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Pictures from Silent Hill

By Shamus
on Monday Sep 18, 2006
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Here are some great Silent Hill images for you:

Silent Hill

It wouldn’t be Silent Hill without an endless supply of framerate-boosting fog.

Silent Hill

You can’t leave Silent Hill. Once you get in, the streets are all mysteriously blocked by construction and roads come to an unlikely halt at the edge of a chasam.

Silent Hill

One of the great things about Silent Hill is the way everything seems a bit out of date, but in an odd way. Some things are a quarter century out of style, but only look a few years old. Other things are current, style-wise, yet show decades worth of decay.

Silent Hill

Even when there aren’t any monsters around, Silent Hill is spooky because the town is intact, yet deserted. The power is on, but nobody is home.

Silent Hill

The town has a worn out feeling. Everything is neglected and shabby. Fences, gates, and walls make up a large part of the scenery.

Ok, I am just messing around here. These were all taken in my hometown on my way to church yesterday morning. All of them are untouched, except for #3 where I edited out a pedestrian and covered the billboard advertisements. The streets really were this empty, and it really was this foggy. It was a very strange, quiet morning and it made me think of Silent Hill.

Comments (49)

  1. Heather says:

    May I mention here that it was 7:30 in the morning? It’s always this empty at 7:30 am.

  2. MOM says:

    Not this empty on a weekday. This would be rush hour on a weekday. You would see a dozen cars in town.

  3. Mark says:

    And here I thought a new Silent Hill game had major improvements in graphics or something (not that I could really tell):P

  4. some kid says:

    Silent Hill looks just like the town I live in. Creepy.

  5. some kid says:

    I think it was me you cloned out of the photo.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Oh, that some kid! He’s been using my computer. The previous comment was me and I guess we all know who “some kid” is now.

  7. Cybrludite says:

    I was thinking, “That fog looks a little too good to be from a video game. It’s usually too homogenous…”

  8. Jman says:

    Looked too green for me. And fog not thick enough.

  9. AndrewNZachsDad says:

    Sure as shooting looks like the town from the Silent Hill movie, though… I actually enjoyed that movie ***braces for the inevitable slew of flames***

  10. Jesse says:

    God I wish Silent Hill was real

  11. alyvia says:

    i wish silent hill was true!!it woudl be so cool!!!!

  12. Alan Grant says:

    Yes, Silent hill is pretty cool, as a fantasy. And yes, this town looks like silent hill. Umm… I hated silent hill 4 though, waste of my time. uh, ok!

    Grant out!


  13. Steven says:

    My town looks empty at 9:00 i live in a small town and when its really late it is dead nobody is walking on the side walk and no drivers its kinda cool you can do anything scream beat up someone and they wont even no it but we do have a court house in the middle its old

  14. mel says:

    ok.. there is no real silent hill.. the place doesnt exsist… it was shot in a little town in pensyllvina.

  15. fan says:

    yea, I wish this place was real. Shame!

  16. o...k says:

    Man…….this game and movie was a complete waste of my time.

  17. Emeth says:

    Wow your photos are pretty cool, really ajaj I also live in a small city, well, town, mmm I dont know what it is anymore jejej, I live in Mexico and here the streets are never that empty, and thats a shame, ejeje I would like to live in a Town like yours

  18. ben says:

    To all the persons who’ve written that they wish Silent Hill was real:

  19. ben says:

    To all the persons who’ve written that they wish Silent Hill was real:
    1: it’s as real as you want it to be, and
    2: I intend to eventually, when I’ve actually got a career and money, to create a small replica of the town, maybe Alchemilla and the apartment building, or maybe have a townhouse built in the style of the one Maria was hunting for company in.
    So. Make your own Silent Hill, people! It’ll be great! A sub-community, or lack thereof, of little Silent Hills across the planet!

  20. Nazia says:

    Hey this is really cool, it looks like the really silent hill.

  21. blah blah says:

    where is this?

  22. bobdole says:

    Not enough fog.

  23. sk says:

    well reallly i must say fog not thick enough…n y too much f greenry….but the place, silence…, n homes do look like exactly silent hill game..

  24. Corsair says:

    Why on earth would anyone want Silent Hill to be real? It’s practically Hell on Earth.

  25. Renee says:

    I live in the town where Silent Hill was filmed; Brantford, Ontario.

    I actually walk past a lot of the stores you see in the movie. It’s really neat. ^_^

    Nice pictures, though. :)

  26. SHminer says:

    O.O Is this from a game? O.O

    well for us miners here in SH. we enjoy having the new internett connection.

    well have to DL slient hill game… this place is desserted so we cant buy it -_-


  27. Greg says:

    Probably my favourite part was the imagery, the creatures look surreal and the shots of the town were just as creepy looking, it just makes everything looks so dreary, the mixture of new and old (cars, shops… a barber shop) make it look like a dream, definitely inspiring movie, I would watch it again and again….well, it’s been 9 times and counting.

  28. tina says:

    awesome pictures it really does remind me of silent
    hill.. I think every town has a bit of silent hill
    in them.. tina

  29. The One Lie says:

    The images looked really like Silent Hill maybe too much green stuff but I would LOVE to live in a town that was like Silent hill. Awesome pics!

  30. yunus says:

    is silent hill a real city?

  31. Arty says:

    Perfect! All the pictures have that felling in it. Good work. :)

  32. Chrissy says:

    That’s really awesome. I wish the town I live in looked like Silent Hill. It’s all sunny and humid here…:(

  33. Amber says:

    i guess based on the comments it seems like alot of people here are linked to one another so apologies if i’m intruding on your blog. lol. anywho, i couldn’t help but find the comments amusing about how you wish silent hill was real. point being to an extent it is…i live about half an hour tops from the real silent hill. Google Centralia, Pennsylvania. silent hill was mostly based off of this town. should be fun for you guys to explore!!

  34. stephanie says:

    there is a SILENT HILL

  35. stephanie says:

    there is a SILENT HILL near where i live the city is called centralia its in pennsylvania

  36. deadweasel says:

    nice pics i’m listening to silent hill soundtracks right now and its pretty damn good all of you people have a Silent Hill day enjoy.

  37. Maria and Travis says:


    ” and it stinks ” !!
    Too many health drinks no good for our diet and we bad need a shit, all the bogs are locked and blocked and we cant find any f**ckin keys!!

    Maria has lost the map and has left me for pyramid head and I have shacked up with a tasty blond nurse from Alchemilla Hospital. If you are reading this you are as sick as us.

  38. Drew says:

    I wish Silent Hill was real too. I’d move there.

  39. Drew says:

    Pyramid Head is my best friend.

  40. LIKA says:


  41. someone says:

    Not the real town silent hill but the silent hill in the movie looks like my town alot!

  42. ember says:

    i have to go check it out

  43. ember says:

    i did not think a real silent hill town

  44. Boone says:

    I’ve never heard of Silent Hill, but the pictures look insanely similar to Claresholm, Alberta, Canada.

  45. Jason says:

    You all should visit KINGS MILLS, OHIO…..Home to PETERS CARTRIDGE FACTORY. I SWEAR…..TO….GOD that this place reminds me of SILENT HILL. I DO NOT go out in my yard after dark. LOL Theres history all over the net about PETERS CARTRIDGE FACTORY and the KINGS POWDER FACTORY and the city of KINGS MILLS that was built SPECIFICALLY to house the employees of “PETERS”

  46. Lizzie says:

    Silent Hill,amm good city

  47. Justin says:

    I have always wished I could visit Silent Hill, (The Silent Hill depicted in Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams) I would like to see what the town had in store for a messed up person such as myself. I have seen certain similarities in myself and James Sunderland. I have not murdered anyone though, to the best of my knowledge.

    Yes I am probably the strangest person on this site.

  48. well it Burn down 30 years ago but we dont know what cost the fire in Silent Hill but all the people were burn from the fire really did so for the right thing for all of us mr Tirrell Brendan Colonel B

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