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Stolen Pixels: Left 4 Dumb, Part 19

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jun 30, 2009
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Inappropriate invasions of personal space? WILL THE HORRORS OF THE APOCALYPSE NEVER END?!?

Eh. Maybe.

Comments (11)

  1. Factoid says:

    I haven’t seen a metric from Valve for who gets the most heals, but I’ve seen one that says Zoey takes less friendly fire damage. Probably because she’s both smaller and more brightly colored than the other survivors.

    So if Zoey takes a bit less damage on average it might end up evening out as far as who gets healed more.

  2. Badger says:

    Congrats on getting BoingBoing’d this morning. Not my fault, for reals.

  3. chabuhi says:

    Oh, come on! You guys forget who we are here!! You KNOW Zoey’s getting healed 200% more often than anyone else! Just Google for “l4d zoey nude patch” (er … not that I have).

  4. edcalaban says:

    I’d be interested to see if there’s anything in the versus data for who gets targeted the most and by what.

  5. eMonkey says:

    As soon as I saw this strip, I thought of this ctrl-alt-del: http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20081117. I’m not sure I want to think about what that says about me.

  6. mixmastermind says:

    It says that you read CAD. So yeah, it says a lot about you.

  7. RedClyde says:

    Yeah, I thought of that CAD comic, too. So true. XD

    Uh, I mean, I don’t get it. >.>

  8. Rutskarn says:

    I wonder how often The Tank goes after Zoey, as opposed to Francis, Bill, and Louis? Do people hesitate to beat down the 20-year-old girl, or do they instinctively go for the weediest target?

  9. Helm says:

    Just Google for “l4d zoey nude patch” (er … not that I have).

    I did and sadly it does exist. FFS What is the matter with these people

  10. Nyaz says:

    Interesting fact: I’ve been reading Left 4 Dumb so much that I’m convinced Francis is a total moron at all times, hence resulting in more friendly fire.

    Or maybe it’s because that stupid bastard dresses in black in an already dark game, where I don’t really have time to stop and ask “Hey, dude! Are you a zombie?” after every time I hear a funny noise.

  11. Pon Raul says:

    The expression on Zoey’s face is priceless: perfect bemusement.

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