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Hangout: For Honor

By Shamus
on Wednesday Feb 15, 2017
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Spoiler Warning


Link (YouTube)

As Josh announces on the stream, the next season of Spoiler Warning will be the Dishonored 1 DLC. We’re doing this in preparation for the eventual Dishonored 2 season. We’ll cover another game between these two so 2017 doesn’t end up being non-stop Dishonored coverage.

Comments (36)

  1. el_b says:

    shame on you josh, this year you go from from honour to dishonour :P

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’ve never heard of these “honor” games.
    Maybe someday he’ll finish the Shogun Japanese TBS game he started a few years ago.

  3. Benjamin Hilton says:

    I’m super excited for the DLC. I haven’t played 2, but the DLC was by far the best writing and design of the first game.

  4. Daniel England says:

    Oho! Really excited for the next season! I’d still like to see y’all playthrough The Witcher 3 DLC Hearts of Stone, since doing the full game would be absurd but the DLC is just a bit longer than your sweet spot for game length.

  5. Ninety-Three says:

    So since this is the Wednesday post, I take it that means no Spoiler Warning this week? Does it start next week?

  6. baseless_research says:

    I’ll be very impressed if Josh can break the game as much as Corvo’s Mind could, but there’s always hope.

  7. SpammyV says:

    I really enjoyed the first of the Daud Dishonored 1 DLCs, whichever one that was. Michael Madsen brought a lot to the experience and the levels were good to play around in. Never got around to doing the second DLC though, even though I own it. But I’ve got an excuse now!

  8. I’m just going to put this out there for the inter-Dishonored season…Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.

    I really liked the season with KOTOR, where you guys took a look at the story and systems of an older generation RPG from today’s context. Looking at a classic from the Troika vintage and studying the ways it both succeeded and failed in what it was trying to do would be great.

    Plus, I shudder to think how Josh could break a game that came out as buggy as that one did…

    • Humanoid says:

      I’m of the thought that Mankind Divided is almost a foregone conclusion since it released shortly before Dishonored 2, thus lining up rather neatly.

    • Sleeping Dragon says:

      Since at this point it’s pretty much my Carthage I’m going to call for a Remember Me season.

    • el_b says:

      was so salty that bloodlines was straight up broken due to that ctd at the society base, props to troika programmers for staying to fix that shit AFTER the studio shut down…it shouldnt have happened in the first place but you see so many games that get release broken with NO support. dead space one has so many ctds on pc and it hasnt had a single patch and look at arkham origins, they decided to actively not fix bugs in favour of more dlc!

      • Yeah, I will freely admit to those aspects being the areas of greatest trouble. When you combine the fact that VtM:B was one of the first Source engine games with the fact that Troika were on their last legs financially speaking, with Activision forcing them to get the game on the market for the christmas season, it isn’t a surprise that it had a rocky launch.

        Thank god for the dedicated fans and ex-Troika staff for their patches!

    • ZekeCool says:

      I’d be so damn on board to see this game done, though I’d suggest the Unofficial Patch for adding a bunch of things pulled at the last moment and fixing a TON of bugs. I really, really would love to see this so much.

  9. Landralin says:

    I really enjoyed this stream, thank you for posting it to Youtube! This game looks exactly up my alley, it’s just a shame about the connection issues :/ I tried playing in the beta and I was only able to make it into a single match. Thanks rural ISP’s!

    I also enjoyed your guys’ impromptu Bioware podcast! It was a lot of fun to hear Mumbles again too, I’ve been missing her, even though I respect her reason for quitting Spoiler Warning.

  10. Mr Compassionate says:

    Man all these samurai remind me of something, I feel like it was to do with Japanese warfare? I dunno, hey Josh do you remember what I’m talking about?

  11. PatPatrick says:

    I played closed and open Beta, and I still don’t understand, why this game is not F2P. There is almost no content in it!

  12. Philadelphus says:

    For Honor: Knights, Vikings, and Samurai.

    Samurai: OK, those guys famously lived by a strict code of honor.

    Knights: Yup, tried to live up to a strict chivalric ideal.

    Vikings: Similarly well-known for their strict honor co””wait, what? The raiders of the seas? Hit-and-run tactics against defenseless civilian populations? Pillaging and plundering? Raiding monasteries? What am I missing here?

  13. Phantos says:

    DLC as a season of Spoiler Warning is a good idea(and not just because I suggested Fallout 4 DLC last year). DLC is often much shorter than the main game it’s attached to, which is a good way to prevent the miserable burnout that happens when these sessions go on for too long.

    And unless it’s truly terrible(like Operation Anchorage), DLC I feel is usually held to a slightly higher standard than main-game content. I think this is because nobody wants to be the game dev that made the next “horse armour” laughingstock, so they have to at least try to make it worth the additional price tag.

    (To varying degrees of success, I admit).

  14. Son of Valhalla says:


    I’m probably never going to play For Honor, but I found this entertaining and funny.

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