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Stolen Pixels #124: Heeeere’s BREEN!

By Shamus
on Friday Sep 11, 2009
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Very much fun to set this one up.

I was actually going to name the band “The Stunsticks”, since some late-night bands have their own name. But then I realized that if they were named that, their logo should be on their gear someplace. So they got the generic name. That actually makes more sense, given the nature of the band members.

Comments (14)

  1. rofltehcat says:

    Langdell? I’ve completely lost track of what happened in all the time I didn’t even think of him.
    Googled a bit. Sounds like there were some interesting findings in the meantime.
    I guess that guy is the most-hated person in the history of pc gaming.

  2. krellen says:

    I’m not sure if your Evil League of Evil link was supposed to be a joke that I didn’t get, Shamus, or if you just messed it up.

  3. RTBones says:

    Have to second the Evil League of Evil comment. Dont know if I just missed it in the link, or you pasted an incorrect one, or I am just an idiot. Never found the reference. I will say, though, that I did LOL at the Bloggess. Twice. So, even if I _am_ an idiot, at least I had a good chuckle.

  4. Rutskarn says:

    Yeah, I think the sort of genero-name definitely works best here.

  5. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Oh come on,lan is not the only reason starcraft was so great.In fact,Ive enjoyed single player far more than multyplayer.Ive played the game for 2 years before Ive even tried it against a living opponent.And I still play single player,even today,though I havent tried it against a human for 10 months now.

    Also,Id love a voice recognition software that would turn my voice into text.Text messages are far cheaper for me than phone calls,so most of the time I use my cell for texting,even at times when itd be shorter to just call the person and speak.

  6. Nyaz says:

    Facts about StarCraft 2:
    1. You’re going to buy it, even if it doesn’t have LAN.
    2. You’re going to love it, even though it doesn’t have LAN.

    This doesn’t make up for the fact that it lacks proper LAN support, I’m just saying that people (including me) will be EATING THIS SHIT UP (I’ll be first in line, thank you very much, out of my way, coming through, GIVE ME A COPY NOW DAMN YOU) despite the lack of LAN play.

  7. mark says:

    AFAIK, the evil league of evil is from Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog…

  8. krellen says:

    I fully admit that I will be buying SC2 as soon as I know it’s available.

    However, I am also preparing myself to be let down by it, because it’s not the same Blizzard.

    @mark: I know where the ELE comes from, I just have no idea how the Blogess ties into it. The ELE has its own website.

  9. RPharazon says:

    Interesting, your “After Curfew with Dr. Breen” managed to go from “Parody” to “Horrible Parody” to “Over-the-top Parody” so far.

    Which is to say, your parody is so over-the top that it’s not painful to read anymore. Well done.

  10. Danath says:

    Dunno, I personally find when you try to play someone else and create a fundamentally different personality, it falls a bit flat, I found Travis Taylor absolutely hideous and couldn’t finish any strip he was in myself.

    Breen was ok, but the jokes got cut a bit short, usually ending without you making any joke other than saying “this is what they did”. Although maybe the cheesyness was intentional and I totally missed the point with Breen.

  11. Adam Greenwood says:

    This Breen Late Night thing is getting more and more hysterical. You do decent one-offs, but you get better with recurring characters.

  12. Doug O. says:

    The Evil League of Evil. If you have a spare half-hour, be sure to click on ‘watch now’.

  13. Julian says:

    Did you mess up the link on the ELE or something? You do not speak ill of the Bloggess. Ever. She’s that awesome.

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