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By Shamus
on Thursday Jun 8, 2006
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This is brilliant. It’s an artist who’s done the Peanuts gang, all grown up and drawn anime style.

Peanuts Gang. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus.  Anime Style.

I won’t steal his thunder by showing them all. You’ll have to visit the gallery if you want to see the rest of the gang.

Look out for Peppermint Patty. I always thought she would end up more… you know… butch. Marcie is quite the Meganekko. Schroder and Pig-pen are cleverly done.

Hat tip: FuzzyGeek.

Comments (20)

  1. woah. these are awesome. I love how the personalities come through – instantly familiar to any fan of Peanuts, yet also realistically “grown up”.

  2. Shamus says:

    Yes. The artist also has a Norman Rockwell-ish gift for telling a story with just facial expressions and a few objects. The one where Charlie is carrying Sally is quite endearing. By looking at it, you can deduce everything that’s happened to lead up to what we’re seeing.

  3. Pixy Misa says:

    He(?) lists Satoshi Urushihara and Fred Perry as his favourite artists. It shows. The Peanuts-grown-up characters are very Fred Perry-ish; some of his other work is a mix of the two.

    Very nice stuff.

  4. Keepitclean says:

    Linus look like jerk, CB’s about ready to bring a gun to school, and Lucy looks like she’d take off that shirt for anybody. I know they can’t be the same innocent kids, but at least give them the same personality, + a few years.

    I do like the fact the blanket made it into Linus’s pocket.

  5. T-Boogie says:

    Amen Keepitclean!! The artist did not take the original character’s personalities into account. The artist is either not very observant or is ignoring their personal attributes for, let's face it, a generic anime style. Look at those triangle mouths. I’ve never seen that before, except on the cover of every junior high students note book as they doodle the latest anime characters that the FOX network shows in their after school, cartoon block.

  6. computer master that's better than u says:

    i have a picture that’s somthing like that only simpsons- i can send it but i need your e-mail

  7. m says:

    charlie looks like hes on pot

  8. m says:

    charlie lookss like he is on pot

  9. T-Boogie says:

    m: you are on pot.

  10. […] Hollly crap, this artist is amazing. I guess I should say, “Good […]

  11. jdog says:

    srry, i thought it was very dissapointing!!

  12. Jasmine Postada says:

    this was VERY disappointing! You made them look WAY too grown up and Charlie brown has the stupidest hair I’ve never seen! Charlie Brown does look like he is ready to bring a gun to school! And don’t even get me started about Lucy! OMG this is just another reason why I hate anime and manga unless it’s chibi!

  13. CitizenCharlie says:

    All I have to say is that picture really seems to lack what makes charlie brown great, warmth, spirit, and pathos.

  14. Otters34 says:

    Well, if they remained what they are for so long, I could well see it not being an especially cheery sight.

    As an aside, Charlie just looks rather irritated that Lucy’s still bothering him, after all these years.

    Also, Linus+gray hair+my gray-loving mind= badass.

  15. Dave C says:

    Wow… these are unreal good.

  16. papaprophet says:

    Trust me, you are NOT the same as you were when you were a kid! Middle school/junior high/high school has a strange effect on REAL people, why NOT on their cartoon representatives. A lot has happened since they were in 1st and 2nd grade – let ’em grow up! Gamers should know that – that should happen all the time to your characters… different situations bring out different stuff!
    (Check out a very interesting play on the same subject, called “Dog Sees God” by Bert V. Royal)

  17. paulina says:

    is so sexy and beatiful

  18. Why did u make them look so dum, Lucy has B,o,o,b,s Lucis, still has blaket, Charile brown, looks so Gay[ LOOKS LIKE DIAVEA] AKA BIG LUMPY SMELLS BAD, DIAVEA

  19. Good Grief says:



    Sooooooo coooooooool.


    Cool. Give them swords and guns, too. Bigger boobs and more angular faces. They should have superhuman powers and all be perenially moody, expect for ditzy girl characters. There should be a strong sexual subplot all the time so that sexually-inept teens reading the stories can make them fantasy objects and jack-off to them.

    Not only is it totally unnecessary and like tagging over someone else’s graffiti, it’s particularly unoriginal art.

    Just, why do this? Is nothing sacred?

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