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By Shamus
on Tuesday May 23, 2006
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Looking around at what is popular as of late, I can see certain patterns emerging. It’s subtle, but for those with a keen eye you may notice some aspects of anime garner more attention than others. After careful study, I’ve distilled this data and come up with what I believe to be the most optimal titles and phrases for a new anime blog:

Robot Ninja Girls
All White Cotten
Fan Services
Full Metal Bikinis

Note that if you were to name your blog “Robot Ninja Girl’s All White Cotten Pantie-Fu Cosplay Battle” it would cause the internet to explode, so don’t do that.

UPDATE: The next morning. I realize I’ve just made a post that will be an uninteresting dead-end for many eager Google searches. Haha! At least I didn’t use the word “tentacle”.


BONUS UPDATE: Steven comes up with his own, and then shows me up by using his Japanese skills to make something that rhymes in Japanese and alliterates in English. I’ll get him for this.

Also, I notice we both left out “Schoolgirl” and “Catgirl”. How did THAT happen?

Comments (7)

  1. Ubu Roi says:

    Heh. You should complain about “tentacle.” The most popular search term for finding Houblog, after its name, remains “panty.” And for reasons I cannot figure out, “bad face” is next….

    Fortunatly, “gay midget sex” is not on the chart at all.

  2. Evil Otto says:

    My blog title originally came from a friend who was using the “And I for one welcome our new [BLANK] Overlords” years before it became a FARK cliche.

    Of course, if I had put the word “panties” in the title I’d probably get more hits.

  3. Otto, as I understand it the origin of that was a “Simpson’s” episode.

  4. Dan says:

    Go Simpson Go Simpsons it’s your birthday

  5. Evil Otto says:

    I know that, but but my friend was the first one I heard use the “welcome our overlords” line, only a short time after the episode originally came out.

  6. Pixy Misa says:

    Note that if you were to name your blog “Robot Ninja Girl's All White Cotten Pantie-Fu Cosplay Battle” it would cause the internet to explode, so don't do that.

    I tried to create robotninjagirls.mu.nu and my server crashed and took twelve hours to fix.

    Next time I’ll pay attention to your warnings.

  7. xXDarkWolfXx says:

    Well if i ever want my traffic figures to shoot up 100000% i know what to change the name of my blog to

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