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Anime Lexicon

By Shamus
on Wednesday May 24, 2006
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Seems like every otaku does this at some point. There are already plenty of good anime dictionaries out there, but I wanted to make my own. I’m putting it here so I can link back to it as needed. I’ll update the list as I accumulate new words.

This is also part of a wordpress plugin I’ve been working on, which I’ll talk about more once it’s working.


EDIT: I disabled this plugin on this site. It is really cool to have, but it needs a little work. I didn’t like the way it would hit EVERY instance of a word within a post, instead of just the first instance. It was also fond of seeing keywords within URLs and thus breaking links. This was a fun plugin to write, but it needs a little more polish before I can trust it to work without making a mess once in a while.

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