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By Shamus
on Saturday Oct 24, 2009
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1) Jump to the 5:05 mark.
2) Press play.
3) Watch for ten seconds.
4) Go to step 1.

Link (YouTube)


Comments (38)

  1. UtopiaV1 says:

    Oh wow… that was a nice TV as well!!! I love how cool and calm he tries to be, but really he’s probably just broken something that would cost him 6 months salary!

    Some people are just not gamers. You can spot ’em a mile off :D

  2. Zaxares says:

    I had to chuckle at how he was carefully using his body to shield the damaged part of the TV from the camera. XD

  3. Kdansky says:

    Nothing quite like buying useless accessories which will destroy your expensive TV.

  4. Debaser says:

    Oh wow, I winced pretty hard at that. Poor fella

  5. Jonathan says:

    Good find. Quick thinking on his part for how well he reacted.

  6. neolith says:

    Aaaahh… people throwing their wii controllers into the TV – this will never get old. :)

    BTW, there are quite a few videos on the net showing how people destroy their flatscreens like that.

  7. Nova says:

    I think I just watched that about eight times xD I was well impressed at how well he recovered.

  8. Selifator says:

    Really smooth talker.

  9. HeadHunter says:

    People like that are the reason that so many gamers think that Wii owners are complete and utter imbeciles.

  10. Nixorbo says:

    At least he was wearing the wrist strap.

  11. Coke says:


    My youngest kid did pretty much the same thing about 2 years ago to our tv while bowling. I was about 5 feet away. The sound will haunt me to the end of days.

    “and thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?”

  12. Volatar says:

    I am laughing so hard, this made my day :)

    This is why we still use a CRT for our Wii. Our TV breaks Wii remotes, not the other way around xD

  13. SiliconScout says:

    I am thinking they may not have sold quite so many of those Wii kits that day huh.


    How Nintendo isn’t getting sued for TV repairs is beyond me.

  14. Danath says:

    To be honest, I was most impressed with the part immediately AFTER, he recovered verrrry quickly.

  15. Blurr says:

    “We’re giving you this pack of accessories you’re going to NEED to enjoy these games.”

    Yeah, right.

  16. Carra says:

    There goes the television

  17. Cuthalion says:

    That was amazing how fast the guy recovered. Well past the point where it seemed scripted. I’m just surprised they aired that instead of retaking it.

  18. SteveDJ says:

    @20 – It was live, so they couldn’t just ‘re-take’ it.

  19. Heron says:

    @SteveDJ: nothing is truly live, these days. There’s always time for the guy with the “bleep” button to do his thing ;)

  20. PowerofGeorge says:

    I don’t know. Maybe there is a reason that Nintendo included the straps along with the Wii remotes. “wink wink”

    That was quite a hilarious mess. But, seriously why bother with useless 3rd party accessories?

  21. Girl Gamer says:

    Just when we thought people had finally learned to hold onto their wiimotes, useless accessories come along. Priceless.

    I love that his co-host keeps laughing the entire time he’s trying to recover from the mistake.

  22. Jeysie says:

    Speaking as someone with a performing arts background, I do have to also give the guy props for managing to barely even skip a beat in his patter, even if his co-seller laughing kind of ruined the recovery a little. XD

  23. Vladius says:

    It just makes me think about how excessive in their lifestyle the people watching HSN are.

    Oops, I bashed a TV. Whatever.

  24. DM T. says:

    I just bought a Wii and using the strap seemed mandatory, I guess I’ll be passing these accessories.

    And btw… Anyone played “Dead Space Extraction”? I’m really interested in purchasing that one and was wondering if it’s any good (Dead Space for PC was GREEEAT !!)

  25. PowerofGeorge says:

    @DM T: Do you like Rail Shooters? If no, the you won’t like Extraction.

  26. Nyaz says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Whacking your TV can be a GOOD thing. Just watch:

  27. Badger says:

    Coke, @#12: Extra points for the Princess Bride quote!

  28. NobleBear says:

    That was fantastic! XD

  29. SoldierHawk says:

    Yeah, props to the guy for not losing it laughing or getting mad lol. Good for him.

    Still, I would hate to see how mad his boss was at him. :/

  30. DM T. says:

    @PowerofGeorge: I don’t mind rail shooters if they are done properly.
    Are there various difficulty levels to choose from?
    Any multiplayer aspects?
    The overall criticism for the game is pretty good, but not many elaborate on the options the game has.
    I’ll probably purchase it with hopes that I won’t break the TV

  31. Zaghadka says:

    That’ll learn you to use non-authorized after market accessories with your official Nintendo product. HA!

  32. pneuma08 says:

    $130 of accessories? Yow.

  33. jubuttib says:

    UtopiaV1: It’s a nice tv, but nothing more than that. It’s an LG, and a quick look told me that the most expensive tv they sell in Finland is a 60″ plasma that costs 2500e, and that tv is neither that big nor a plasma. So either the pay is really low or it would barely be a one month salary, tops. Even exaggeration has it’s limits, unless you’re using hyperbole. =)

    But yeah, it’s always nice to see these things, I love the old one where the guy is demonstrating a low-grade cast steel katana, or in marketing terms, a “battle ready samurai sword” and the tip breaks of and stabs him in the arm/gut/somewhere, I forget. I really like my Wii, and I really like my old CRT-television it’s connected to. Reasons being 1. the low resolution picture looks better on it than any new flat-screen tv and 2. I’ve actually had one of the controllers broken by the tv, not the other way around. The price for both is about the same, but we could still keep playing because I had extra controllers. And it was my friend who was handling the controller at the time, so he ended up with the bill. =)

  34. PowerofGeorge says:

    @DM T.: Yes there is easy and normal and when you complete the game you unlock two harder diffculties. As for multiplayer, it has 2 player co-operative.

  35. PowerofGeorge says:

    Actually, scratch that. It’s called Normal and Hard. Whatever.

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