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By Shamus
on Thursday May 18, 2006
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Here is another reason I’m glad I moved to Hosting Matters a couple of days ago. Any hosting company that would take the time to help a blogging customer sort out trackback problems is a good one in my book.

Comments (6)

  1. Pixy Misa says:

    The problem with that is, when Hosting Matters gets DDoSed, half the blogs I read go offline. (Of the remainder, I host half of them anyway…)

  2. That was a problem a few years ago with Blogspot. Then the problem wasn’t DDOS’s but when anything happened to Blogspot, it seemed like two thirds of the blogosphere went silent. (Since I have my own server, there were a couple of times when I posted updates about the situation just because no one else could.)

  3. Cineris says:

    When I looked into it, Hosting Matters was one of the first places I checked out. Tempting, but they don’t offer nearly enough unused storage space or unused bandwidth for my purposes. I am feeling a little bit lost by the way some of this blogging stuff works though — How the heck did I get on Technorati, for example, and what the heck is Technorati anyway? Some kind of strange voodoo, that is.

  4. Technorati is an organization run by Japanese school girls which has a secret array of underground bunkers which house giant fighting mecha that have been defending us against an alien invasion for the last fifteen years without any of us finding out about it.

    They just pretend to be a rating agency for web sites as a cover.

  5. Shamus says:

    they don't offer nearly enough unused storage space or unused bandwidth for my purposes.

    Wow. The bandwidth one I understand – you can eat through a lot of it slinging images around the way I do here. But storage space?

    Twenty-Sided is very image-heavy, and I also have a number of other sites on here that are image intensive. (My wife has scrapbooking stuff, pictures of the kids, etc etc) Even all the crap that’s accumulated at shamusyoung.com in the past 7 years… I’m still only using like 3% of my allowed storage space.

  6. Cineris says:

    Well, I was being facetious about the psychological security I feel knowing that I have an extra 49.9 unused GBs that I can use for hosting files, heh.

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