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‘Best’ Of Spoiler Warning

By Shamus
on Tuesday Apr 27, 2010
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Spoiler Warning


It’s bound to happen when a group has the kind of rock star runaway success that we’ve had with Spoiler Warning. The sudden fame and money has really come as a shock to most of us, and I think we went a bit sideways there for a bit. There’s been a rift forming between Randy and the rest of the group for some time now. It came to a head near the end of the series when Josh and I got fed up with the way Randy’s hotel vandalism and drug abuse was getting in the way of our greed and womanizing.

So now Randy has broken off to pursue a solo career:

(Randy explained to me that the name of this episode comes from the story of drummer Pete Best who put out “Best of the Beatles” after he was fired from The Beatles. I mention this because I’d never heard this story before and I found it interesting.)

More seriously, there’s no real drama behind Randy leaving the show. Randy is open to doing more in the future. We still hang out and everything is cool, he’s just not doing the show right now. Our Fallout 3 series starts next week. We’ve already recorded the first couple of episodes with Rutskarn, who doesn’t actually like it when we call him Ringo.

Comments (44)

  1. Davie says:

    I wasn’t all that into the Mass Effect one, maybe because much of it was a spoiler for me as I only played through it once. However, the Fallout 3 series sounds awesome, especially with Rutskarn involved.

  2. 1d30 says:

    You’ve entombed Randy in a plexiglass coffee table, haven’t you?! YOU MONSTERS!

  3. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Wow,Shamus,youve conditioned him to notice foliage.I wonder why there “realistic” shooters cant be more like original call of duty.On the hardest settings there were no medpacks,and you could survive 2,3 bullets tops.

  4. Hugo Sanchez says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Fallout 3 one. Also, Rutskarn, that guy is awesome.

  5. Kdansky says:

    Honestly, that was way more funnier than ME1. I laughed out loud multiple times during it. Will there be more? Randy is just awesome.

  6. Factoid says:

    Shamus, you should really view your site in the way it was originally intended: As a 1996 geocities version of itself:


  7. GEBIV says:

    What was he playing? “Cut-Scene, the Video Game”?

  8. Roll-a-die says:

    But The Johnson of Spoiler Warning would have been a much better joke…

    EDIT After Fallout 3 you guys should do STALKER, if you think dying three times in a row was bad. Try that.

    • Adalore says:

      STALKER depending on version is not terribly hard, I had been playing Clear sky, properly upgraded gear will kill things soundly.

      But I must admit on STALKER (Normal) difficulty, the NPCs take far to many bullets, and the guns are as inaccurate as thrown creampies going mark 1.

      Shame it crashed when it did for me… Note to all playing Clearsky, DO NOT, change ammo type while heading into another area. yuck.

  9. Bobknight says:

    stalker wasn’t hard, you just had to put quick s/l on right and left click.

    but seriously, once you understood the mechanics of the game it wasn’t really hard.

  10. Jarenth says:

    Nice Beatles reference, yeah. I know it’s explained in the text, but I read over that bit and got the reference anyway, so THERE.

  11. Volatar says:

    I really enjoyed this video.

    Also, what game is this anyways? It makes no sense at all…

    • Randy Johnson says:

      Battlefield Bad Company 2, yet another ultra realistic cover based shooter with health regeneration and a huge focus on multiplayer (My favorite part). The Single player is fun, but short and obviously intended to be a comedy rather than drama.

  12. Jabor says:

    I’m liking the pyro sign.

  13. wtrmute says:

    Sweet mercy, those were a LOT of cut-scenes.

  14. IncredibleGeek says:

    I played through BC2 in one sitting, and yeah, there’re a lot of cut-scenes. To be fair, most of them allow you to look around while people are talking, so it’s not totally static.

    The game was awesome though. :)

  15. Lalaland says:

    Umm did Randy miss the ‘swap weapon’ button? Only played another two levels of the single player myself and it didn’t start making any more sense by then. Love that multi-player though.

    P.S. I can’t stop the military nerd in me but the Mi-24 ‘Hind’ would have been appropriate if the level had been in set in the seventies (as opposed to the level title being a bad pun).

    • Randy Johnson says:

      The original Hind model sure, but the one shown in the video is a Mi-28

      • Specter says:

        Actually, it is a version of the MI-24, you can clearly see the open side-door which the MI-28 doesn’t have since it has no secondary transport-role…

        • Randy Johnson says:

          Weird! But good catch. The Russian helicopter that you actually get to fly is a Mi-28 Havoc, so when this one flashed across the screen I assumed it was the same one, but apparently they do have the Mi-24 in the game files, and it can be seen on a single multiplayer map, a rather unpopular map that I have never been on.

  16. Danath says:

    Oh man, Monty Python and the Holy Grail style credits.

  17. Blanko2 says:

    haha THIS WAS GREAT.
    i want more.
    great commentary. XD

  18. Ouchies81 says:

    Hilarious. I nearly blew my morning coffee out. Kudos.

  19. Josh R says:

    Seems to be missing the banter involved when you have more people… go grab some people off the streets and force them to join in!

  20. Kel'Thuzad says:

    So… what ever happened to this?

  21. anaphysik says:

    Hm, now that Viddler’s gone and killed itself, Randy’s vid doesn’t load anymore. Might want to inform him, you guys?

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