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What would Freud say?

By Shamus
on Monday Oct 31, 2005
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Here is another one of my brother Dan holding the preposterously large and heavy sword for which Cloud is so famous.

And the sword really is heavy, too. The core is made from an old snowboard and it has quite a bit of heft to it. Swinging this thing around is quite difficult, even though it’s just cardboard, duct tape, and part of a snowboard. After taking a few swings with this you can get a sense of just how impossible it would be to do the same with one made from solid steel. Once you feel your arms begin to fatigue from just holding it up, you will realize that by the time you were strong enough to really swing one crafted from steel (assuming that’s even possible), the weapon itself would be such a massive liability that fighting bare-handed would be a sensible alternative.

But that’s not what Final Fantasy is about anyway. Final Fantasy is about, you know, fantasy, and should be viewed as such.

But even so: How does that skinny little guy keep from falling over?

Comments (9)

  1. the_Corruptor says:

    Simply, he’s in a world where magic exists; therefore the sword is magically lighter than would be otherwise feasable.

    Plus, it’s hollow and made of a material closer to Mythril than steel.

  2. Telas says:

    It’s easy – In Anime-world, the less testosterone someone has, the stronger they are. :D

  3. Tola says:


    No, seriously-All Soldier memebers are ‘enhanced’ with Mako.

    But then, this post is a long way after Advent Children, where you really see just HOW BLOODY INSANE Mako-Enhanced are in terms of ability.

  4. henk says:

    heelo berewollie dikke tollie bilnaad heaqvy shit

  5. Chris says:

    Making a sword of mithril hollow would kind of defeat the purpose of making a giant honking sword wouldn’t it?

  6. Another_Scott says:

    He has the pose nailed

  7. Noble Bear says:

    Anime is fun but Cosplay is often, to me, impressive. In a game or cartoon you can shape reality however you want; but to then actualize it, I’m just blown away.

  8. Paul Spooner says:

    Cool costume! The rigid core is a good idea as well, even if it makes it too heavy to carry comfortably.

    The part that always baffled me was how he spins the sword around like a propeller after every combat before slapping it onto his back. Whaaaaaa? I mean, I know this is fantasy, but come on! We’re expecting at least some level of physics to hold true. Ahh well.

    Here’s one made of metal. Even made from Aluminium it takes two burly guys to lift, let alone use.

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