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自主制作アニメーション『the TV show』

By Shamus
on Saturday Dec 12, 2009
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I found this thanks to Kathleen of Loading Ready Run.

From the YouTube description: “This is an animation music video that produced independent in 2009.”

Link (YouTube)

For the enjoyment of interesting events this video is to be reviewed until satisfaction is achieved!

Comments (37)

  1. BaCoN says:

    SHAMUS! I saw a movie called ‘The Room’ tonight. It was THE WORST MOVIE EVER IN THE WORLD. BUT ALSO THE BEST. AHHHH.

    Also, that video is freakin’ wicked.

  2. kasper says:

    Wow, I’m confused… I hate the music. (I let the movie play in the background while reading other stuff the first time, and it annoyed the hell out of me) But when I came back and really looked at the movie, I enjoyed the experience. The pacing of the movie and it’s timing are pretty good. For experiment I then watched it without sound, and it sucked. Guess this is a fine example of a whole being more then the sum of its parts

  3. UtopiaV1 says:

    OKAY, shut down the internet. The single most awesome thing mankind has ever made is now on youtube. No need to go anywhere else, all links will now directed to this video.

    That was so amazing! I will marry whomever made this slice of purity ands have thousands of their children!!! :D :D :D

  4. Henebry says:

    That was fantastically meta. Loved the old man at the sushi (noodle?) bar who sets everything tumbling down to disaster by hitting his TV set.

  5. neolith says:

    That’s an exceptionally good music video!

  6. Mrsnugglesworth says:


  7. nerdpride says:

    Huh. The old man ruined everything? I guess he did cause static across all the different colored “stations”, but events were already set in motion by then. I thought it was the sleeping operators in the TV station room first, before everything came crashing down. But it may have also been the bandit in red. It could be something like a psychoanalysis question to ask, “who done it?” Or, more properly, “who’s fault is it?”

  8. krellen says:

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  9. Ermel says:

    I’m impressed. And full ack to kasper, I feel the same way.

  10. The S Ninja says:

    What is this?

    I don’t even…

  11. Aquarion says:

    I like that a lot, thanks for sharing it

  12. Mindstar says:

    Love the other video by the same author as well… the rockin’ monkeys are crazy :-)

    Full Moon Party: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vDqXf5PumU

  13. J Greely says:

    The music started to grate about halfway through, but I still liked it. The Japanese in the title, by the way, reads jishu seisaku animeeshon, “independently produced animation”.

    (and it took me a good five minutes to figure out why the 自 was oversized. I’d never noticed the CSS you use to get an oversized first letter in headlines; I just thought it was a font-substitution problem…)


    • Shamus says:

      J Greely: Thanks for the translation!

      If this were titled “animato producé independista” an English speaker would have a pretty good chance at figuring out what it said. But Japanese is such a mysterious language because of its complete opacity. It’s nice to have the mystery dispelled.

      …and then disappointing when you discover how mundane the message is.

      Really guys? “independently produced animation”? You spent X months of your life on a project and that’s the best title you could devise?


  14. Terrible says:

    That was brilliant. I love recursion.

    Not to mention that they’re not just different colors, but they’re different animation styles, different things you might watch on tv, and different places where you would watch tv.

  15. J Greely says:

    Ah, sorry, I should have been a bit more verbose; the title is the part between the  『』  quotation marks, the slightly-less-uncreative “the TV show”.


  16. Davie says:

    That was absolutely amazing. Thank you for pointing this out; it is my new favorite Youtube video. I loved how well everything combined in the last minute or so. Generally awesome.

  17. Sheer_FALACY says:

    That was amazing.

  18. IronCastKnight says:

    Standing ovation, on account of awesome.

    Music could have been better, but the recursive nature of the production was worth it.

  19. Randy Johnson says:


  20. Bryan says:

    Wow. I have dreams like that — really infrequently, but they do happen once in a while. :-P

  21. Wil K. says:

    Satisfaction achieved!
    That was quite cool.

  22. Kai says:

    Yeah, the combination of the music and the video is amazing. I enjoyed all their creative ideas, and I had to chuckle every now and then.

  23. froogger says:

    Is it just me getting old, or was the pace here just teetering on the verge of turning the video into an incomprehensible random experience? Really good stuff, thanks for posting.

    (btw, did the beerguzzling bikini get fat, or pregnant in the end?)

  24. OddlucK says:

    Very nice. I like! :D

  25. droid says:

    Part of the reason it works so well is that the layers have their unique color to help you keep track of how the layers are interacting. I wonder if the colors in each layer correspond to the colors in the test pattern, but there are too many layers (18 not including control) for that to be true.

    Best/funniest part for me was “New Challenger” when thief walks into the fighting game.

    @nerdpride: things seem fairly normal until the technician dozes off, then you repeat the scenes with some characters (mostly thief and cops) getting misplaced, until the cook attempts percussive maintenance which knocks out the ordering and causes much more interaction between layers.

    @frooger: She looked pregnant to me, don’t know for sure. But beer guy got fat as well.

  26. Sphore says:

    Hahah, that’s awesome! Really crazy and eclectic, but it all starts to make sense after you’ve watched it a few times.

  27. Danath says:


    It was quite obvious… they were chugging the drinks, and chugging, and chugging, and chugging. Heck if you pause it, in the last one when they are both fat, they both have “discomfort” on their faces.

    Anyways, loved that video, and while the music was repetitive it fit quite well I thought! Good stuff!

  28. Hermes says:

    Nice vid. Got me thinking of this old jewel. Not exactly the same and you might or might not like the music but the video itself is IMO one of the best ever.


    It has monkeys :D

  29. Graeme says:

    Awesome video, although the music does kind of start to sag midway through, but picks up again. The colors don’t match perfectly with the test colors (yellow wouldn’t look so hot). This video goes quick even when watching in slo-motion.

    Did a count of all the colors and scenes in the video, there’s 19 independent channels/ colors running throughout, and coincidently the news channel is News19. Also if you look at the top portion of the yellow man’s counter you can see an advert for Strike beer. It’s little things like that throughout that are great. Here’s the scene breakdown:

    1) b&w (control room), 2) yellow (old man at counter), 3) orange (motorbikes), 4) blue (Gojira!), 5) purple (movie set), 6) green (old couple), 7) light blue (airport couple), 8) light orange (video-phone girl on train), 9) light green (fighting game), 10) reddish-orange (criminal at counter), 11) blue (cops), 12) purple (war), 13) green (newscasters), 14) orange (aliens), 15) green-blue (super-hero), 16) light purple (illustrator’s hand), 17) blue (rave dancers), 18) reddish-pink (strike beer), 19) yellow-green (baseball)

  30. nerdpride says:


    Well, before the old man hit his television, the robber in red had interrupted the technicians trying to fix everything. I think it’s very possible that hitting the TV only coincided with some serious breakage at the station. And when we return to the station some time later, everything looks very broken. I think I recall “jokes” like that in a show or two.

    And this theorizing may continue ad nausea.

  31. LK says:

    I happen to love the music, but then again I often spend a good part of my days listening to music by Tettix and Nullsleep (and Tettix, did I mention Tettix?) :P

  32. Samopsa says:

    This tune is totally awesome! *rocks out

  33. krellen says:

    @froogger: in regards to the beer commercial bikini girl, it’s a common anime trope for people who keep eating (or drinking) over and over again to get bloated, and the comically distended belly is how they indicate it. So the actors on the beer commercial set are bloated from the many takes of the commercial they’ve been through, not fat or pregnant.

  34. EnasYorl says:

    Not bad, but bascally a Benny Hill chase scene with a techno-dance version of “Yakkety Sax”.

  35. Lord Xyfets says:

    EPIC. :D

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