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By Shamus
on Thursday Sep 7, 2006
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Gothmog and ARJ mentioned that my hotlink protection image showed up while viewing the site feed on Bloglines. I’ve fixed this, but I just want to ask that if anyone else sees that thing that they let me know. Nobody who reads this blog should see that thing by accident. If you’re using another bloglines-like setup and the evil flashing hotlink image shows up, please tell me. It’s only there to fend off the MySpace leeches, who have a ravenous appetite for other people’s bandwidth and images.

(What I WISH I could do is blacklist certain domains. Right now the hotlink protection bans all hotlinks, and then has a whitelist where I can add domains to allow. I wish I could just ban myspace and a few of the larger forums. That would solve 95% of the problem without affecting the performance of the blog in any way.)

Also, while viewing my site via bloglines the images never work. Bloglines is just convinced that my images directory is parallel to the blog directory, and I can’t find any way to tell it otherwise. It wants to draw images from:


Instead of:


The latter is correct and makes the most sense to me. I have no idea what Bloglines thinks it’s doing. I just can’t find the controls anywhere to fix this. Anyone have any suggestions?

Comments (4)

  1. It’s doing what your source says, but that’s because it’s stupid. Your source actually says “images/xxx.jpg”. It works correctly with a browser because it’s treated as a path relative to the location of the HTML file.

    If you specifically use a full path from the web root to access your images, i.e. “/twentysidedtale/images/xxx.jpg” it will still work correctly in the browser but also work correctly with Bloglines.

    Or just for grins, try using “./images/xxx.jpg” to make the relative path explicit.

    It’s a bug in Bloglines, though; it ought to handle relative paths correctly.

  2. Shamus says:

    Thanks – you’re right. Even the explicit relative path doesn’t work. Bloglines has a flagrant bug which I gather is well known and they choose not to fix.

    Screw ’em. I could make it work, but only by setting the path to “”/twentysidedtale/images/xxx.jpg” and that would make things less flexible for me. If I ever moved the site to another directory it would break all of my image tags. I’m not going to give up flexibility to cover their bugs. I guess I’ll just put up with the annoying broken image tags.

  3. ARJ says:

    I usually just use Bloglines to scan for posts I think are interesting and then click over to the person’s actual blog entry to view it in context. I find it nicer than reading in Bloglines & a lot of sites I read don’t put full content in their feeds anyway. So I don’t mind if images are broken, I just prefer them non-rapidly horribly flashing :) The fix is much appreciated.

  4. retinaburn says:

    reader.google.com is still having issued with the images everything is showing up as a seizure inducing image.

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