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Stolen Pixels #106: Left 4 Dumb, Part 22

By Shamus
on Friday Jul 10, 2009
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Tuesday will see the end of Left 4 Dumb. On Tuesday You’ll also get two Stolen Pixels. Today, you just get the one.

Comments (10)

  1. Rutskarn says:

    It’s just as well that wasn’t one of his lines in-game. You’d never stop hearing it.

  2. Nyaz says:

    Aww. Oh well, Stolen Pixels is good too!

  3. Factoid says:

    It’s too bad there wasn’t an opportunity to refrain “I hate this campaign”

  4. Rutskarn says:

    Also, it’s too bad this wasn’t in the first Left 4 Dead, or Louis’ outfit would be that much more sublime.


  5. The S Ninja says:

    Bill will probably just end up using The Reaper anyway considering it’s so kick ass.

    Edit: And it seems that something is keeping me on this page…

  6. Cerveza says:

    I think they should localize the cricket bat to whatever country the game is sold in. In England, South Africa, India, and Australia, it’s a cricket bat, in Scotland a golf club, in Canada, Scandinavia, and Russia a hockey stick, in Switzerland and Austria a ski, in the US, the Caribbean, and Japan a baseball bat, etc.

  7. Mike says:

    I`m gonna miss Left for Dumb

  8. hewhosaysfish says:

    “The girl one is a witch. Don’t mess with her.”
    “Yeah. For real.”

    Listen to Louis. He knows. :)

  9. Rutskarn says:

    Cerveza: What, and deprive us of cricket-batting goodness? Hell no!

  10. RTBones says:

    You know, there’s got to be a joke in there somewhere where our four heros somehow manage to get railroaded…er…blunder into “Survival” mode…

    Louis: Lets go!
    Zoey: No! I’m telling you, stay here! They will come to us!
    Louis: Really? Hey, cool! That means we have a head start!
    Bill: Yeah, besides, I have the Reaper.
    Zoey: You dont understand…they are just going to KEEP coming, you CANT just sweep them away! Look, just shoot anything that moves and isnt one of us, OK?!
    Francis: They’ll keep coming.
    Reee-aallly, now. How do you know that?
    Zoey: It was in the backstory, if you had bothered to read it.
    Louis: Read?
    Bill: Read?
    Francis: Read?
    Zoey: Nevermind. I hate this campaign….

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