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Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit

By Shamus
on Saturday Nov 14, 2009
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Sent to me by a reader. It’s a fictional TV show, but the truths herein apply directly to every roleplaying game ever.

Link (YouTube)

Comments (23)

  1. Magnus says:

    A bit of classic British comedy for you there.

    “Shall I just summon some angels?”

  2. mark says:

    I wouldnt exactly call it classic, they’re still making new episodes of that mitchel and webb look.

  3. UtopiaV1 says:

    Oh christ, Mitchell and Webb. My parents love them, personally i find their writing a bit haphazard and unwhelming. Still, when Mitchell does unrehearsed stuff in panel shows and things, he’s really VERY funny.

    case in point – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt2u4dlZBHE

  4. mavis says:

    It’s a classic Mitchell and Webb – but personally speaking there best sketch is…..


    And if were thinking in RPG terms – you do wander why it does not happen more often………..

  5. Zimboptoo says:

    Utopia, Mavis: Your video post timing is impeccable.

    Mock the Week: “…Have a little bit of fun, poke the Russians. Oh My God They’re Coming.” [end video]
    Nazis [first line]: “They’re coming. Now let’s see how those Russians deal with a crack SS division.”


  6. skizelo says:

    You can’t call anything a classic until everyone who worked on it is dead. Or ancient greek, if you want to get really pedantic.
    As to the RPG element, I always seem to come down on the BMX side of things. You’d be amazed by how many situations Grease will not help you.

  7. Eightbitmage says:

    @skizelo: Grease not helping? It is a rare situation indeed where that isn’t one of the best first level spells, especially with a rod of metamagic sculpt spell. (I think its that one, the one that lets you pick 4 different patterns for your spell and only costs about 3k).

  8. Mayhem says:

    The thing is, BMX Bandit will have a more active part in the adventures, since he’ll now probably be part of the angelic horde after his death.

  9. Segev says:

    No, see, the BMX bandit can’t be part of the angelic horde. I mean, he died due to the sin of pride.

    Maybe he’ll return as the BMX Devil?

  10. I always wonder if the second class NPCs realizing they’re second class. Do they know that you’re only occasionally bringing them along because you know there’s a story piece to finish, or because you need to level them up a bit so they won’t make you look bad?

    Sadly, I’m usually the Angel Summoner in our DnD games. “No, no, really, you did an excellent job. You stabbed him twice, for 3d6 sneak attack each time! I mean, his DR blocked most of it, but you surely did 10-20 damage to him! *roll* *roll* I crit him for *roll handful of dice* 435 slashing, 23 fire and inflict 6 negative levels. But I’m sure he wouldn’t have died if you hadn’t softened him up first.”

  11. Vladius says:

    I would totally play an RPG based on the adventures of Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit, regardless of how broken it might be.

  12. You know, there’s an RPG system where this kind of match-up not only works, it works GREAT.


  13. Somebody Else says:

    I remember playing Diablo II, and playing the BMX Bandit to my merc’s Angel Summoner.

    Ergonomic Cat: Yes, but let us see that character climb three consecutive heavily-guarded castle walls, then the main spire, assassinate a noble in the tower chamber through the top window, and then going back out the same way without being detected. After the less-subtle fighter-druid duo got detected and the alarm was raised, no less. My point being, combat damage isn’t everything ;) .

  14. Zach says:

    Yeah so…My Avenger from 4th edition does damage, and sneaks up the heavily guarded castle wall undetected, kills not only the noble he’s supposed to assassinate but also sleeps with his wife, only to slip out safely while the other players try to assault the front gate. Want help making a broken Avenger? I know how to do it — within the rules.

  15. Vladius says:

    The DM let you sleep with the noble’s wife? Did you just make a really good Diplomacy check or something?
    4th Edition isn’t exactly the best, anyway… but that’s another story.

  16. Scott says:

    @Zach: Ha! Sneak up the castle wall? Nah, any rogue could do that. You want to phase through the castle wall, and as early as level 3 no less–let’s see your party follow you in then!

  17. SolkaTruesilver says:

    When I used to play WFRP (1st and 2nd edition), there wasn`t anyone who really was the Angelic Guardian. The game is so brutally dangerous, your top gun can get down easily if the BMX Bandit of your group don’t support.. Providing genuine sentiment of achievemen from everybody.

    Case: my Bretonnian Knight was the best fighter of the group, by far. Slash and hack was his motto, and he could hold off any normal enemy 1-1 or even 2 on 1, while our conman used to do negative damage to the ennemy with his dagger.. (we used to joke: “I`m wounded! please stab to heal me!”)

    During a nasty fight, I managed to hold off a Rat-Ogre and 4 Skaven for 8 rounds in a confined passage while the rest of the team focused on beating the guys who encircled us (3 Skaven). Two of the skavens were killed and I damaged the Ogre for about 30 wounds (anyone who played WFRP will know how high that is).

    But I went down, and the players were doomed. Save for the Conman who pulled a previously hidden pistol, and shot the Ogre, killing him. 17 wounds. We all cheered grandiously at everybody’s contribution to this epic fight (but the conman’s player jokly now say: “I had to step in to get YOU out of trouble”).

    If you ever play Angelic Summoner, the trick is to make sure you give something to do to the other players, even if you could win the day by yourself. The whole point of RPG isn’t to win, it`s to have FUN.

    Oh, and having FUN is also the point of Dwarf Fortress, Shamus. Not to win. Go play Dwarf Fortress!!!

  18. Neko says:

    @SolkaTruesilver: Agreed. Shamus, the game may be unpolished but it oozes awesomosity. Grab the Mike Mayday Graphics Edition which comes bundled with the tileset, and start having Fun

  19. Nickless says:

    The sketches are good, but they’re nowhere near as amusing as Mitchell and Webb’s Peep Show. I simply cannot get enough of Mark Corrigan.

  20. Henebry says:

    Alexander Williams is right about Capes, by the way. Fun game!

  21. Nick says:

    It's a classic Mitchell and Webb ““ but personally speaking there best sketch is…..


    The first one I ever saw of M&W and still the best.

  22. Daf says:

    I saw the thread title and thought it was about BMX Bandits (a classic Aussie 80’s movie); I’m not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed.

    I watched ‘Peep Show’ earlier this year; I find I’m preferring British TV to just about everything :)

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