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Will it Blend?

By Shamus
on Thursday Nov 9, 2006
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No, this isn’t another rant about Blender. This is a bit of very clever marketing from a company selling some sort of uber-blenders. This is brilliant. I’ve often wondered what marketing on YouTube would look like. Would a company just post their (hopefully entertaining) ads on YouTube for people to watch? Would they show more “edgy” ads that they couldn’t get away with on network TV? Maybe that will happen, but this company is tapping into the natural tendancy of people to share crazy movies (of real things) that they find online.

This is very powerful, from a marketing standpoint. I would never search for a blender online. I don’t need one. Amazon.com couldn’t get me to look at one with their ridiculous “you may also like…” sales pitches. There is nothing a banner ad could say about this blender that would entice me to click it. But here I found a funny movie, watched it, and when it was over I thought, “Wow. It would be cool to own one of those.” I wasn’t looking for one, but they made me want it anyway. This is viral marketing at its best.

Check it out, a coke can smoothie:

See also: The movie where they turn a handful of Golf Balls into crumbs.

Comments (3)

  1. GreyDuck says:

    Heh. The blender’s sort of amusing, but I really got a kick out of the Blender rants. I no longer feel /quite/ so dumb for not being able to get the knack of that interface. (I have plenty of other reasons for feeling dumb, so nothing’s really been lost…)

  2. Jeffrey says:

    It must be a geek thing. I showed it to my male friends and my sister and barely got any reaction. It’s almost like they were deliberately grieving me. :(

    At $400, it’s not that accessible, but it’s nice to see Starbucks-grade blenders available for us regular civilians.

  3. AngiePen says:

    Well, I must be a geek ’cause I thought it rocked. :) I watched all the ones I could find (not the commentaries, the real ones) and was sort of disappointed not to find the matches one shown in the little intro — it looked like a couple of them were igniting through friction in the blender and I wanted to see whether the whole batch went up eventually. [innocent humming] That’s a great blender, though, and I want one. :D

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