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Shamus Plays LOTRO: Part 8

By Shamus
on Wednesday Mar 10, 2010
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And so we return to the Shire.

Comments (30)

  1. Irridium says:

    You know what would go nicely with that hat? A nice cane ;)

  2. Uselesstwit says:

    Damn postman, I wanted to hear the rest of the song.

    • Felblood says:


      I know, in my mind, that the postman is an invincible NPC, and Lulzy is going to deliver the mail to Mike Delving…

      …but in my heart, I still hope she kills him.

  3. I want a pimp hat….
    Er, I mean, stylish Hobbit hat!

  4. tremor3258 says:

    I want to know as a low-level lore master where I can find a hat HALF that styling with a spread towards stuff I actually use.

  5. Heron says:

    The postman reminds me of the EMH during the tutorial in Star Trek Online. The EMH stands there in the middle of a room full of dying people, and asks you to scan one of them for him. He’s not even standing close enough to anyone to even have a pretense of doing something useful.

  6. RichardB says:

    I think you meant Michel Delving.

    Tolkien was very particular in his linguistic derivations. “Michel” is cognate with the archaic word “muckle” and the modern word “much”, and has nothing to do with the name “Michael”. It means “much digging”.

    Tolkien, while himself a devout Roman Catholic, deliberately avoided Biblical names such as “Michael” in the pre-Christian mythology he was seeking to create.

  7. Joshua says:

    Funny as always, but I’m wondering how far this series will go? There are fifteen books in Volume One(currently three volumes?), 11-12 chapters in the first book and….Holy Crap, Lulzy isn’t even close to *starting* Chapter One.

    Either Lulzy is going to have a premature retirement like Star on Chest, or this series is going to go into thousands of comics.

    • Shamus says:

      Level 65 or bust!

      Kidding. I’m not sure how far it will go, either. I’m running the 10-20 content now and seeing how much I’ll have to work with, humor-wise.

    • Not Yet Measured says:

      A lot of the good humorous content might already be humorous in-game, which could be tough to work with. I think my favorite is probably “The Thickest of Skins, Part IV”

      Also, are you eventually going to join a hardcore raiding kinship so you can do an episode on people ‘sploiting? A party of of brave adventurers cowering in a doorway, a brave rescuer running by a counterattack so quickly (a la storming the swamp castle in Holy Grail) they can’t even engage him, and so on.

  8. sree says:

    off topic but its been a while since you talked about anime or even a geek-ish movie… kinda miss it… im not asking that you need a mandatory anime update… but it was interesting when u did talk about it… in ur bsg post u talked about vandread did you ever get around to it?

  9. kmc says:

    Ha! Loving this series (like I knew I would); Lulzy’s take on things actually inspired me to use one of my two remaining slots on Windfola to make a new hobbit! Already have a minstrel, though, so he’s a guardian. I’m staying in Bree instead of going to the Shire because those hungry/nosey hobbits _were_ placed by Lucifer’s grammar school headmaster or someone equally evil and because I hear leveling through Bree is very different than it was the last time I did it…
    Incidentally, whether it’s in a Shamus Plays or not, I’ll be interested to hear what you think–I remember the 30s being where some of the leveling started to feel a little grindy until they added Evendim, which livened it up a bit. Now, there is the whole skirmish thing as well, which seems to give pretty good xp around that level, so I wonder if Lulzy will make it farther than most of your other characters or not (as much as you can even compare one game to another).
    Also, have you tried a Warden? Review or not, before you move on too much from LotRO, you should really get Mines of Moria and try a Warden. :.) (That comment should really be to everybody! Try a Warden!)

  10. Blackbird71 says:

    Absolutely loved Durin’s letter, great song as well. Thanks for a good laugh!

  11. Johan says:

    Lulzy: “This is NOT a pimp hat.”
    Me: “Holy cow, I just realized that’s a pimp hat!”

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