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DM of the Rings XXVII:
Luminous Treasure

By Shamus
on Wednesday Nov 8, 2006
Filed under:
DM of the Rings


Chessex dice luminous, glow in the dark, seven piece dice set, roleplaying dice.

Sooner or later, we all become Dave.

A quick glance around this site should reveal that I have a profound dice problem. I can’t walk into the geek store without picking up a couple of new dice, even when they are sold for the outragous price of $0.75 ea.

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  1. TheGeekLord says:



  2. cheesebunny says:

    >.< not a good comic for me, I cant get my hands on die very easily, and my stupid 20 year old older brother ate 3 for a dare a few weeks ago!
    the worst thing is he complained it was hard to chew! I mean my god! I lost another one after he tried to put the others up his nose! safe to say I emptied the cat litter in his bed

  3. Nickerbockers says:

    Hehe dice.. I have two sets… one that’s mine, and another set which I consider ‘looted from a evil troll’ (my ex left them behind when I broke up with him roflmao). My own set live in my bag, and nerdy as it is, when I have to decide something, instead of flipping a coin I roll a dice lol. People often look at me funny :D
    I think im due for another set though… mine are being wierd now… our last few sessions have been ‘epic battles of incompetent fools’ where everyone, including the enemies, roll bad… and the rogue only rolls good when there’s noone to see what she’s doing….

  4. ERROR says:

    Ah, annoying, aging, Gandelf. I mean, Gandalf.

    In panel 10, Dave should say, “Well, did I show you…”
    And then in panel 11… “This?” *CLICK!*
    I’d prefer that, honestly.

    I’ve also noticed how in panel 11, the speech bubble’s pointing to Frodo’s off-panel face, instead of panel 10 Frodo, like you usually do.

  5. The Grateful Ted says:

    Oh, contemplating my old dice gives me pains… My ex-wife took issue at one point with the number of bankers boxes I had in the spare bedroom (where else would one keep that much AD&D stuff, the Dragon magazines, the Top Secret stuff, and all of the Car and Driver magazines?!?)

    One extreme fit on her part later, I’m walking the boxes of old Car and Driver magazines out to the dumpster at our apartment complex, as it starts to rain. She starts to feel rightly bad for having acted the way she did, and asks if I want to retrieve the magazines… from the bottom of a water-logged dumpster. I say no…

    Only problem, one of the boxes also had ten-plus years worth of dice… and the majority of the modules I had collected over the years… Didn’t realize it for weeks, long after the dumpster had been emptied… Still have nightmares about throwing away that many dice and modules… Shiver…

  6. Bercilac says:

    I bought 3d20 today at 2 bucks a pop. That’s Australian dollars, but still.


  7. Taran says:

    All hail The Dice God!!

  8. Trae says:

    “…and an orange set for chaos…” Wouldn’t a dice set for chaos be multi-colored?

    I only have a single d20 myself used for M:tG… for three games until everyone graduated. Now I just roll it for random decisions.

    Also, the people talking about d3? http://www.bearcubmachine.com/gallery/albums/dice/D3toD15.jpg

  9. mICHAEL cOLEMAN says:

    don’t feel bad. I have three 2.5 gallon containers of D&D dice myself.

  10. Tachi says:

    For the record… I have 4 one-gallon Crown Royal bags bursting with dice… hundreds and hundreds of ’em… I need to attend Diceaholics Anonymous, seriously… Don’t worry about the 4 gallons of Crown… I made sure not to waste any… you guys got me on the start date though… born in ’79… started with 2nd ED…

  11. ERROR says:

    Some advice for the tenth and eleventh panels:

    10: “Well, did I show you…”
    11: Click! “This? Glow in the dark, punks!”

    I think that would work much more nicely. Other than that, fantastic job. I can’t connect to it firsthand, but my dad does have a huge bag of dice he is very protective of.

    EDIT: Just realized how hard it would be to follow my advice. So don’t take it to heart.

  12. lunjan says:

    three items: 1) while a 16 sided (or any number of even sides greater than 2) barrel type die can be made [ we had a player with a d20 barrel type we called the butt plug] you cannot make a regular polygon with 16 sides… compare a d10 to a d4… you’ll notice the d10 is not a regular polygon (all sides having the same number of edges all of the same length, and the same number of angles all of the same length). the d4, d6, d8, d12 and d20 are regular polygons, and the only ones possible.
    2) for dice obsession, we have so many dice in our group that we run mass battles with the dice as markers… the DM numbers the combatants as red1, red2, green1, green2, etc and the corresponding color of die with that face at the top is used to mark the combatant (different die size is used for each monster type)
    3) we have gotten old to the point that we present the wives of our members with a d20 at their wedding… the poor woman deserves someting in return for all of the time we will be stealing their husband away for gaming :)

  13. JB says:

    Oh..I am way beyond being Dave. I’m Double Dave…Double Dog Dave…I’m Double Down Dog Dave. Forget little Crown Royal Bags…forget the “I bought 2 sets last week” comments. Until you have 4 giant rubbermaid containers full of approximately 4500 dice and collected for more than 35 years you can only claim the title of being “Dave” like.

    Here’s what I have done. You know those dice you have worn the edges off of? You know the low impact dice which have seen to many impacts…You know those dice in that corner of your tackle box which are starting to shrink and are 2 orphans from a 5 dice set? Well I have started a retirement home for them…yeh…true story.

    When the wife finally tells you it’s the dice or her and you chose her(for reasons far beyond my capability to comprehend) and you need a good place to retire your dice…I’m your guy. I have a whole section of my dice collection devoted to old played dice. I call it the “DM Collection”. Here your dice can happily live out the later years of their lives with other dice from all around the world and share stories of the adventures they have had. I treat them with the same loving respect you have given them over the years and thereby give you the comfort of knowing you have given your loved ones the very finest care available.

    You might think I am kidding…Proof is in the pudding.


    So, for anyone seriously considering Diceaholics Anonymous…I’m you man. I will help you become dice free instantaneously. And I promise you will always be able to log on late at night when no one is watching and visit them. Just don’t get caught looking it’s worse then being busted looking at porn.

  14. Dys says:

    I’m rereading these, because they rock so much, and something I saw recently…

    Most dice are seriously biased.
    If you want a d6 that actually has an even chance of each side coming up, you need to get properly manufactured Vegas dice, and they cost like $2 each, minimum.

    Making even dice is quite tricky.

    • WJS says:

      I find it highly doubtful that it’s as bad as you make out. Also, it seems to me that Vegas dice are more likely to be expensive due to the cost of certifying that they are fair rather than the cost of manufacturing them to be fair. You run a casino, you have to be able to prove that your dice are fair, not an issue for most gamers…

  15. Kaliam says:

    I once got dice for $1 each. Infact I bought 7 until I relized I can buy the same kind of dice at the same store for $0.25. I seriously got duped.

  16. Alberto says:

    everybody on this thread rocks, just for reading this.

  17. Morval says:

    Wait a minute, Dave – sorry, Frodo – has been slogging through Moria for weeks and he waits until he’s finally out in the daylight to show off his GLOW-IN-THE-FRAKKING-DARK dice!

    You can turn on the dark, but you can’t turn off the stupid.

  18. Ragar says:

    $0.75 each is cheap, me, I went to Paladin and bought these really nice “Red and White Hand-carved Elven Dice” for $16

  19. darren says:

    omg so light headed from laughing feel like passing out lols

  20. oooooooooooooo o. O

    nicccccce diccce precioussssssssssssssssssssss

  21. click here says:

    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who was doing a little
    homework on this. And he in fact ordered me lunch because I found it for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU
    for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this topic here on your blog.

  22. […] bag (the red and white one that may or may not have been washed since the 1980s) of dice. Plus some […]

  23. Sharnuo says:

    “I’m gonna miss that guy like a toothache.” Perfect stillframe. Love it.

  24. 4ier says:

    There is a messed up character encoding in the comments.
    Bon appétit should be Bon appétit

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