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Time for excuses, but nothing else

By Shamus
on Wednesday Jun 28, 2006
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Work is killing mildly exasperating me. The company I work for does continuous development (like a massivly multiplayer game) as opposed to more traditional style development, so we never have the infamous “crunch time” to deal with. However, we sometimes work with people who DO crunch, and sometimes the resulting mayhem and round-the-clock development on their end translates into long hours on our end.

This is not to say I have a bad job. A few long days and weekends happens to all of us from time to time. It IS eating into my blog time though.

I’ve watched some Full Metal Panic, some Full Metal Alchemist, and of course the saga of obtaining Last Exile Disc 4 is still ongoing. I’ve got Oblivion in the mail over the weekend, and I also have some thoughts on that thing.

So, I have lots of ways to amuse myself, once I get the chance.

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  1. Katrani Merack says:

    I know this all happened a couple of years ago, but… You never posted what happened with that Last Exile disc. Or, at least, not that I’ve found. Would you tell us before we go crazies from not knowing?

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