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By Shamus
on Friday Sep 11, 2009
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My current queue of games:

1) Reviewing: The Path. I have two more posts left to round out the list of girls. I might have one more wrap-up post after that.

2) Reviewing: FUEL. I’m pretty much done with the game, but it has brought a lot to mind on procedural content, how it’s done, and where it can go from here. I’m looking at FUEL the way some might look at the original Doom: Regardless of what you think of the game, this is an important piece of technology. I also have a few comments on racing games in general.

3) Playing: Still playing Team Fortress 2 in fits and starts. I think the new king of the hill kind of watered down the game for me. I can’t point to any specific fault in it. The only thing wrong with KotH is that it isn’t Payload. It’s not that I dislike the other game modes, it’s just that I like Payload so much better. I thought I’d eventually get tired of Payload and want to explore the other modes, but after more than 100 hours of TF2 I still feel a pang of disappointment when a non-payload map pops up.

4) Ahem: Champions Online. Thanks so much to everyone who offered their thoughts in the earlier thread. Clearly the consensus is that the game needs another month to bloom if I want to get the most out of it. So, I signed up last night. Yes, I solicited your advice, and then disregarded it. Wisdom check fail. First thing I did was attempt to re-create Detective Grimm. I was not impressed. No matter what I did, he always looked like a young guy with a fake beard. Sunlight shines through the main part of his hat, but not the brim, casting a shadow that ends up looking like tribal facepaint or something. Boo. Man, it’s almost as if I should have waited a bit before signing up…

5) Playing: Left 4 Dead. I added a could of bonus campaigns to the server, and have been enjoying them on occasion. Soon the new campaign will be out, which will most likely increase the time I spend with the game.

6) Watching: Borderlands looks very, very interesting. Also looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2.

7) Played: Evil Genius: I played the everlovin’ crap out of this last weekend, and pretty much finished it. It’s old and considered a classic, but it was new to me. I might do a single post on it if I have anything interesting to say.

8) Shelved: Velvet Assassin: A shame, really. The game isn’t horrible, it’s just pervasively bland and peppered with poor gameplay decisions. This is another game that could have been much, much better with a few basic changes. For the same investment of time and money, they could have made a much better game.

Open thread: What are you playing these days?

Comments (117)

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  1. Eric(Ninjews) says:

    Warcraft III. It’s the first time for me, and I have to say I hate upkeep.

  2. Hal says:

    Finally got around to playing Portal. I’m really timely, I know.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Evil Genius, Shamus. I played that a few months after its release back in the day and loved it, but I was never able to finish it! I’d always get to the last stage of the game (building your doomsday weapon), but become so inundated with secret agents that I could never train enough men fast enough to get anything done! Everytime I’ve tried to pick it back up, the game devolves into an unbelievable crapstorm at the very end.

    (Oh, and I’m still hopelessly addicted to WoW. At least my guild is almost through Ulduar!)

  3. Rob says:

    Mostly Left 4 Dead and City of Heroes, lots and lots of Left 4 Dead honestly. I think it’s the fan made campaigns that have drawn me back, I love Heaven Can Wait, without I don’t know if I ever would have gotten Zombie Genocidest.

    I can honestly say that I will never try Champions based on my feelings towards the developers and listening to the howls of frustration and the impact of a fist onto a wooden desk from someone who is trying to play the game has naught but reinforced my feelings. But, ymmv.

  4. Rutskarn says:

    1.) Playing: Left 4 Dead. Occasionally, some of the GitPers will hop on and we’ll do the rounds, or, on one occasion, pubstomp a random Versus server. You know you’re doing well when the enemy team changes roster more than a bad sitcom.

    2.) Playing: TF2. I love the new Sawmill maps, and since most of my Steam friends hang there I usually end up hitting Lawful for my TF2-related kicks.

    3.) Playing: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Almost done with this one. Quite a bit of fun, plot’s competent for Tom Clancy.

    4.) Still haven’t finished because the plot’s a steaming load of ogre puckey and the gameplay’s as repetitive as a slot machine and more based on cheap shots than a poor satire: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

    @Rob: I hear Heaven Can Wait is a good one. Thoughts?

  5. Jericho says:

    I’m actually going through a period of intense boredom with video games. It’s rather depressing. I was on a new Spore kick but I am rapidly losing interest again. May get the new expansion if the price drops.

    I’m actually sort of in the mood to get back into “The Movies”. I’d recommend it if you like that sort of thing. It’s basically “Hollywood Tycoon”.

  6. asterismW says:

    This is so unusual for me that I thought I’d share it with the world. I’m actually playing four games right now. (Note: I don’t consider myself a gamer. I will sometimes play a game, but never more than that and certainly not four at once.) I’ve got Tales of Monkey Island on the Wii, for which I’m eagerly awaiting the third episode. Needing a Monkey Island fix, I installed Steam (another thing I never thought I’d do) to download The Secret of Monkey Island SE. Boy that brings back memories. Then, since I had Steam anyway, I figured I might as well download Portal. I played through that once before and loved it, but never got it for myself because of the whole Steam thing. Then I saw Prince of Persia at the store and bought it because 1) PoP: Rival Swords was so much fun; 2) Shamus recommended it for us non-gamer types; and 3) I finally had a system that could run it.

    Most inconveniently I’m on vacation all next week and won’t be able to play any of these games I just started.

  7. UTAlan says:

    * Call of Duty: World at War. I just can’t get enough of this game. I’ve beat the campaign on Veteran difficulty twice and am working on 3rd Prestige.

    * Orange Box. Just purchased this recently. As Hal said, “Timely, I know.” But I do love it. Working through HL2 and getting the achievements in Portal. I need to give TF2 a chance, but I can’t pull myself away from the other games.

    * Mirror’s Edge. The problem with this game is that the Time Trials are so much better than the campaign. The only reason I ever play the campaign is to open up more maps for the Time Trial.

  8. Groboclown says:

    I’ve been playing:
    UFO: Alien Invasion on Linux, built from the Subversion codebase. I’m really impressed at how far it’s developed.

    The Path. I’ve played through all the girls without the wolf, now I’m starting to take them through the wolf path.

    The Endless Forest. A nice take on MMO from the Tale of Tales folks (who made The Path).

    Team Fortress 2. I still love it.

    A bunch of indie games, such as NUD and Battleships Forever, Canabalt, and the Java 4k game contest entries.

  9. Jeremiah says:

    1) Playing Secret of Mana with my wife. Somehow I managed to never play this originally even though it’s exactly the kind of game I liked when it came out and still is. It’s tough to find games my wife & I both enjoy playing, so having this come out on the Wii’s Virtual Console was great.

    2) Playing Guitar Hero 5. I’m a sucker for anything Rock Band & Guitar Hero (well, except the Beatles one, I’m not a Beatles fan at all). Anyhow, not impressed with the songs this time around, although sometimes a song that isn’t that great is still fun to play, so that’s something.

    3) Still playing Fallout 3. Nearly done with the Point Lookout expansion, haven’t even started on Mothership Zeta.

    4) Playing, but kind of on the backburner: Overlord Minions on the DS. Picked it up because of a deal at Best Buy. It’s kind of fun and gave me something to do on the plane when I went to GenCon. I’ve also got FFIV (my favorite of the series) on DS. Probably about halfway through with it, but I’ve been distracted by other things lately.

    5) I’ve got Infinite Undiscovery, but I haven’t started playing it, yet. Found it at Best Buy for $9.99 and it looked like I’d enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll get around to playing it eventually.

    It’s funny, a few years ago, 90% of the games I was playing were on PC, but thanks to DRM and things like Steam, I haven’t gotten anything for the PC for a long time, although I did revive my copy of Diablo 2 not too long ago.

  10. Pickly says:

    I know I wrote another post yesterday, but this is an issue that comes up quite often when I play: Any news on votescramble (for both servers), and rock the vote (for chaotic). (Both of these commands would be much appreciated on the servers.)

    As for what I’m playing:

    Team Fortress 2, obviously: I still have a low kill to death of something like .5 or so, but I do seem to be somewhat getting better over time (Or at least a wider range of skills with more classes). first FPS I’ve ever played, what can I say (Plus a bit of a suicidal “charge right in spraying weapons” playing style). Agree on the king of the hill opinion above.

    (For a bit of shameless promotion, my soldier, demoman, and engineer unlock ideas, of various quality, are on the blog, if anyone’s interested.)

    Galactic Civilizations 2: Trying out a few playstyles at the moment, currently playing for influence victory as the Krynn.

    Other than that, I’m mainly watching for news on Starcraft 2, diablo 3, Guild wars 2, and the elemental (the new stardock game). Elemental is a likely buy at the moment when it comes out, starcraft 2 also seems likely, the others are iffy (thanks to the amount of time those sorts of RPGs take to play.)

  11. Ellindsey says:

    Playing Fallen Earth with my wife. When she’s not available to game with, I either solo that or play Dwarf Fortress.

  12. Carra says:

    Mmm, Evil Genius. I’ve been longing to play a good tycoon game one of these games. Evil Genius looks like it might do it.

    Finished SW: Republic Commando for a second time which was still as much fun as the first time. Great shooter with very intuitive team commands and a good team A.

    Also played some Vegas: make it big. Fun for a while but it seems to be bloody impossible to make a profit. Makes playing it rather frustrating.

    And just bought Braid from the steam store. Will spend some time with that. Also on my queue: the next Monkey Island episode.

  13. It’s an indie sort of week for me. I just bought AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, which has just been a blast. It fits a very good niche – a pick up and play sort of affair that I’ve been lacking for a while. It’s going to be a long time before I have all the levels unlocked, I think. And I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing.

    I also got the Blurst 4-pack, so I’ll be going over the ol’ favorites again. Blush has been especially fun to revisit. Additionally, I’m pretty interested in Gratuitous Space Battles and AI Wars, but I think I’m only going to get one of those this month.

    Prolly gonna do some more TF2 this weekend, especially if the d20 servers are up. My roommate’s gonna get me to play Metal Gear Solid 2, I bet, so that’ll be an experience. Did you know those devices have thumbsticks? Barbaric.


  14. B.J. says:

    I finally discovered DOSbox and I’m playing old school dos games. Eye of the Beholder trilogy, Dungeon Master 2, and Terra Nova.

    I’m also making my third way through Mass Effect and just picked up Empire: Total War.

    The big game I’m waiting for is Dragon Age.

  15. Broc says:

    Odin Sphere, Super Mario Galaxy and Fat Princess.

    Fat Princess feels like SNES Zelda had a baby with Unreal Tournament. Plus, I can be good at it because it takes more brains than just practice, which I can’t ever, ever get enough of to be competitive in first person shooters.

  16. Omair says:

    1)Battlefield Heroes
    The game play is fun but after a while the lack of maps kind of gets to you.
    2)Codename Panzers
    I’m a world war buff and i really enjoy this game. Mostly because you get to fight along side Erwin Rommel’s army!
    3)TF2 on a hiatus these days.
    4)Crayon Physics. I just love this game. For the past six weeks i’ve been playing this game in bits and pieces at the place where i’m interning.

  17. McNutcase says:

    Playing: Morrowind. It’s still good, gameplay-wise, and I’m still enjoying it.

    Playing: Icewind Dale II. Lightminded fluff, but there’s amusement in the use of a wizard as a flamethrower.

    Playing with: Red Faction. The game itself is meh, but the tech is pretty fun.

  18. TehShrike says:

    The Beatles: Rock Band – A friend and I picked it up at midnight on release day, and played it until it was time for work.

    It’s fantastic – they took the gameplay of Rock Band, put it into a warmer, even MORE party-friendly version of the game, with a bunch of timeless songs.

    Also: having 3 decent singers feeling their way through singing the harmonies together was an awesome experience. I look forward to not sucking at singing harmony parts soon.

  19. thegrinner says:

    Oh god I love Evil Genius! Sadly my disc has died a horrible death involving smudges and scratches, preventing me from reinstalling it D:

  20. Rob says:

    I also finished Batman Arkham Asylm, my first console game in years, totally worth it to.

    @Rutskarn: Heaven Can Wait is one of the best hardest challenging campaigns I have ever played. I highly recommend it but it is very hard and can be frustrating, the path you must take is not always readily apparent and I’ve watch more than a few people go to their deaths because they didn’t know which way to go. Also it’s long.

    I will jump into a Heaven Can Wait Campaign over any other map, although Death Aboard 7.0 is a close second.

  21. Gildan Bladeborn says:

    I’ve been going through my backlog of titles that I’ve just never gotten around to finishing (and inevitably starting a bunch of new ones anyways) – right now I’m playing X-Men Legends II, Clive Barker’s Undying, Prototype, Half-Life, and Dead Space, though I might get the urge to fire up something else either old or new.

    The goal though is to finish at least one of those.

  22. GuiguiBob says:

    I’ve started playing Lord of The Rings Online recently, and been having a lot of fun.

    Magic the gathering on Xbox Live Arcade, I’m working my way to 100% with only two decks to unlock every card to go

    Proffesor Layton and the Diabolical Box that I’ve been playing with my girlfriend

    A lot of Rock Band to keep my crown with the people at work.

    And The Path that I intend to play a lot over the weekend (thanks for the advice wich I’ve listened to, it’s excellent)

    On the on hold list : Experience 117(I moved when I started it and never got back to it). And waiting for CoD:Modern Warfare 2, Scribblenauts and New Super Mario.

    I tried Champions in the Open beta but it was stuttering on my machine so I’ll would pass.

  23. Drue says:

    Starcraft – Replaying this since I wanted to get a fresh look at the story before the second one comes out. Unfortuneatly knowing Blizzard this might not be for a while yet.

    Half Life 2 Episode 2 – Also a replay. I recently got a new system and wanted to put it though the paces.

    Very soon I will pick up one or all of the following; Dawn of War II, Mass Effect, Fallout 3 (waiting for the Game of the Year Edition), Red Faction: Gureilla, and I will run throught the free trial for some various MMOs just to kill my desire to play without actually having to pay.

  24. Benjamin Orchard says:

    Warcraft III:
    @Eric(Ninjews): I hated upkeep so much I started making my own maps. I no longer hate upkeep or build times as they no longer exist in my worlds. Thank you WorldEdit!


    BTW, for anyone who asks, the W3 editor is NOT that tough to learn the basics of. I’ve been slowly moving into the more advanced stuff. I’ve got no desire to build a tower defense map, but I’ve got plans to build a psuedo-randomly generating map. I don’t know how well it will work, but we’ll see!

  25. Robyrt says:

    It’s music game time of the year for me: Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5.

  26. Galenor says:

    Playing: Team Fortress 2. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that regulars on the d20 servers. Still trying to find a legit way to get the insanely-good drolkcal banned. When the going gets tough, exploit the admins and make a killing.

    Playing: Baldur’s Gate II. I managed to find a 4-in-1 game that included both BGI and II, and their respective expansions. Advice from BG nerds suggested I played through BGI with a mod called Tutu, which raises the graphics, UI and mechanics from I to two (tutu!). After completing that, I exported over to BGII. Finding it a LOT more fun than BGI.

    Being a kid who grew up on the Genesis and the Playstation, I never really got to play these games – it’s my first dip into a D&D system. Already taking low THAC0 scores directly to the veins.


    Playing: Sacrifice. A friend of mine nudged me towards it due to its release on Steam. Finally decided to drop money on it yesterday. Finding it quite amusing and original! Putting the graphics to ‘Insane’ and then receiving what looks like Runescape in terms of textures made me giggle. :)

    Really want to play: Batman Arkham Asylum. Because it’s released on the 19th over here.
    Even on Steam.

    Really want to erase memory and play again: The Dig. I had a massive thirst for adventure games after playing The Longest Journey on Steam. It was like I had devoured from the troughs of the gaming world throughout my life, only to take a bite from a truly delightful cuisine which i never knew existed!

    Thirst was quenched via a truckload of LucasArts games hitting Steam. Loved Monkey Island and Loom, but I downright adored The Dig. Took a bite out of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, got past annoying catacombs, got to annoying nazi fighting castle, then declared my thirst quenched and shelved it. Fate of Atlantis is still there though, tempting me.

    Also, I saw footage of the point’n’click game Fable (no, not Molyneux) and decided I must have it, on top of the current mind-debate on whether Kings and Space Quest is worth buying on Steam. They’re the type where you can screw yourself early in the game and be utterly clueless until an hour later. Hate those. :(

  27. mark says:

    Stubble IS doable in CO, its a layer on the face section, not an entry under facial hair.

  28. Vladius says:

    Garry’s Mod.
    Civilization IV.
    Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II.
    Zombie Master.

  29. neolith says:

    Signed up on LotRO to play together with a friend for an hour once a week. Looks nice so far.

    Got FEAR and STALKER from the bargain bin for less than 5€ each. FEAR has some very good ideas in it, but the stupid Jupiter engine ruins it for me. :( Haven’t tried STALKER yet.

    TF2 Payload is still fun almost every time even though I suck at it. :)

    A friend gave me her Monkey Island 3 and Full Throttle, both of which I haven’t played at all until now (yes, I know, shame on me). Might try those next week.

  30. Cuthalion says:

    I’m at school, so I play Battle for Wesnoth. Free, easy to set up and connect to online or play offline, and lots of replay value.

  31. jng2058 says:

    Let’s see, I’m playing Champions Online and enjoying it but I’m not consumed with it. I know this because I’m still able to fit in a few hours of WoW with my guild without feeling like I was missing out on anything.

    Games that really catch on with me are the only thing I play for at least a couple of weeks, and Champions isn’t doing that. I suspect, therefore, that its not going to be a long-term success. Certainly more of my friends are going to have to sign on with it to make it worth playing past the first month.

    I also picked up Civilization IV on sale, and I’ve been playing with the excellent Fall From Heaven II mod. Its very well done, and I recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of the Civ games.

  32. Anders says:

    Oh, Evil Genius. That brings back memories, I must have played it through from the start to the end at least 5-6 times. I love designing traps and making sure that James Bo … sorry, John Steele.

    *happy sigh* Wonder if it will run alright on my new computer.

  33. Chargone says:

    surprisingly on my 5th or so play through of mass effect.

    still playing City of Heros for an hour or two most days.

    Disgaea. seriously, how can one not love a tactical RPG game that includes an equipable Horse Weiner. [why it’s called tactical when it’s turn based and on a grid is about as understandable as why RTS games are called strategy, but whatever.] actually, it’s all about the prinnies, dood! but still.

    intermitantly playing Europa Universalis 3 and Hearts of Iron 2 Armageddon. i ordered HoI3 at the local games shop but Australia got it’s own version, so we get that if we don’t order online, so it takes ages to show up. [on the up side, i well and truly miss all the release day/release month bugs (paradox games are so complex that it doesn’t matter how well they test, there Will be bugs. and apparently the beta test had major issues) :D] also looking forward to an EU3 expansion.

    other than that, been having lots of fun with forum based RPGs :)

  34. Adeon says:

    Well, I finally broke down and got a WoW account so I’ve mostly been playing that along with some City of Heroes (the ratio will probably switch on I16 comes out and I can make my Traps/AR Defender).

    Evil Genius is a great game and the closest we’re likely to get to Dungeon Keeper 3 (at least until we invent the technology to travel to parallel dimensions).

  35. Daimbert says:

    Right now, it’s MLB 2007 The Show … I’m trying to finish a complete season before the baseball season finishes.

    I’m also looking at Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 when it comes out.

    Because of how things worked out for me, I didn’t really have the time to decide on or start to play anything else, but I’ll have a lot of vacation coming up soon. So VTM: Bloodlines, the Personas, the Fatal Frames, the Age of Wonder games, maybe one of the Icewind Dales or Baldur’s Gate are on the list for the next things I play, as well as a few others.

    Maybe Silent Hill 2 or 3 as well. But I’ll decide that when the time comes.

  36. Old_Geek says:

    Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic!

    Played it years ago, then lent the disks to a friend who promptly lost them. Have wanted to replay it for a while now, but unwilling to pay the high price on E-Bay for the increasingly rare PC version. Then STEAM came to the rescue, selling it for only $10! God bless steam!!!

  37. Phillip Edwards says:

    I played through Evil Genius again last week when the “builder” in me was frustrated by the East India Company. I love the game, but it needed the ability to pause yet keep issuing orders.

    I want to see a new Dungeon Keeper. I’m too lazy to jump through the hoops it takes to get them to run on new OS’s (and too lazy to make an XP install).

  38. Shunal says:

    Team Fortress 2
    Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery
    Batman: Arkham Asylum (on Hard mode)
    Lost Odyssey
    Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (I still love this game if just for the class system)

  39. Kleedrac says:

    Dungeons & Dragons Online is free now so that and TF2 ;)

  40. Maldeus says:

    Coincidentally, I’ve been playing Evil Genius as well. Only about halfway done, though. Probably because I spend so much time watching my base run so smoothly and efficiently and how amazingly base-like the whole thing looks.

  41. Jabor says:

    Replaying BG2 at the moment. I never did get around to finishing Throne of Bhaal the first time, so I’m going to get that done.

    Haven’t had a chance to do much TF2, because the internet connection at my flat is downright horrible.

    Republic Commando was awesome when I played it – I’ve loathed the other Star Wars shooters for making Super Battle Droids cakewalks, but IMO RC puts them at a much more realistic difficulty level.

  42. Jaedar says:

    Currently doing my 4th playthrough of The Nameless Mod, it really has quite a bit of replayability, almost as much as the game it is based on(Deus Ex).

  43. someguy says:

    Right now I am taking a cigarette break from my return to Mirror’s Edge (playing the dlc time trial courses). Other than that, yeah, pretty much L4D. Also bits of Fallout3, still and again.

  44. Magnus says:

    If anyone wanted to get Evil Genius, it is available from Good Old Games for $5.99, I bought it the other day randomly (because it looked a bit like a dungeon keeper). Glad to hear people speaking highly of it, seems I haven’t wasted my money!

    I have a list of games I’m playing (and have on the shelf) as long as my arm… but lets go with the recent ones…

    Baldurs Gate Trilogy (check out this website: http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/bgt)

    Heroes of Might and Magic 2 (possibly the best of the series)

    The Witcher

    And on the waiting list include: Drakensang, King’s Bounty: The Legend, Thief 1+2+3, Deus Ex 1+2, The Dig, WH40k: Dawn of War, and about 15 or so GOG games.

  45. Factoid says:

    Playing through The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition.

    I played the original so long ago that I don’t actually remember if I finished it or not. I’m on monkey island now and it’s very much unfamiliar to me, so I guess I didn’t.

    The re-creation of the game is flawless and I find the updated graphics, music, sound and voice acting to be delightful.

    I’ll finish it this weekend and then have a major dilemma as to whether I should spend 60 bucks to buy Batman Arkham Asylum even though I’m getting extremely tired of paying 60 bucks for 8 hours of gameplay.

    I did it with Ghostbusters and it was a wonderful game, but far too brief and the multiplayer is somewhat disappointing. I was hoping for more out of the threewave team. Like…i don’t know….Capture the Friggen Flag? For a game that’s all about “capturing” things it seems like a no brainer for there to be some kind of ghost-related CTF.

  46. crapgame says:

    Dawn of Discovery
    Empire: Total War (Modded to hell and back. Someday CA will release a finished game.)
    Hearts of Iron 3
    Civ 4
    Blood Bowl
    Mount and Blade

    It occurs to me after typing out that list that 4 out of those 6 games would be equally enjoyable in 2D, and only have a semblance of 3D graphics for eye candy. (E:TW and M&B being the exceptions.)

  47. Heron says:

    I’ve been on a Diablo II kick recently, and for some reason my wife decided to play through it as well (she’s not a gamer).

    Other than that, I kind of wander from game to game. Some games I’ll buy if I enjoy them, but I don’t always play through them all the way. (As a result, my Steam game list contains more games than I could really play in my available gaming time.) I try demos if they’re available. I’ve purchased several indie games due to this game-wandering; they have that curious combination of low price and entertaining gameplay that basically forces my wallet open…

    I’m looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2, and Diablo III. Two games I would love to buy when they come out (for PC), but can’t, are Starcraft II and Batman: Arkham Asylum. SC2 has that nagging LAN play issue, which I’m quite adamant about, and Batman is published by Eidos, who I boycott.

  48. Tuck says:

    As ever, the Discworld MUD.

    Been playing over 7 years now, with well over 300 days of gametime logged, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon. :D

  49. J says:

    Going through Fire Emblem again. One day I *will* have collected all the Support Conversations. That day will probably be somewhere in 2015, but it will happen.

    Also playing Devil Suvivor. My goal for this trip through the week is to finally get Metatron.

  50. Randy Johnson says:

    I am actually playing Champions right now, its a bit rough, but I enjoy it. The powers are mo robust and fun to use than CoH, imho. If you ever want to play with some other Twenty Sided people, some of us setup a guild called ‘Crits and Giggles’. Hit me up on steam sometime!

  51. Lochiel says:

    Watched alot of L4D2 gameplay at PAX and was super disappointed.

    New weapons, check
    New variations on the old special infected, check
    New levels, check

    Worth while new weapons? Missing
    Worth while new special infected? Missing
    Content that is being bested by the L4D modding community? Missing.

    This doesn’t feel like a sequel, it feels like a community mod.

  52. TWorlock says:

    I’m playing the DS port of Kirby Superstar Saga. The Revenge of Metaknight part of the game is a blast, especially for me as I am a huge fan of any video game level set on moving vehicles (probably after wing fortress in sonic 2)and this is all on an airship.

  53. Rutskarn says:

    @Galenor: If he gets one more domination on me, I’m going to have to find something to write him up for. Injecting himself with alien DNA seems favorite, as is replacing his trigger finger with a robotic digit.

  54. Nighty says:

    Addicted to the League of Legends beta.

    Also, is this the first time Shamus has used an emoticon in a post either intentionally or unintentionally? 8)

  55. Kronski says:

    Been messing around a lot in the Warcraft 3 editor, which has it’s quirks but is amazingly powerful once you get the hang of it. I also have an ongoing addiction to Galactic Civilizations 2.

  56. Brandon says:

    Trine, a highly addictive and very beautiful puzzle/adventure platformer.


  57. MintSkittle says:

    Playing Dissidia, Final Fantasy 3 DS, and just signed up for Champions Online yesterday.

  58. ShockedMonkey says:

    @J: Which Fire Emblem? I’ve been tackling one of the hard modes of Shadow Dragon in search of side chapters. Good stuff.

    I’ll second Trine. Makes me want to dig up Lost Vikings again.

    Just discovered Mini Ninjas. It’s simplistic but fun. Good for just relaxing for a half hour or so.

    Wii Sports Resort has proven to be much more fulfilling than its predecessor. Almost all of the games are pretty fun, but I’m stuck on sword duels. I can’t help myself.

    – Matt

  59. Mad Flavius says:

    I’m pretty proud to say it seems I’m the only one that took my older games nostalgia down noir road. I just finished replaying Max Payne and just today began playing through Max Payne 2…I had forgotten how addictively immersive, plot-driven, and honestly groundbreaking they both were. I am a sucker for noir, and I get this little gleeful expression on my face when the growly-voiced man begins the inevitable metaphor soup that is the traditional voice-over.

    I must say, one of the coolest things of waiting a couple years and playing them back to back is noticing all the wonderful little callbacks and references to the first title in the series Max Payne 2 contained. But even more exciting is feeling that rush of excitement again when you see the impressive level to which graphics and the engine were changed between the two. I started MP2 and said, “Wow! They got a physics engine!” Cue half-hour of kicking IV carts, pill bottles, and chairs over just to see them fall. As my grandmother often says, it takes little to amuse the ignorant. ;) Also, though, I remembered with glee that MP2 had managed a feat I’ve seen repeated less than probably 3 or 4 times even in modern games: it has mirrors that actually work and reflect things, rather than merely (awful semi-pun) remaining opaque or, tropetastically enough, broken in every level in the game. The way that shell casings and spent magazines remain in-world and on the ground, along with the well-designed blood decals make the world come alive. Little touches like that give me great joy, and cause me to hail the days of the old Rockstar Games.

  60. SolkaTruesilver says:

    I plan to start a new game of Europa Universalis III… probably as the Prussians, unifying Germany, and then Europe!!! :-D

    Also, BG2 with many mods. YAy! I have to finish Fallout 3… and Oblivion! Lolll…

    I am also watching out for Elemental: War of Magic. The new baby made by Stardock… looks amazing!!!

  61. Chargone says:

    SolkaTruesilver, i unified Germany in my last game. as Hesse. absolutely shattered the French, too. also picked up northern Italy, mainland Denmark, probably the eastern third of France, Switzerland, the southern third of france were my vassels… it was glorious to see the blue blob go Splat. and the white blob never come about :D

    i never much went in for world conquest in Paradox games. it was either beyond my skill level, or things got … boring… before once i became a ‘great power’ type nation. fortunatly, by the time i get to that point, the time limit’s usually almost up :)

    oh, i forgot something on my list up there: Hexic. i apparently keep setting new high scores on the leader board, which means I’m either better than i thought, or almost the only person who plays it. or there’s something weird with the wording of the message. that’s always possible. [I’m not sure if those leader boards are global or region based though]

  62. Nick Pitino says:

    Dwarf Fortress.

    Dear god I’ve lost many days to that game in the previous weeks and the only consolation is that at least it’s cheaper than crack.

    But I can’t quit now! I’ve finally figured out how to get mechanisms to work so I can build a trap to flood the valley outside of the fortress with lava at the pull of a lever!


  63. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Im sick of major games so now Im just playing flash minies while waiting (im)patiently for starcraft 2,majesty 2,starcraft 2,disciples 3 and starcraft 2.

    I am exploring the mods for civIV from time to time,though.

  64. Kell says:


    This game deserves to have more said about it than The Path, but sadly that won’t happen.
    The important thing here, aside from the procedural generation tech ( which your mention of which actually prompted me to check out the game in the first place ), is the free ride mode. It is a game with essentially no gameplay. No puzzles or enemies or the usual definitions of ‘game’ that are assumed but rarely defined. Only the occassional, optional side-quest of Barrel Wrangling acts as an objective. In short, one of the core ‘game’ experiences upon which many games – FPS, RPG, MMO – have been converging for some time: Heightmap Exploration.

    Wandering the forest in The Path, searching for those purposeless flowers ( tell me, anyone, if you can really defend that part of the game as art ) is exactly the same mechanic as wandering the eco-apocalyptic american wasteland of FUEL, searching for barrels of precious…umm…fuel. Except in FUEL, it is a gratifying experience on its own.

    A fantasied version of a place and an activity, just realistically depicted enough to deserve willing suspension of disbelief, just unrealistic enough to avoid superfluous inconvenience. It is Stephen King’s The Stand. It is the opening titles of Knight Rider. It’s even the Jerry Bruckheimer logo.
    It’s a lot of fun.

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