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DM of the Rings XXXIX:
Don’t Hate the Player

By Shamus
on Friday Dec 8, 2006
Filed under:
DM of the Rings


Boromir, Lots of Orcs, Hitpoints, Player Death

So after a couple of weeks of speculation about what will happen to Boromir, you can… speculate some more!

On Monday I’ll have the other “half” of his death. It was just too big to cram into one strip.

As I write this I find I can only do one of two things at any given time:

  1. Tell the story
  2. Tell a joke

I really envy the skill of Rich Burlew, author of Order of the Stick. His strips are able to advance the story and deliver the funny at the same time. I’m still getting a feel for how to make a comic, and the longer I do it the more I see how hard it is to move the plot forward while telling a joke. The best strips so far are the ones where the characters just have a bit of preposterous dialog and the plot doesn’t go anywhere. The lamest ones are where I just move everyone to the next batch of jokes.

Still, these are fun to make. I’m not sick of them yet.

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  1. ZAM1359 says:

    In your defense Shamus, that’s kinda how D&D games go. You either crack jokes or pay attention to the story. Maybe if there was a jester class there could be more of both. Also, Love this comic!

    • WJS says:

      A Bard with Perform (Vaudeville) maybe? Not that you have to be a Bard of course. Cracking wise should be in character for any character of the “Scoundrel” chaotic archetype.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey, man, it’s been said before, but don’t sell yourself short (even if this comment is a few years late). You’re making jokes AND advancing the story just like Burlew does. The joke at the end of this strip (“whiner”) is a commentary on the player’s reaction to an event; that’s one of Burlew’s favorite tactics for creating humor.

  3. Daniel says:

    And what’s more, I don’t think that the example you provided of “moving on to the next batch of jokes” constitutes taking a mulligan on humor. The punch line to that strip (“I guess anyone can be a winner if their definition of victory is flexible enough”) sounds a lot like the jokes my groups make around the gaming table.

  4. MaxForrest says:

    Order of the stick is pretty cool.
    My friends always whine when their characters die, and I always tell them to suck it up.

  5. Damion says:

    Honestly, the one you called “lame” was actually one of the strips that made me laugh the most! All are good though, love the strip!

  6. 4ier says:

    There are a handful of messed up character encodings in the comments.
    you're should be you’re
    it's should be it’s

    “How should be “How
    didn't should be didn’t
    eye?” … should be eye?” …

    I'm should be I’m
    wouldn't should be wouldn’t
    “low-level” should be “low-level”

    “Me should be “Me
    now.” should be now.”
    That's should be That’s

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