve.

  22. Shadow2336 says:

    There are different development teams working on L4D and HL2:EP3

  23. RTBones says:

    L4D2? heck, I would be happy with about 20 new campaigns for L4D as it is. Thats just me, though. :)

    Oh yeah, and I’d also like to see HL2:EP3 before L4D2.

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