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Anime Pilgrimage

By Shamus
on Wednesday May 10, 2006
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A note about Alex Doenau’s Anime Pilgrimage D/R. Alex watches a lot of anime. So much so that he pretty much puts your average otaku to shame. As an example, on May 10th he watched six entirely different titles. This is unlike folks like me, who tend to watch one title at a time, and finish it before starting another. This is some sort of dual-core multithreaded anime-watching stuff. This is industrial grade anime viewing.

He’s got everything from Girl’s High (NSFW) to Digimon (Not safe for grownups) to Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy. (Not safe for diabetics)

The fact that he blogs it all with screencaps is even more amazing.

Comments (6)

  1. Pete Zaitcev says:

    I do not see this voracity as anything unusual, among top animebloggers anyway. Subscribe to Anime on My Mind, Hontou ni sou omou, and Sea Slugs, you’ll see it all the time. OK, Sea Slugs is nominally a group blog.

  2. Shamus says:

    Interesting. I haven’t read any of those yet. You are right, though. Anime On My Mind – which I just read for the first time – is quite prolific.

    I do find it interesting that people have this sort of time. Six shows is three-ish hours out of the day, on top of which you need time to write about each one, and gather screencaps.

  3. Alex says:

    I didn’t actually watch all of those in one day. My fansub methodology is that I watch the stuff on my laptop, then write about it. The laptop has no internet access, so I can’t get distracted. The work gets done much faster that way! So I can accumulate maybe two days’ worth of stuff on the laptop, then cart it over to my Mac. May 10th had so many updates because I was too tired to upload all of my images on the 9th.

    Sometimes I miss the days of watching a 26 episode series in a week, with no other distractions. I still have to rediscover the DVD balance, but it’s hard when you’re a student. With fansubs, I can watch them in the library at university.

    At any rate, my interest is the breadth of anime, and I consider each show in the place of genre and general anime history. I’m glad that people are beginning to vocally show their appreciation for my work, because it’s two years of effort. I’m really grateful for this sort of thing, it makes me feel like I haven’t wasted my time doing all of my “research” into the rich tapestry of animated experience.

    PS. My name is spelled Doenau. Sorry to sound like a stickler.

  4. Shamus says:

    Sorry about the name. As a lame excuse on my part, I cut & pasted from Steven. (Why didn’t I cut & paste from your site? That would have been a fine idea.) So, you may want to shoot him an email and let him know. I’ve seen enough people talking about “Stephen Dan Best” to know he gets his fair share of name-mangling as well, and would probably prefer he had your name right.

    I’m actually relieved that you didn’t watch it all in one day. That just can’t be good for you. :)

  5. Shamus says:

    In regards to “the breadth of anime”, this facinates me as well. I’m amazed at just how immense the universe of anime is. Until I started getting into it, I had always assumed that anime was roughly the same size as American animated shows. There was no reason for me to think this, but there was no reason to think any other way either. I just didn’t know.

    And now I’m learning just how huge it is. I’ll never have the time to sample anime like the more serious otaku, so I try to close the gap by just reading about the parts I miss. I know I’m still missing a lot, but experiencing it vicariously is better than nothing, which is why I’m grateful for sites like yours.

    The amazing thing to me is that we’re still not seeing it all. I’m sure there is a ton of stuff (how much? I couldn’t even guess.) out there that never makes it into sub or dub.

  6. I just fixed his name on my site.

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