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Got Nothin’

By Shamus
on Thursday Jun 22, 2006
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I am noticing that when running a blog about D&D, videogames, and anime, gaming, it’s pretty hard coming up with anything to say while not taking part in D&D, not playing games, and not watching anime. The whole Netflix SNAFU was amusing for six or seven seconds, but that little quest isn’t going to provide any of us with lasting entertainment.

So where are we? I have Oblivion on the way, but that isn’t due until next week. I have Last Exile on the way again, but it’s anyone’s guess if it will be the right disc. I also have Full Metal Panic on the way, mostly by accident. I’m not really looking forward to it or anything, I just needed something from Netflix that wasn’t more Last Exile, since the remaining discs aren’t of any use until I can watch disc 4.

I better think of something quick, or this is going to turn into a “guess what I had for supper” blog. I don’t even have a cute little cat or dog to use for fallback material.

Comments (15)

  1. hank says:

    Spaghetti-Os, red wine, and a baguette.

  2. not to go all meta on you, but is regular posting really needed in a smaller blog community like the *hehe) otakusphere? I mean, it would need to be months without a post before I even entertained the idea of not checking your blog at least once a day. Its just easier to be up to date when the circle is a small one.

    I’ve been feeling a bit lazy myself but havent seen my trafic decline much at all. I like to think that my readers – however new they are to my fledgling blog – are pretty forgiving :) After all, theres plenty of content out there and if we dont supply todays dish, someone else will have something.

  3. HC says:

    Well, you can always talk theory – draw on a history of activity in the hobby, and go from there. For D&D, talk about Arcana Unearthed or how the Eberron setting is working out – something. Or, going farther afield, talk about Nobilis, Dogs in the Vineyard, or some of the other interesting novelties.

    And hey – FMP is a pretty good series. The first arc, ~7 episodes, is great. The end is good, and the middle is merely decent. Plus, Fumoffu and Second Raid are good sequels.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Actually, I would really like to see how the D&D campaign resolved. The most recent installment (over a month ago) was about the ethical decisions regarding the enslaved miners. It ended saying that the players did something unexpected… and saving that for the “next post”.

    Gah! What a cliffhanger ending!

    And I’ll agree with HC that FMP’s 1st arc is great. However, the middle declined and the end declined further in my opinion. The primary villain was infuriating and perfectly detestable… but not in the villainous way, more like a “Geez, die already! Stupid heroes.” way. Fumoffu was… an interesting interlude… too much main character abuse for my liking though.

  5. Scott says:

    I second the vote to finish up the D&D post. I’m fairly new so it’s the only one I’ve read but I found it interesting in isolation and was curious to see how it ended.

  6. Shamus says:

    not to go all meta on you, but is regular posting really needed in a smaller blog community like the *hehe) otakusphere?

    Heh. I do this for my benefit, actually. If I skip a couple of days it will turn into a couple of weeks. When I changed this from a D&D blog to a geek crap blog, I really had a goal to see how long I could keep this up.

    Jeffrey & Scot: Thanks for the reminder.

    Also: It suddenly dawns on me that I have indeed been watching Full Metal Alchemist, and while it isn’t over I ought to be able to wring a few posts out of THAT series.

  7. Acksiom says:

    Count me in as another vote for more of the campaign notes.

    In all honesty, the relatively amazing amount of plot you folks burn through in each session has been motivating me to push my own group harder in that regard.

    Though I would also like to see your thoughts on FMA, mmyes.

  8. Dan says:

    Shamus, dude, If your having trouble remembering the sessions I’ll come over and help you.

    I personally like what our party did next, and put it in my Top 5 Momments of the Campaign
    (read that last part in a loud and bostrous voice like your announcing some important crap)

  9. What the party did next: Went out and killed a whole bunch of bad guys, fought amongst themselves about how to deal with the upcoming situation, pretended they weren’t really in this D&D thing just to pretend to kill a whole bunch of bad guys by taking on some of the good guys, fought amongst themselves about how to deal with the upcoming situation, did some crazy drinking party stuff that was wholy unrelated to the rest of the campaign, fought amongst themselves about how to deal with the upcoming situation, killed some more bad guys, fought amongst themselves about how to deal with the upcoming situation, solved some riddles (because Shamus likes riddles even though the rest of the guys are mostly just there to carry around really big swords), fought amongst themselves about how to deal with the upcoming situation, then went after the big bad guy killing him in a wholly unexpected way.

    Actually that is probably th synopsis of a lot of the campagn but the long story is certainly more entertaining.

  10. Actually it really is a pretty good story and you did put a lot of work into it. I wish I had had the time to keep up with documenting it while in the midst so it didn’t leave off like this. Hopefully you guys can pull together and remember the majority of what happened so you can get it written out. There was some good stuff in there.

  11. Bogan says:

    I would like to say that I didn’t carry around a really big sword…just a really big mace. And you forgot about how we argued about the situation we already went through.

  12. Oh yeah, that too. And Bogan carried a really big mace, Dan carried a really big staff, and Pat carried a really big ego (err at least his character did.)

  13. ubu roi says:

    The last D&D (or RQ, or Torg, or anything else) camapaign I did, both the character AND player carried the ego around. It took both of them, it was so big. I was just discussing with Dr. Heinous this morning, how much that player got me OUT of being a DM. I still seize up at the thought of running a game, thanks to him. What really sucked about it was that it was hard to hate him; he was so egotistical in that “hey, everybody loves me becuase I’m a loveable guy” way

  14. Dan says:

    Mr. Shamus’ wife says: “did some crazy drinking party stuff that was wholy unrelated to the rest of the campaign”

    Skeeve/Dan says: You say this like it’s a bad thing. Going off the rails and letting loose in a world where you can do almost anything you wan’t, creating your OWN story one that has elements you know you’ll enjoy because you put them there. Also without giving anything away the next part of the story is one of our more notable and clever sessions.

  15. Dan says:

    and another thing we ALL did more than just carried big weapons. (by the way if your going to subtley refer to a person, try actually being subtle) The group solved all the riddles and puzzles that we realized were even puzzles. Yes sometimes our method of solving a puzzle was lacking finess, but we always got the job done…….even with a smelly dwarf in the group

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