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Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story

By Shamus
on Saturday Jul 17, 2010
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Link (YouTube)

I’d comment on this video, but I have to get back to playing the game.

Comments (34)

  1. the_bahm says:

    i thought that voice sounded familiar. hes behind a web series called unforgotten realms. interestingly enough it also had a run on the escapist. nice little video

  2. X2-Eliah says:

    Hmm, another Wow thing. Ah well, I guess it’s a passing phase, eh? (At least I hope it is, I doubt your regular audience would want this to turn into a wow-blog.

    • Veloxyll says:

      WoW can be like that. I stopped playing myself for a while, now I’m levelling through it…AGAIN, even though I’ve done it allll before (I am kinda levelling two characters at once in fact)

      ‘s just something about the game

  3. Fists says:

    While your playing WoW would your wife like to contribute something to the ‘Rants’ category?

  4. Psithief says:

    That’s three years old..


  5. Jack says:

    You buy cat, 50 MSK. One cat: 50 MSK, 2 cat: 75 MSK. Cat good deal, you buy a cat.

  6. That’s a very cute and funny video. I really liked it.

    But why, oh WHY did it have to use the “I slept with your mother” joke?

    It’s 2010. Is a boy’s honor still determined by his mother’s virtue? That’s pretty archaic. (And insulting to women.)

    • Not Yet Measured says:

      I guess it never goes out of style. (And WoW never runs out of boys).

      Thanks for posting, Shamus! I don’t follow stuff like this much, but I loved it.

    • AR says:

      It was a product of its time, and given how late Shamus usually is to this sort of thing, it may in fact pre-date women’s suffrage.

    • Syal says:

      A boy’s honor is determined by what he can or can’t do. And no matter who he is, sex with his mother is something he can’t do.

      Seriously though, when did Slutty Mom jokes go out of fashion? I thought that was one of those things that transcended time.

      • David V.S. says:

        Earlier this year I was actually wondering when society changed from my youth, when “mother f-” was the ultimate insult, to today where “MILF” is in many situations a socially acceptable adjective.

      • ehlijen says:

        They’ve never been in fashion. They’ve always ranked in between ‘your pants’ and ‘your dad’ jokes.

        Poopoohead, not that’s a classy insult. In comparison at least.

      • Tizzy says:

        “Seriously though, when did Slutty Mom jokes go out of fashion?”
        I think it happened when I got off your mom.

        My heartfelt apologies for this cheap shot, Syal. Nothing personal, I just thought someone ought to state the obvious…

    • Caffiene says:

      I dont read too much into it, personally… The juvenile nature of it has always seemed like an intended part of the joke.

      Apart from the occasional immature 10 year old, and particularly in this case, the reference is tongue in cheek and specifically intended to be an “insult” that isnt actually particularly insulting. IMO its similar to why the Monty Python “your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries” line is funny.

      Apart from that, I have to wonder… why is a reference to a woman having sex deemed to be insulting to women? Surely that attitude is, itself, not respectful to women?

  7. MichaelG says:

    Back when I first played WoW, in the paleolithic, our guild announced a music video competition. I made this, but it was before YouTube, so there was no way to upload it. The whole contest was a bust (mine was the only entry.) It’s like ancient history now.

    Of course, my favorite WoW video is still The Anti-Elf Anthem.

  8. Code Monkey will always be the best WoW video of all time, followed almost immediately by a tie between ROFLMAO and The Internet is for Porn (TIIFP would win, if it weren’t so good in the Avenue Q version).

  9. Swedmarine says:

    I must congratulate the creator for taking something trivial and almost pathetic before turning it into something very dramatic.


  10. Nuh UH!
    EverQuest doesn’t suck!
    World of Warcraft sucks!
    EverQuest pwnz0rz World of Ho’Crap!!11!1!eleven!!11

    Disclaimer: I play neither EverQuest nor World of WarCraft. I do not know, or care, if either sucks and/or rules, nor am I precisely certain what “pwnz0rz” actually means. We now return you to your irregularly programmed schedule.

  11. Hitch says:

    My favorite WoW machinima is Big Blue Dress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z29Rk8814w

  12. Adalore says:

    … Which Everquest…
    We have the following flavors… The first 3d mmorpg thing ever that every one copies, and will until the end of the world. Card game. Ps2 mmorpg…wut… and the current eq2.

    Now I play EQ2, I play SLAYER MARCATO! WITH NO INDOOR VOICE! Wielding his big ol’ not shiny but clearly deadly 2h sword, he cleaves through his foes!

    I have no point.

  13. Smurfferdid says:


  14. Zagzag says:

    This is interesting because I was looking for this, but for some reason it doesn’t work on Moran’s site.

  15. UtopiaV1 says:

    I made this for a project at university (1st year games programming). It’s awful!


    It was at this point i realised all that time doing lego stop-animation videos paid off!!! I also discovered i’m not funny… :(

  16. Gandaug says:

    I’ve never had WoW installed much less played one minute of it, but that was funny.

  17. Beardface says:

    Pretty funny video, but it just goes to show that WOW RUINS LIEFZ AND FRIENDSHIPZ /sarcasm

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