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Saturday Movie Post

By Shamus
on Saturday Jun 12, 2010
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The Saturday morning movie post begins with a coy introduction designed to make you curious about the video in the hopes of enticing you to watch it. Then it’s followed by a YouTube embed of the video in question:

Link (YouTube)

After the video I’ll refer to the content more explicitly, and I’ll try to mention what parts I thought were interesting or perhaps what it is about the subject matter that caused me to link it in the first place.

And finally I’ll have the wrap-up paragraph, where I’ll say something in hopes of inciting a response or starting a conversation.

Comments (78)

  1. Falcon_47 says:

    I guess this is the part where we, the viewers of said video, post some sort of illuminating fact about what we just saw.
    Or we simply go on saying something completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand.
    In the end it’s pretty much your choice.

    OT: nice one, it had me laughing quite a bit.

    • Ben says:

      This is the part where I hijack the first post with an unrelated comment, but really I just want you to click on the link to my homepage that I included in my post.

      Except I don’t have a page I want to share, so here’s something better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmBtanGjziM

      • Mari says:

        And here’s the part where some random internet troll pops in to tell everybody how much they suck. Oh, and long live the reign of the Republicans/Democrats/Labour/Torries/Greenies/Fascists/political party of your choice. Because all other politicians suck as well and are personally responsible for this terrifying news segment.

        • Audacity says:

          Well this is the part where some other poster ignores the troll and moves back on topic. Thanking Shamus for another amusing Saturday morning diversion.

          • Moridin says:

            Except it’s Saturday evening where I live

            • Another Scott says:

              Eventually someone will post an reply to an earlier remark that is unconnected to its content, only ‘replying’ near the top in order to insure more people will see his contribution. Rather than posting the new thought near the bottom of the thread as etiquette dictates he should.

              • Pickly says:

                This brings up an actual question. Are people more likely to read these sorts of replies? (I usually expect, and do, the opposite, but I do end up as the unusual one in a lot of areas.)

                (Or, in the style of the thread)

                Than someone finds a tangentially related detail that sticks out, and asks a question related to that detail.

        • somecrazyfan says:

          No, Actually I was going to complain about the fact that Shamus doesn’t write articles as he used to, about game design or game reviews…He keeps putting those lame ass videos and the LP for Fallout 3 that I’ve gotten tired of :(

      • Daemian Lucifer says:

        This is a comment full of fanboyish glee and impatience and gibberish about the impending starcraft sequel.

        • Jarenth says:

          This is a comment decrying foul and explaining in long, heated sentences why Starcraft II is going to suck, why Blizzard has sold out, and possibly some insults regarding the sexual orientation of the previous poster. Caps Lock and l33t-speak may or may not be involved.

    • Maldeus says:

      Then someone takes the current running gag of the comments thread and goes meta with it by applying the gag’s format to the gag itself, possibly while referencing the Xzibit meme.

  2. Jarenth says:

    Don’t forget that there will always be people who post first, and only then actually start watching the video.

    Edit: And after watching, time permitting, will edit their comment-for-the-sake-of-comment to actually include their thoughts on the video, in an effort to make the comment seem worthwhile and thought out instead of just claiming space.

    • Nyaz says:

      And then some jerk comes along and completely disagrees with what has been previously stated and adds his own troll-like reply just to show the world what a great mastermind he is.

      Then he adds a final paragraph, quite possibly involving something humorous at the expense of the previous poster. It might involve his mother and a horse performing something sexual, or worse.

    • MintSkittle says:

      There’s also the post made about the original poster failing to actually post first.

  3. Sean says:

    Then a reader posts a link that may or may not be relevant to the topic at hand: http://www.google.com/search?q=recursion

  4. Weimer says:

    I believe this is the part where someone showers your blog post with mindless praise/unrationalized ridicule without even looking what the post was all about.

    But I did, and that was two minutes of genius.

  5. Conlaen says:

    Stumbled into this a couple of months ago. Enticed me to watch some more Newswipe, but none were quite as good as this one. Still funny stuff though.

  6. Moriarty says:

    how old is this?
    LRR did something similar six years ago:


    it’s actually the oldest video on their site

  7. Someone says:

    Obligatory irrelevant link

    Its the first trailer for xcom.
    Apparently its Bioshock + X-files with x-com unnecesairily slapped on top.

    UPD: As for the subject matter…yeaaah.

    Modern News pretty much lost all respect and trustworthiness at this point, not presenting objective analysis of facts and events, but merely spoonfeeding “right” opinions to the Average Joe, these opinions being tailored according to interests of whatever power is holding the media outlets, or just saying what people want to hear.

  8. Galad says:

    I like how everything is in line with this “behind-the-scenes” recursive journalistic take and then there’s the animation of the whatever person getting beheaded by a lightsaber…

  9. I suppose my love of British humor has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my maiden name was Bottomley.


    It’s probably because I drink too much tea.


  10. Ed says:

    Flame bait. Ban-worthy comment consisting of leetspeak.

  11. Gary says:

    Short post indicating approval of subject matter, quickly glossed over by 99% of those making comments.

  12. Risven says:

    I got my Journalism class to watch this. It is hilariously accurate, but I agree that not many of the other Newswipes are as good as that particular segment.

    Oh, sorry, uh, and then this is the part where I participate in the ongoing joke, albeit poorly?

  13. Steve C says:

    I remember a British advert I saw that did exactly the same thing for something they were trying to sell. It even included a black guy saying “I’m the token black guy in this commercial.” I only saw it once and it was 2 decades ago but I still remember it because it was so awesome.

  14. vukodlak says:

    So Shamus, you have forgiven Charlie Brooker? I seem to remember a text of his in the Guardian provoked some ire from you a while back…

  15. Cthulhu says:

    Down here, someone posts a comment without reading any of the comments above it because there’s too many of them, without bothering to make a point since he knows no one’s going to read his comment either.

  16. Syal says:

    Then somebody posts a comment where they declare themselves the first commenters, long after commenting has begun.

  17. SolkaTruesilver says:

    This is a post I make referencing te issue only tangentially, and asking Shamus why he hasn’t tried Dwarf Fortress yet.

    • BaCoN says:

      At this point, it’s common practice for someone to step up and agree, and wonder if we’ll see a Let’s Play of DF somewhere down the line, while at the same time making a self-deprecating comment to make it seem less serious and fanboyish, even though it’s an entirely serious question, and super fanboyish.

      • evileeyore says:

        Here another DF fan steps in to counter-point that though DF is an excellent game, and Author Of Site should definitely play it [place ellipsis here] this repondent’s claim is towards the unsuitability of it as a deprecative comedy medium. Respondent then suggests it be completely overlooked due to just mentioned unsuitibility.

        Respondent then makes clever and suggestive remarks designed to provoke Author of Site into doing the opposite of Respondent’s suggestion.

  18. Daemian Lucifer says:

    I also post one witty comment somewhere,and probably add a tangent link:

  19. Huckleberry says:

    A link to an actually relevant AND funny video:


    EDIT: Then finds out that someone has already posted a link to the same video above… (explanation as to why one had missed that)

  20. Nyaz says:

    Oh, actually. That reminds me of a video that actually relates to this:

  21. Volatar says:

    I will now ruin the pattern by saying that this is the best blog post + comments ever.

  22. Pickly says:

    This comment has been deleted

    (Or whatever it says when a comment is deleted) The comment will than provoke curiosity from people wondering what was said that was so bad as to need deletion.

    • Kavonde says:

      Despite the initial post in this thread being deleted, below it is an angry comment referencing a hot-button issue and the poster’s passionate stance in apparent opposition to the above poster’s opinion.

  23. Lalaland says:

    Charlie Brooker is a former games writer who used to work for PC Zne (a big UK PC gaming mag) in the 90s. He had a back page cartoon/column that once got the magazine removed from WH SMiths (the largest magazine retailer) for a cartoon called ‘Cruelty Zoo’. It was a cartoon which described a game in which the player shoot animals in the face all day as a comment on the Tomb Raider games which seemed to consist of killing every rare species on the planet. Not a comedy highlight but it showed a willingness to bite the hand that feeds (the magazine included an A4 apology the next issue).

    Also worth finding is his quiz/comedy on tv tropes ‘You Have Been Watching’ (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/you-have-been-watching/4od may not work outside UK&I)

  24. Slothful says:

    Snide comment on how this has been done plenty of times before this, rebuking you for your unoriginality despite the fact that that gag gets me every time.

  25. Arquinsiel says:

    If pushed I’d say that Charlie Brooker deconstructs the television experience in the way that you deconstruct the gaming experience with Yahtzee’s use of profanity.

    I enjoy his work hugely.

  26. […] Saturday Movie Post – Twenty Sided.  After watching this, it’s absolutely amazing just how much all of the news bits follow this almost exactly. […]

  27. David Lawson says:

    And then a lesser blogger links to the post and tries posts a trackback in order to draw attention to his piddly, mundane blog. Unfortunately, his web-fu is weak and he ends up posting a spammerific comment instead.

  28. ClearWater says:

    Two weeks later someone who’s still catching up comes across the post and adds his comments, making Shamus wonder what that’s all about until he remembers the details of the post the comment was in reply to.

  29. Lilin says:

    This is the part where someone who hasn’t been visiting this site for a few months decided to post a comment while reading the archives.

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