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Link to someone new

By Shamus
on Saturday Jul 29, 2006
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I did this last week, and while it didn’t spread as a meme, I still think it’s a good idea. Pete agreed. So here are three more people whom I’ve never linked before.

Bonnie Burman Photography – Bonnie is a family friend who runs a photoblog. I really enjoy her work. I suppose it helps that my kids are subjects in a lot of the shots on her site. She specializes in child photography, which is one of the most challenging areas of photography in my book.

Byzantium’s Shores – Kelly Sedinger has been nice enough to send a few links my way and I’ve been remiss in not pointing out that the place is a goldmine of geek culture links and musings.

I just discovered this post by Jacob Pederson which talks about “gaming degrees” and working in the videogame industry. A great read for anyone who follows this subject or anyone thinking of getting a “gaming degree”.

LATER: Fixed the link to Bonnie, which linked her studio page and not her blog.

Comments (4)

  1. Thanks for the pingback. This is actually kind of a freak occurance as most of my gaming related blog stuff is located at TheGameChair.com However, occasionaly I post game related stuff at Muyuubyou (which is pretty much a poetry blog) if I want a certain friend of mine to catch it. This particular article was originally published with The Reader Weekly, a local paper in Duluth MN where I live. Thanks again for the ping!


  2. Jaquandor says:

    Thanks for the linkage! I found you via Steven Den Beste, and it says a lot that I read all those gaming posts of yours all the way through, even though I never play computer games (because if I did, my marriage would have ended years ago with a footprint matching my wife’s shoe on my posterior as I hit the pavement).

  3. Lynn S says:

    I found my way here via Byzantium’s Shores. Just thought I’d say ‘hi’. :-)

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