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Left 16 Dead

By Shamus
on Saturday Nov 28, 2009
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Now, I really hope that everyone involved knew that this was a terrible idea from the outset. 16 people playing a 4 player game.

Link (YouTube)

Still funny, though.

Comments (27)

  1. Eruanno says:

    Woah. That looks so damn imbalanced in every possible way :D
    Also, chaos.

  2. Farx says:

    At least we now know that if we ever get caught in a zombie apocalypse, we should find 15 other people to seek safety with, not 3.

  3. Stormcaller says:

    @ farx – only problem is we would have friendly fire on… and they didnt seem to…

  4. KarmaDoor says:

    I’ve seen similar done with the original its video was more entertaining. (Too bad YouTube is a pain to search at times.) Let’s just say that by the fifth person utters “BOOMER!” it gets a bit ridiculous to hear it repeated any further.

  5. Vladius says:

    That would be great if people moved more slowly, or in some kind of X-Com style survival mode where people died much more easily and you had to ration supplies and stuff. But as it is, Left 4 Dead is balanced to be Left 4 Dead, and nothing else.

  6. Joshua says:

    “idea form the outset.”

    Should be *from*

    That doesn’t look like it would be much fun past a novelty level or so.

  7. Zaxares says:

    Wow. That video was possessed of all the fun involved in trying to shove your way through foot traffic in a busy CBD at lunch hour.

    Still made me laugh though. :D

  8. Nick says:

    They need to allow, like, 4 infected players too. Then make all the survivors weak as heck (like, a pounce kills them). Then set them free.

    The ones that make it to the safe room win. It’d be like an Aliens movie! People dropping right and left!

  9. Wonderduck says:

    Looks like any game of UT I’ve ever played.

    /I keed, I keed.
    //the graphics here are better.

  10. Rosseloh says:

    Ugh, mods allowing extra players are my least favorite. It removes the balance that the game was designed with. 16 people, as you can see in that elevator, just shows how many out of a group are idiots who will attack you with chainsaws for the hell of it.

    And to whoever made the video: It would have been a lot more entertaining had you actually done something…

  11. Neil Polenske says:

    To be fair, this little hack is pretty much REQUIRED for certain survival maps. I’m looking at YOU Helm’s Deep!

  12. With 16 players I don’t think you even need weapons.

    They could just trample over the zombies infected like a herd of buffalo!


  13. Galenor says:

    This reminds me when I played Killing Floor’s demo. The game allows for 8 players max, but I had the gall to join one that hosted 64.

    Because the zombies scale to the number of players present in the game, the carnage was just too much!

  14. Will says:

    Shamus! Stop reposting stuff from The Escapist! I’m big on both websites and it’s kind of a letdown when I see repeats.

    And do more D&D stuff. I always found that interesting.

  15. Daemian Lucifer says:


    I dont follow escapist,so this is new to me.

    Anyhow,after reading the title,and remembering how(idiotically)thief 4 became thi4f,I wonder how left for dead 4 will be named.

  16. Galenor says:

    Just got back from the server shown on the video.

    It’s definitely a great server if you’re bored of regular L4D2 play and want somewhere where you can just play around. There’s no FF, so people just tend to lob molotovs into peoples faces for the giggles.

    It’s a very stupid addon; perfect when in a stupid mood.

  17. Danath says:

    I’m noticing alot of people are acting all serious about it. This video was done for the lulz, it’s in no way intended to be how the game was “meant” to be played.

    Plus trying to organize 16 people on the drop of a hate? Impossible, this is just for pure entertainment.

  18. Another Scott says:

    What is you had 16 survivors vs. 16 special infected… probably just as bad of an idea, but I’d still want to try it.

  19. Rutskarn says:

    Looks like the German version–they’ve got Counter-Strike weapons, which only show up on German servers.

    Also, there was this guy who ran a server where he’d just spring random stuff like this. Once, he closed off the ladder at the end of No Mercy with a grate, then (a moment before we’d figured out what was going on) summoned a dozen witches at our feet.

  20. RedClyde says:

    It’s hard enough not getting a dud with 3 other people. 15 would be hell…

    And thanks for clearing that up, Rutskarn. I was wondering why the heck I hadn’t seen that gun yet…

  21. Eldiran says:

    Shamus! Keep reposting stuff from the Escapist! I never visit that website except to read Stolen Pixels.

    And do more D&D stuff. I always find that interesting.

  22. SiliconScout says:

    Ditto here.

    Seriously man, just keep doing what you are doing because you are doing just fine.

    Man could I have used the word doing one more time? LOL

  23. BlackBloc says:

    A friend of mine swears by 8 vs 8 Versus in L4D…

  24. PowerofGeorge says:

    Ah yes, saw that at the Escapist too. What a delicious mix of chaos and lag! It’s a Survivor Outbreak! :P

    Good for a laugh though…

    @Daemian Lucifer

    Left 4 De4d perhaps?

  25. Rob says:


    Really? Using no mods we held out for over an hour and only died because we were bored, why would you need more people?

  26. Merle says:

    Terrible, or amazing? Imagine the finale to Dark Carnival with everything up scaled up similarly – a sea of zombies rushing the stage, two Tanks at a time, with Boomers waddling along behind…

  27. Xpovos says:

    I think this sums up perfectly why I just don’t play FPS. What the hell is going on?!

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