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Party Ben

By Shamus
on Wednesday Aug 2, 2006
Filed under:
Nerd Culture


Since I seem to be blogging about music today, I just have to mention Party Ben, a mashup artist. In mashups, someone takes two very different songs – the more different the better – and overlaps them in such a way that they sound like they belong together. I heard some mashup via a FARK link a couple of years ago and I wasn’t impressed. It sounded more or less like you’d expect: Like listening to two different songs at once.

But Party Ben actually pulls it off, and the results are amazing. Some of the mashups sound even better than the source material. The most impressive is the one where he combines Green Day, Oasis, Travis, Aerosmith, and Eminem. And he makes it work. Check out “Boulevard of Broken Songs“. (About halfway down the page.) Then he mixes Snoop Dog with Led Zepplin, if you can believe that.

Remarkable. Normally I think of popular music as cool, but this has a certain “getting Linux running on a toaster” Geekyness to it.

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  1. Wonderduck says:

    The best mashup I’ve ever heard is “One Of These Heatwaves”, combining “One of these Days” by Pink Floyd and “Heatwave” by Martha & The Vandellas.

    Amazing how well they go together!

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