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DM of the Rings XIII:
Let’s Not go There

By Shamus
on Wednesday Oct 4, 2006
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DM of the Rings


Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, Holy Grail, Tim the Enchanter, Roger the Shrubber, Knights of Nee!

This is, of course, the most pervasive problem in D&D, and one which the rules have never addressed. The tension of many battles has been ruined by some smart-alec suggesting they use the Holy Hand Grenade. No fortress – no matter how impressive or dangerous – will ever seem foreboding after one of the players points out that, “It’s only a model”.

My own suggestion for the 4.0 edition rules: Anyone who quotes Holy Grail during a session should be made to eat their own character sheet.

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  1. Halleflux says:

    I’m going to implement this on my own campaign, but the people in my group probably won’t take it seriously.

    They are going to need a few pain-relievers after our next session…

  2. Midala says:

    And the circle is now complete, as in the campaign I’m currently playing, it’s not Monty Python quotes that are hijacking the conversations.

    No, the deed is now done by quoting a certain, web-based, RPG-themed comic. “Being invisible isn’t as useful you’d think when fighting a blind creature underwater with your bare hands” had proven to be a surprisingly versatile line.

    And it’s of course next to impossible for GM to force the party to rest without levels of tiredness and specifics thereof being mentioned. I blame the comic’s unerring accuracy.

  3. Person says:

    I honestly watched holy grail because of this.

  4. StarSword says:

    I just snuck a shout-out to this page into a forum post, swapping the DM’s “Roger the Shrubber” and “it’s only a model” with Skyrim references.

  5. Ahoy! says:

    I actually have a rule, as a DM, that horribly out-of-context quotes are instantly fatal. That led to a casualty in the first encounter.

  6. Nienna Nolitari says:

    I play 5e with my friends and I regularly quote the Pythons. I’ve ghoit a load of Blackadder quotes lined up too. I think it’s just something a DM has to put up with. Ours is even letting my character gift a Holy Handgranade to another character!

  7. OmegaZXA says:

    I actually allowed my players to use the Holy Hand Grenade once. The catch was that rolling anything other than a 3 counted as a critical failure, where everyone dies. Of course the guy who decided to use it rolled a 20, and was less than pleased when I reminded him of that little tidbit…

  8. Thomas says:

    Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

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