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Happy Halloween

By Shamus
on Monday Oct 31, 2005
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Try not to get confused here:
Left: Dan (who plays Skeeve) as Cloud
Right: Eric (who plays Thu’fir) as Barret

They both work at Burger King, and are allowed to wear their costumes to work today. Dan wanted have Cloud’s famous spikey hairdo(see below), but found that outside of Anime you really can’t achieve such an effect without industrial-grade bonding agents. In any case, it would have made his head an eye-poking fire hazard, so he let the idea go.

Comments (3)

  1. Dave Cobern says:

    Dan: Good costume! Sword might be a little too big though. . .
    Eric: eh? is that a toilet paper roll on your arm?

    Both of you please contact me by this Saturday. May have something fun 4 u. . .

  2. james says:

    and i thought i was obsesest with final fantisy 7 :D!!!

    Have made one of those in silicon myself ^^ they work GREAT! My friend tried to match me with his oh so mighty battle axe of doom. witch he always lost his grip on because of crappy handiwork!

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