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Mega 64

By Shamus
on Tuesday Sep 12, 2006
Filed under:
Nerd Culture


From the site info for Mega 64:

In the not too distant future, a former videogame programmer and mad scientist Dr. Poque grows weary of the world’s games. Shunned from society, he invents the most powerful videogame console ever created- The Mega64; A machine powerful enough to download old videogames into users’ brains, making them embarrassingly real. To prove himself to the reluctant public, he captures ordinary teenagers to beta test the machine 24/7 and document their progress within his secret compound… beneath his apartment building. Lead by the brave duo of Rocko and Derek, this kidnapped crew must endure the digital insanity and learn why video games and the real world should never mix.

Witness the results:

So they go out in public and enact various videogame scenarios to the annoyance of random onlookers, none of which ever show signs of being familiar with the game or having any idea what these goofs are doing. It’s basically “Jackass” for nerds, which is a very strange idea.

Their video of Resident Evil 4 is pretty funny, mostly because the game is just begging to be lampooned. I find these hard to watch. I keep getting embarrased on their behalf.

Comments (2)

  1. Bogan the Mighty says:

    The best one is ther River City Ransom video. Its great to watch them beat someone up and watch him yell barf and just toss a handful of change all over the place.

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