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Living with First-Person Shooter Disease

By Shamus
on Saturday Jul 4, 2009
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Here’s to finding a cure, in our time…

Link (YouTube)

Comments (27)

  1. Eric(Ninjews) says:

    The street fighter dude darren was awesome!! That was pretty good, my favorite part was the whole buttering toast fiasco.

  2. neolith says:

    Haha – I love watching him jump on the sidewalk. :D

  3. McNutcase says:

    But can he see his own feet?

  4. OddlucK says:

    That was quite good. Great reaction from the wife when he pulled the gun.

  5. Rutskarn says:

    If I were him, I wouldn’t take any jobs in laboratories or the military. And even so, I wouldn’t let my life become *too* idyllic and happy.

    The plot hits you when you least expect it.

  6. Spider Dave says:

    Haha, hilarious. I think some video game company should donate proceeds from sales towards the cure.

  7. Felblood says:

    All it needed was a scene of him running against the wall and it would have been perfect.

    I especially liked the inventory swap text.

  8. Avaz ( [d20]Teldurn ) says:

    That was entertaining.

    Did he have the butter knife arm held out at the same time as the handgun arm? I lol’d. :)

  9. Irridium says:

    That was pretty sweet

    Best part was the buttered toast fiasco XD

  10. Mike says:

    how does he goes to the bathroom???

  11. Anaphyis says:

    Switching inventory item or crouching. Hm. Could the Duke crouch? I don’t remember.

  12. Marmot says:

    Hahahahahahaha! Brilliant video! Particularly the switching weapons part and the butter :)

  13. UtopiaV1 says:

    I have the same problem as this guy at breakfast, what to spread the butter with? Spoon, fork, 9mm handgun, m9 bazooka, knife…
    I usually go with the lightsabre…

    Anyway, this is goin in my favourites!!!

  14. JKjoker says:

    could have been better, there are waaaay more things in fps to make fun of, the way he pulls out things did make me laugh tho

    i remember an old “quake in real life” video where they made fun of ping, cant see your feet, the grunting face in the bottom from wolfestein and doom, strafe shooting and some other things, it had much lower production values than this one but it was much better and funnier

    oh, i found it pretty fast in youtube

  15. Hipparchus says:

    Poor guy. The Tetris Effect can be very brutal. The video itself is high quality and the way that guy moves is definitly like a FPS! I like it when he tries to go in the door. And the toast buttering. It makes me wonder about the whole weapons cycle thing. In FPSs where do they fit all those weapons?! On their belt loop? Their pocket? How can you fit a BAZOOKA and a CHAINSAW in your pocket?! Ow. Best not to think of these things….

  16. Zaghadka says:

    Somebody needs to introduce this guy to FPS Doug.

  17. Caffiene says:

    @7 Felblood: Its not the most noticeable part of the clip, but have a look at 0:23, when he’s trying to get in his front door.

    Funny stuff.

  18. rofltehcat says:

    Haha, that video is quite spot on. I think it shouldn’t only be viewed under the aspect of ‘hell, imagining that someone might be moving like the duke is hilarious’ but also under the aspect ‘why do the characters in FPSs move like that?’, discussing it from a game design point of view.

    So… Why do they move like that? Couldn’t there be a better way to make them move?

    I liked that one video highlighting animations that was released by that one animator who was working on Duke Nukem Forever. I liked how the Duke moved his arms when checking if he was wounded etc.
    I also like how stepping over low stone walls or obstacles works in CoD4/5. Much better than that ‘jumping on the sidewalk’ in the video.
    I also think the way movement, view, etc. is implemented into Mirror’s Edge is a start.

    But I guess the whole issue is a connected about ‘how to aim’ and ‘strafing’. As for strafing… I guess it would be hilarious to see a real human move by strafing and so the whole way of moving is a bit unrealistic… strafing would have to be a lot slower and/or take some sort of stamina.
    As for aiming… right now the gun seems to be dragging the character behind but it should actually be the other way around.
    The Eyes should be moving first, then the head, maybe gun changing angle a little bit during this, and only then should the whole body turn. This would have to be connected to mouse movement speed or something, not really sure about this.
    The old ‘gun drags guy behind’ style could still be used somewhat by skipping the ‘move head’ and the ‘adjust weapon angle’ steps and maybe changing the variables for mouse movement speeds etc. Still taking a quick peek with the eyes could be used in this way of control. This way of controlling the character could then be used for a special unit soldier moving with a shotgun in confined space but overall moving slower, stealthier and with a big amount of care. I think this is also what the original concept of FPS control was designed to be and somewhat this is implemented in many games by clicking the right mousebutton to steady your weapon to your shoulder.

  19. Logicaly_Random says:


    The problem with realistic movement in a video game is the sheer complexity of human movement. The act of holstering a weapon, drawing another one, and opening a door can be done in a dozen different ways, even with a standardised idea for how to do it, the amount of programing and work that would go into making a character act realistically wouldn’t change how a game was played at all, and would add quite a lot of complexity and cost to making said game. The end result would be the same as current graphics work. Large bundles of cash spend to gain minimal improvements in gameplay. That money would be better spent making games longer, hiring better writers, or hiring better voice actors.

  20. rofltehcat says:

    Yeah, but you are thinking about making normal shooters just with a little different character handling. Imagine a game that was designed to meet those new ways of character handling. Those could add very well to the atmosphere of the game, just as much as good writers or good voice actors (something that FPS producers often save on).

    It could increase the feeling of actually being a special unit rainbow six guy or a soldier instead of a body attached to a gun that is magically dragged through the air.

  21. Logicaly_Random says:

    That would be interesting to play, but the problem of control now becomes an issue. Current FPS movement conventions exist because they fit with a mouse/WASD control scheme, while being able to emulate A realistic range of movement would require a much more complicated scheme, and would have a very steep learning curve. I wouldn’t be opposed to such a game, I’m just having a hard time imagining a practical development of one.

  22. Kazeite says:

    Meh – the guy should’ve turned weapon bobbing off in his menu, which should take care of that hand tic :) Problem solved – all advantages of FPS shooter (hammerspace, HUD display), and only a couple of tiny disadvantages :D

  23. Matt P says:

    You know, the more “realistic” tactical shooters would benefit from a much slower (or nonexistant) strafe. Whether some have it or not I’m not totally certain, but I’d certainly like a game where the standard response to a shootout isn’t “strafe into cover whilst firing” but rather “shoot him first, OR turn and sprint for cover (and pray)”. Always bugged me.

  24. Scipio says:

    I’ve always thought a good FPS should incorporate diving or tumbling moves. Trading a quick burst of movement for some immobility while you get to your feet would add some interesting tactical possibilities. It would also allow you to do sweet John Woo’esque dives across corridors while blazing away.

  25. Vegedus says:

    I lawled. That was brilliant. Especially ending was right in style.

  26. Teddy says:

    does he receive social security benefits for this?

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