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Spoiler Warning Season 2×28:
Revenge of the Spoiled

By Shamus
on Tuesday Aug 10, 2010
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Spoiler Warning


Here it is. The end of Fallout 3. This episode weighs in at just under 50 minutes. Sorry about that. But it was better to do the whole thing in one go than to break and do another episode. It’s like pulling off a band-aid. It’s going to hurt you either way, so we might as well do it in a way that doesn’t waste too much of my time.

Hello, person from the future. This space used to have an embed from the video hosting site Viddler. The video is gone now. If you want to find out why and laugh at Viddler in the process, you can read the entire silly story for yourself.

At any rate, the video is gone. Sorry. On the upside, we're gradually re-posting these old videos to YouTube. Check the Spoiler Warning page to see the full index.

We give a shout-out to the folks at No Mutants Allowed. Hit up their site for a bit about who the voice actors are in New Vegas. (Hint: One of them is 1,000 times more famous than me.)

Now that Fallout 3 is done, we’re ready to talk about the next game:


But not yet. We’re going to take a bit of time off before we begin BioShock. I’ll announce the launch date once we have one.

I know this was a rough series. Hope you were able to enjoy it anyway. Thanks for watching.

Comments (152)

  1. Lalaland says:

    I quite enjoyed the angry ranting to be honest, I’ve never been able to stick with FO3 for more than few hours before rage quitting. It’s nice to see it never gets any less infuriating, Oblivion was as bad in many ways but adding guns to the template just broke it for me.

    Looking forward to Bioshock, my disappointment with what it wasn’t overwhelmed my ability to appreciate what it was and it’ll be fun to see the game played through. I missed the deeper more meaningful RPG elements of System Shock or Deus Ex so the fact it was better than most FPS out there was lost on me.

  2. Legal Tender says:

    Same here, rant away Shamus & Co.!

    The one thing I got from this series is that I could never, ever play something like this on a console, ever.

    When I was first considering to get the game I read all the reviews and quickly realized it would be near unplayable without mods (mutant overlords and reavers at lvl 10, just to name one example) and after watching some 20 episodes or so of this I’m glad I did go for the PC version and not the console one.

  3. Chuck says:

    Mr. Young, I just want to thank you. This is the third of five games your material has persuaded me to buy (after Sam and Max and Mass Effect, and before Red Faction Guerilla and Brutal Legend.)

    You also opened up two new genres to me: adventure games and RPG’s. Thank you very much :)

  4. Matt K says:

    Bioshock, that’ll be interesting. I honestly thought I’d never see that game on this site. I’ll give it a look as I played the demo and absolutely hated it (plus the DRM).

  5. Meredith says:

    Yay, you picked a game I’ve played this time. I enjoyed BioShock, but I was at least to the halfway point before I really started having fun.

    I’m still holding out on ME2 till I can play it, but I think I might watch your FO3 series now that it’s complete. I’ve been trying to play the games and I just can’t get interested in them at all. Open world games are so not my thing, which is a pity because good RPGs are. /tangent (sorry)

    • yd says:

      I enjoyed BioShock, but I was at least to the halfway point before I really started having fun.

      I was the same way. The original Bioshock sat on my stack for a few months – I played a couple of hours in and it didn’t quite grab me. Then I went back and replayed it and it took a bit longer before I got into it. Immediately after playing through once I played a second time (as evil) and enjoyed the entire thing.

      • Soylent Dave says:

        Yeah, I started playing Bioshock at least 5 or 6 times (in small doses, separated by several months) before I finally sat down and played it properly.

        I did find myself enjoying it once I got into it – but the early part of the game definitely had something about it which said “wouldn’t you just rather play something else?”

    • Nyaz says:

      I was actually the opposite, I played it straight through in ~3 days. But I wasn’t playing Bioshock so much for the “fun”, but rather the atmosphere was a-ma-zi-ng.

      The only bad part, in my glorified opinion, was — MILD SPOILER-HO! — the end boss was far, FAR too easy and felt tacked on. “Oh, crap! We need a final boss-battle! Quick, make something, have it on my desk tomorrow!” — NO MORE SPOILER-HO —

      Dear everyone: play it, would you kindly?

      • Nyaz says:

        Oh wait. The hacking (plumming) minigame. Urgh. I forgot about that.

        • bit says:

          I actually really liked the Pipe Dreams minigame. But then again, my favorite part of Borderlands is the platforming, and my favorite part of my brief WoW stint was the grinding. so maybe I’m just odd like that.

          Although, in comparison to how much I liked the rest of Bioshock, I might be blowing the hacking a bit out of proportion; I HATED playing through Bioshock, absolutely HATED it. The enemies seem to take ridiculous amounts of bullets unless you run around with the camera for hours, your abilities are unintuitive and often subliminally railroaded, “leveling up” through Big Daddies and the aforementioned camera felt way too much a chore, the level geometry is lacking any sort of strategy inducing design as well as being full of screen covering particle effects, the UI is stupid, the AI is annoying, whine whine whine… After about 6-7 hours, (Steam says 6) I just uninstalled it to free up room for Arkham Asylum and went and replayed Half-Life again.

          I suppose in retrospect, it was a very childish decision; I was loving the hell out of the style, story and theme, and I could tell and was told that it would get way better later. But it was just so bothersomely bad that I couldn’t keep at it. Basically, I wanted it to have my children, but it just wasn’t very good in bed.

          ‘Suppose I better give it another go, now. I wonder if my computer still has the save files.

    • Axle says:

      I’m also one of the opposite guys.
      I really enjoyed playing Bioshock for the first couple of hours… The atmosphere, the suspense, the upgrading were great and fun. But as close as I got to the end everything felt very repetitive and the upgrading was no longer exciting, since I always used the same weapons and powers (plasmids.. whaever…).
      I kept on going because the story and recordings were rather interesting.

      Since I don’t have enough spare time to watch the spoiler warning videos, I hope they will come with lots of text and comments (that I can read at work. Shame on me!).

      Have fun with your new project, Shamus.

  6. Phase says:

    I knew it! Haha! Rutskarn told me!

    Well, his exact words were “Mmm” which when compared to the “Hrrum” he gave Half-Life 2 and the “I FREAKING LOVED THAT GAME” he gave Where in Time is Carmen San Diego? is practically a yes.

    Also Felicia Day’s in New Vegas? That’s it, regardless of its flaws I have to get it.

    • Rutskarn says:

      Technically, I think I replied “Gngh,” to Bioshock, and “Mm,” to Dora the Explorer: Pony Power!

      • Phase says:

        Irregardless, I knew that there weren’t many action game options with an intricate enough plot to have the kinds of holes you guys revel in, and you weren’t about to criticize Half-Life 2’s plot because it’s flawless, and Dora the Explorer: Pony Power! was your personal formative game, so you wouldn’t have the heart.

        • Daemian Lucifer says:

          I wouldnt say flawless.There sure are bunch of holes in half life 2,but people are glossing over them because the game is so well done.It has good gameplay,great characters,superb writing,fabulous design.Whenever you stumble upon something bad in the game,there are a ton of good stuff around you that you just dont notice the bad.

          Still,while lets play of half life 2 would be fun,I prefer the rage that bioshock is bound to get.

          • Phase says:

            Also the plot is so loosely established, via incidental dialogue and objects in the environment rather than exposition, that the game doesn’t really contradict itself. It outright states things so rarely that it’s difficult to find two statements that leave a hole that something can fit through.

            • ps238principal says:

              My two “gripes” about HL2 are pretty much:

              1. All the fawning over me (as Gordon Freeman) started making me feel uncomfortable to the point that I wanted to avoid conversations out of embarrassment.

              2. Where the hell is part 3? Cliche, I know, but it needs to be said. Over and over and over and over…

              • Raygereio says:

                Allow me to add two. I know that I’m probably alone in this but:

                Gripe 3: the utter lack of good, satisfying weaponry. Missile and sniper rifle are okay, but the shotguns and rifles’esque weapon are just poor.
                Gripe 4: HL2 fanboys that really, really want to convince me that it’s the best darn game ever made and will get downright hostile when I state my opinion of it. I even like the game! I just don’t think it’s ‘teh awesomness’.

                • Veloxyll says:

                  Honestly, the entire second half of HL2 seriously annoyed me with its level design. Also the airboat level is frustratingly overlong.

                  Also the point where you’re opening a door with a wheel to follow Alex and there’s a strider. It took me ~10 attempts to figure out that the first shot it fires opens an escape path. So I was repeatedly trying to open the door and raging. (may be in one of the episodes, I forget)

                  tl;dr – HL2 is not as good as the hype would suggest.

                • Someone says:

                  Interesting, I have the exact same gripes as you ( both commenters above me), and Im such an HL2 fanboy Im one episode 3 short of starting a Gabe Newell cult. I guess different people have different irritation thresholds.

          • Daemian Lucifer says:

            Ha!mumakil has just reminded me of one bad thing in hal life 2:Path blocked by flimsy wooden door.So,it only took me 2 hours to remember one bad thing about the game.Thats like 6 episodes in.

        • SnowballinHell says:

          My first exposure to Half Life was at one of my brother’s friend’s house.
          I only knew the game by name and, to be fair, my brothers friend only mildly hyped the game before he started playing
          After he started the game, my brother and I proceeded to rip into it MST3K style
          Perhaps it was because we were watching him play and not playing ourselves
          But about an hour in he threw his hands up and turned off the game
          I think we all went out drinking after that :)

        • Josh R says:

          Did you really just use the term irregardless?

      • Greg says:

        True story of horror: the Dora the Explora’ game for the V-Smile actually has something like a quick time event. It’s not super quick and you have to push one button.

        It still disturbs me that it’s there.

    • Joe Cool says:

      Also Felicia Day's in New Vegas? That's it, regardless of its flaws I have to get it.

      Ditto. That’s my second reason. The first is, as it turns out, one of my friends got hired by Obsidian and is responsible for placing Nuka-Cola bottles around the game world, among other things.

  7. Robyrt says:

    Will you be taking time to smell the roses, or just roaring through the main quest line of Bioshock? Like all Shock games, most of the fun is contained in side corridors, creepy dioramas, and obsessive collection of audio logs. The villain, meanwhile, is just SHODAN with a silly accent, who sets up a bunch of obstacles that only Yet Another Fetch Quest can solve.

    • Moriarty says:

      We propably won’t get much use out of audiologs, as the talking is way louder than the ingame audiologs.

      • Nyaz says:

        That is sad. Another sad thing is, with the low quality stream, we won’t be able to appreciate how gorgeous Bioshock is.

        Also, I suddenly felt the itch to reinstall Bioshock. Oh dear.

        • Peter H. Coffin says:

          It rezzes up okay once it gets a chance to stream enough detail to us. 2-3 seconds without the camera changing view is enough to make the pretty catch up. What’s really rough for watching these are trying to see dark monotone hue ranges that are moving. Someone bunnyhopping down a corridor in the dark becomes just this blur of dark gray rectangles moving away from the center of the image and bouncing up and down at the sides.

  8. Raygereio says:

    If you guys are just tired of the stupidity of the main quest, then I can understand. But I am somewhat sad that you didn’t do a video highlighting some of the good things in Fallout 3. Some of the sidequests, or just of the scenery are really well done.
    I know you mentioned the good bists every now and then, but still.

    And as an aside, the thing I liked the most about this LP (next to the semi-pointless rambling) are the Spoiler Warning-title cards. Nice work on those.

  9. Joe Cool says:

    The Bioshock Spoiler Warning Drinking Game!

    Every time Shamus says “In System Shock 2,” take a drink!

    • tremor3258 says:

      That seems an easy way to kill an audience’s livers.

    • Sumanai says:

      Or, assuming Shamus has played it, “in the original System Shock”.

      Interestingly the SS1,2,Bioshock -series shares certain similiarities to the Fallout1,2&3. Second one was more different compared to the first one than people seem to acknowledge (and not necessarily for the better), probably because the third was so strongly different to the two first ones. (IP change in Xshock, big gameplay leap in Fallout)

      I might be able to go on, but if I try to think about it too much I’ll start frothing about the SS2’s equipment wear or skill system.

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        People do tend to forget the flaws in SS2, because of the great atmosphere etc..

        Bioshock is definitely far closer to SS2 than SS1 though, the first game was truly an amazingly ground-breaking experience for me, despite the at times frustrating interface.

        My main problem with Bioshock is the rail-roading, and the in-game reason behind it. I did not enjoy that at all, and it soured the whole game for me.

        On a more interesting note, Bioshock was originally supposed to be far weirder than it ended up, if you read the original pitch over at Irrational Games: http://irrationalgames.com/insider/from-the-vault-may/

        • Jarenth says:

          I kinda want to play the game described in this pitch.

          Also, I find it amusing that even the pitch — and by extension, the creators themselves — directly refer to ‘in System Shock 2’ like three or four times.

        • Sumanai says:

          That’s one of the interesting differences. While Fallout 1&2 are much more similiar than Fo3 is to either of them, it’s SS2 & Bioshock that are much more similiar to each other than to the original.
          But that’s because Fo2 was still done at least partially by the same people as the original, while SS2 was done by almost completely different individuals than SS1. Who then made Bioshock, so obviously something would carry over.

          The pitch is very interesting. And brings to mind an interesting thought.
          What if most of the very SS2-type things, like the cameras, were there because the management rather than because of the developers?
          I probably wouldn’t even note that, but I strongly disliked the cameras and the turrets in Bioshock. They felt out of place and didn’t feel like they were contributing to the gameplay.

      • Audacity says:

        He has played it.

        To call it his most very favoritist game ever in the whole wide world is putting it far too mildly. Shamus is such a rabid System Shock fanboy he wrote a literal novel’s worth of, GOOD, fanfiction out of love for it. If it were a woman he would probably have married it.

        This will be most entertaining. *evilgrin*

  10. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Well,at least fallout 3 is so bad its good.There are far worse games out there.

    Also,there are some nice indie isometric rpgs,like eschalon book 2.

    As for the movies and snobs,you always get a gem like inception that has both the action for the mindless idiots and deep and well developed story for the intelligent movie audience.Well,you do get such gems with games as well,like starcraft 2.

    Thanks Rutskarn for the truth reference.
    -ing enclave and their -ing plasma pistols!Stop -ing shooting me!!

    Well,I think weve all learned our lesson after that drug binge:Drugs are bad,mkay.They make you inaccurate,mkay.So dont do drugs,mkay.

    Tron 2.0 was a decent game.It would make for an interesting lets play too.

    Aaaand,bring on screaming Shamus in bioshock:the not system shock.Im so looking forward to that one.

    PS:A thing(or two)about classic rpgs:
    1)Many have said that point and click adventures are dead,but we still have telltale games that dish out a new one or two every year.And we have lucas arts redoing monkey island games and selling them well(well it currently,but Im sure the second one will go just as well).
    2)We also have starcraft 2 that has none of the modern rts things like cover,rpg elements,etc,yet still manages not just to grip you with its balanced races,but with incredibly innovative levels as well.They made innovation with returning to the roots of rts games.

    So yeah,I wouldnt say that we will never get another fallout or planescape:torment.Hope remains.

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I hear great things about Eschalon, and I’ll have to get it one of these days.

      I’ve been looking at things like Iron Tower Studios for my potential indie RPGs, the forums there not only have “Age of Decadence”, but there is Brian Mitsoda’s Zombie RPG to come as well.

      I think small teams with appropriate outsourcing can easily make games of the quality of Ultima, Fallout or Baldur’s Gate, but they won’t ever have the level of polish that people used to Bioware games expect.

      As for your point #1: I really don’t like the whole telltale thing. I’ve tried Sam and Max and Tales of Monkey Island, and I really don’t enjoy them. I do however love the Monkey Island remakes.

      For me, the best point’n’click adventures will always be 2D, but thankfully for me there’s plenty of old ones (and various remakes and indie ones).

      As for #2, I think the only bad thing I’ve heard about Starcraft 2 is the cutscenes being cheesy or whatever. Haven’t seen them myself so can’t comment.

      • Daemian Lucifer says:

        You can always try eschalon for yourself.The demo is quite big:

        Well,its not like starcraft 1 didnt have cutscenes that where over the top.They still are enjoable to watch.The quality of the game easily tops the evil that comes from activision.

      • Nyaz says:

        I’d say the cutscenes in SC2 aren’t overly cheesy. There’s one point near the end where Raynor babbles on about how “standing shoulder to shoulder, we can always rely on eachother” which felt a bit cheesy, though.

        • WarlockofOz says:

          There are plenty of holes in the SC2 story. I really enjoyed the game but it took ignoring a few ‘wait, what?’ moments. What you do and see disagrees with what you’re told, too.

          • Andy_Panthro says:

            That’s true of many RTS games I suppose (and many other games!).

            The story always has precedence over your actions.

            I was always a Westwood fanboy as far as RTS games went, but since they’ve been eaten by EA, I’m more willing to give Blizzard a try, despite not particularly liking any of their RTS games since the original Warcraft.

  11. WILL says:

    … well this is a damn shame, you can still go in the citadel and see the smoking crater. Missed a fun part of the game, right there.

  12. swimon says:

    I liked FO3 but I agree with about 90% of what you said in this series, the story is stupid and the environment gets boring fast. I guess it’s like watching toxic avenger you know it’s a bad movie but somehow it’s still pretty enjoyable to watch for some reason.

    Will be interesting to see your take on Bioshock since I think that’s a genuinely good game. Hopefully this won’t run as long though. As I said I liked this LP but it got a little tiring towards the end. The ME LP was better in that regard and it was a little more balanced ^^ so hopefully spoiler warning will return to that a bit. If not too bad but this was still funny… so yeah (damn you tvtropes!).

    To take the discussion back to classic RPGs: I actually think that business model is right around the corner where we have the medium sized teams working on games less extravagant than AAA titles but that are still more in depth than most indie titles. I think Valve with games like Portal and even TF2 to some extent are starting that trend. That said I don’t know if this will translate into classic RPGs getting made, I don’t think that the perceived market for those kinds of games are that big. Meaning while I think you could turn a profit making that sort of game I don’t think most publishers think that. Also I would imagine that making that sort of game is hard, it takes a skilled writer that knows how to make game stories to write it and they don’t seem to grow on trees exactly.

  13. mumakil says:

    just commenting on why josh had that annoying miss streak :)

    he ran out of stimpacks before he could cure his crippled arm so his accuracy was in the gutter.

    i played bioshock but i guess i just suck at it cause i could never beat the big daddys and they didnt seem worth the time lol. also i got bored with stuff randomly blocking me and then having to take a long route around. although that can be said of many other games as well

    • Sumanai says:

      Here’s one way to defeat Big Daddys:
      1. Take the wrench.
      2. Walk to the Big Daddy.
      3. Hit the Big Daddy with the wrench.
      4. Keep doing 3. part until one dies.
      5. Wake up in one of those capsule thingies.
      6. Open the door and step out.
      7. Find the Big Daddy.
      8. GO TO 20

      • Nyaz says:

        That’s what I did when I ran out of health kits.

      • Robyrt says:

        This is the “MMO method” of beating Bioshock – you are trading hours of your time spent mindlessly respawning and whacking for progress, instead of pursuing other more interesting options.

        • Someone says:

          I actually reloaded every time I died in Bioshock. Having (briefly) played Sshock 2 I thought there was a large Adam penalty for “respawning”.

        • Sumanai says:

          Or “brute forcing”, which I prefer to call it. Doesn’t draw the ire of the more sensitive MOG player and more likely for people to understand what I mean (I think).

          I also mentioned it because of all the methods that one anyone can make work, regardless of their situation within the game (ammo, Eve etc.) or their own abilities.
          Note that I wrote “one way to defeat”, it was meant to imply there were other methods.

  14. Someone says:

    Well, that was a good run. I enjoyed the rants and nitpicking, most of them had me nodding all the way through, and the discussions in the comments were very interesting. But the game was growing stale, people were starting to run out of things to complain about, now is the perfect time to move on.

    Bioshock! I love it, Its a lot better than FO3 but it still has a lot of rant potential, what, with the console-itis and the general absence of difficulty. And Sshock is the personal holy cow game for Shamus so there is also the enjoyable “get off my lawn” ranting to look forward to.

    By the way, Josh’s crap accuracy on the roof was caused by his crippled arm.

  15. Neil Polenske says:

    Wow…Bioshock…really? After the drama that game incited on this site, I gotta admit, I did not expect to ever see it mentioned on this site again, let alone you willingly participating in a playthrough of it. I’m anticipating…lotso drama! Prior Let’s Plays (call it Spoiler Warning if you want, but these are Let’s Plays) were entertaining no doubt, but THIS…I’m getting POPCORN!

  16. far_wanderer says:

    The mystery deaths at 9:20 28:40 was caused by the Tesla Cannon. Reginald was close enough to the target that he was inside the blast radius, and the ongoing electric damage effect killed him.

    The terrible accuracy at about 32:00 was because Reginald had a crippled arm, at least two drug withdrawals, and serious radiation poisoning. Also, more than one of a single type of drug has no additional effect.

  17. CruelCow says:

    Boy, the joy and glee towards the end was priceless. :D

  18. rayen says:

    i think this was a much better ending than mass effect. the fun times montage at the end was nice. Especailly since you guys ragged on the thing the whole time while simultaneously saying there were really really good bits everywhere else. I really wanted to see like one or two episodes where you guys just did your favorite sidequest.

    Bioshock eh? well this really will be a spoiler because i have never ever played this game. I have seen screen shots and read reveiws. that is it. so i’m looking foward to that. Also it gotta bit distorted at the end between the music and you guys all talking. Who are the hosts? I know your bringing a new one on but i didn’t here her name (i did hear it was a her though) also is goona be with you three guys or is one of you leaving?

  19. Duoae says:

    Really love FO3 and really loved this series. Looking forward to Bioshock! Carry on, guys… carry on!

  20. wtrmute says:

    Requiescat In Partibus, Reginald “Obvious Reasons” Cuftbert. You shall be missed ;-)

      • Sekundaari says:

        Huh… you seem to be switching in and out of yellow comments. Was this the important one, in which you had to assert authority? :P

        • Ramsus says:

          Are you really shocked they only trust Rutskarn with authority some of the time? Imagine the horrible horrible things he’d do if he was in charge of a project of some kind himself. Oh the travesty. =P

          Kidding aside I’m glad they aren’t booting Rutskarn out in favor of a different newer shinier addition to the cast and are just simply adding.

          I’m too lazy to go make another post somewhere so I’ll just state here that I think you guys all did a wonderful job on this and I can’t wait for more. I really really can’t wait for “STOP SHOOTING ME” directed at drones and such. Hmmm. It just now occurs to me Josh might not be the one behind the wheel this time around. Naw probably still him. I can’t imagine Shamus or Rutskarn volunteering themselves to be subject to Josh’s mockeries considering what hell they gave him this whole time.

          • Sumanai says:

            Imagine how many times they’ll be talking over each other with a fourth speaker.
            To guarantee liver failure, I suggest an addition to the drinking game.
            Drink whenever there’s silence because some talked over each other and are now waiting for the other one to finish (but don’t realise they already have, because of the lag).

  21. ps238principal says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said about “thinking man’s RPGs,” but I wonder if the blame isn’t so much with stupid people writing them as the effect of consoles on the AAA game companies. I often see a swing back and forth as to which dominates gaming trends, and right now the next-gen consoles with their limited input devices (I know you can hook up a keyboard to them, but how many people do you know who do it unless they really want that ol’ FPS control?) resulting in “role-playing” that’s pretty much “press X to say ‘you look trustworthy, would you like to join our party?'”

    It’s similar to movies and TV, in that the money lies in hitting nearer to the lowest common denominator. Smart shows die all the time, scripted dramas fall to talk shows and news magazines, and reality TV is to television what the mindless shooter is to RPG players. Occasionally you’ll get an “Inception,” but nobody went broke letting people like Michael Bay make a “Transformers” movie, even if the writing was an afterthought to the special effects.

    I do think that games like “Fallout: New Vegas” might be where the future of RPGs lie (assuming it’s as good as it sounds). The company that creates/codes the engine makes their game for mass appeal, then they license the engine or sub-contract someone to use it to make more games. Obsidian has more than half the work done for it and (if allowed by being given time/money) can work on making the gameplay the more polished part of the end result instead of having to juggle engine creation along with everything else.

    Also, to cite New Vegas again, I wonder if we’ll see more RPGs with sliding scales of difficulty rather than having to rely on mods. In a way, it’s a lot like tabletop house rules where your GM might choose to ignore encumbrance or food or anything else those at the table agree gets in the way of the fun.

    • John Magnum says:

      I do think that games like “Fallout: New Vegas” might be where the future of RPGs lie (assuming it's as good as it sounds). The company that creates/codes the engine makes their game for mass appeal, then they license the engine or sub-contract someone to use it to make more games. Obsidian has more than half the work done for it and (if allowed by being given time/money) can work on making the gameplay the more polished part of the end result instead of having to juggle engine creation along with everything else.

      Have you ever played an Obsidian game before? That’s really not how they do things. They take someone else’s engine, and proceed to make it more buggy and less polished than before.

      • acronix says:

        But at least they try to do a decent story. And intention is what counts…!

      • krellen says:

        They’ve actually had to do a lot of engine work on most of their re-dos. They shouldn’t have to do much at all, and at least 75% of any bugs you find were there in Bethesda’s version anyway.

        • ps238principal says:

          Even so, said bugs (or at least a lot of them) are pointed out by players and/or patched by Bethesda, and that wouldn’t have to include ones that are bugs involving the game structure or missions, since those are moot to the sequel anyway.

          And it’s not like F1/2 were completely bug free themselves, and that was before you could download a patch from the internet.

          • Daemian Lucifer says:

            Wait,bethesda is patching bugs now?Like for free?Im astonished!

            • ps238principal says:

              Uh, yeah… Is that somehow news?

              The only one I can recall personally running into was the mission in Big Town where you could repair the town’s robots. Except there weren’t any until the patch.

              I also know they fixed an NPC death problem where, when you entered a zone, they’d plummet from heights tall enough to kill them. That wasn’t a problem for me, though the most common victim (the Sheriff) was killed by Burke on my first play-through anyway, so falling was likely not something he was concerned with anymore.

  22. eri says:

    I am looking forward to BioShock. It’s a good game, but there is so much undeserved praise that it got, it makes me rage every time I think about it. Expect many angry rants from me over the smallest and most insignificant parts of the game.

  23. somebodys_kid says:

    I got the MDK reference!!! Yay for me!

  24. Rosseloh says:

    I think the ending montage made the series, really.

    Thanks guys!

    • Joe says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with this.
      I also like to think that Reginald just decided to stay dead.

      Season one: Conan finds a new job
      Season two: Man vs. Moron, The Reginald Cuffbert Story
      Season three: subtitle TBD

  25. Nyaz says:

    *GASP* Bioshock! My favoritest game ever! (…well, one of my favoritest games ever, anyway. Is “favoritest” a word? Probably not.)

    Anyway… now we can watch Josh chug down potato chips and alcohol, but without an inventory. Assuming he’s the “driver” in the next series as well.

    Bioshock 2 on the other hand… ergh…

    • SatansBestBuddy says:

      Bioshock 2 was great, what are you talking about?

      Not as good as the first, sure, but you can’t honestly say it was anything less than great.

      • Nyaz says:

        Well, it wasn’t -as- good as Bioshock 1, and therein lies the problem. As a game, Bioshock 2 wasn’t half bad, but the story felt a bit tacked-on, like “Ooookay, how are we going to stretch out this bit?”

        If Bioshock 2 had been released as a game that wasn’t in any way related to Bioshock 1, it would probably have ranked higher, because it would not have been tied in with the enormous expectations from the first one.

      • swimon says:

        I can say it was something less than great I think it was pretty bad actually and not just compared to the first one but on it’s own.

        The story made no sense simply put. The villain was trying to rip off Andrew Ryan but failed to grasp why he was such a great villain, namely because he felt real. He had vision and emotions at the same time he felt threatening with every word being a veiled threat. The villain in the sequel was just a stock villain, the heartless “logical” mastermind. She never felt real nor threatening because she only spoke in condescending monotone. It was pretty cute when the game subverted the iconic moments of the first game but aside from that it really wasn’t very good.

        Not to imply that the first game was in any way perfect, it got way more praise than deserved but it was an excellent game… That someone sew a really bad ending to.

  26. 4th Dimension says:

    This season should be renamed
    “Reginald Cuffpert Kills EVERYONE!”

  27. Greg says:

    I will probably be waiting a bit before I watch the next series, then. I need to obtain and play Mass Effect, then I’ll watch through that one, and then hopefully move on to bioshock.

    Darn you, Shamus, for making me feel obligated to play games I’ve been hearing good things about and wanting to play for years. How dare you.

  28. Sekundaari says:

    This was a good episode. I liked the light shows, medicine and rambling. And everything else (a very small item). I also notice you had too much rage to leave Three-Dog dead… setting off him and the nuke simultaneously was hilarious. And you probably got the MIRV by console, but the building under which you actually find it is one of the more interesting areas in the game. Maybe you’ll do a “good things” episode at some point?

    I look forward to the next series too, never played the game myself. I think even Shamus will have to gather new rage for a while, though.

  29. FutureHero says:


    I am genuinely excited about the future of this series, can’t wait for it to start.

  30. WILL says:

    Bioshock is going to suck if you don’t turn off vita-chambers and don’t try to be original with combat. Trust me, it’s worth just trying weird combinations of traps and plasmids.

    • acronix says:

      I don´t think the original Bioshock had an option to turn off the vita chambers.

      I, personally, like the vita-chambers. Why? The same reason I like quicksaves. Both have the potential to make the game cheap, but also they take away the potential lose of an hour of progress because some splicer shot us in the face. The difference is that quickloading takes some more seconds than dying and reviving.

      Though, if they gave us back the wasted ammo and health, and healed the enemies, then they´d be checkpoints.

  31. Nasikabatrachus says:

    All I ask is that if you mention Ayn Rand, don’t call her Ann Rand. She’s not an advice columnist. Although if you called her Ann Randers, I would be down with that.

  32. Samkathran says:

    I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s thoughts on Fallout 3! The ranting was usually funny and appropriate, but I have to admit, there were a couple times during the series when the episode started and you guys immediately went into the “I hate railroading!” or “I hate the color brown!”, and I had to wait a day or two before I had the patience to listen to it all. Those moments were greatly outweighed, however, by all the insightful commentary and hilarious antics that made the series so enjoyable.

    I am definitely going to stick around to see what everyone thinks about Bioshock. I remember reading some posts from an earlier episode, and Shamus mentioned how System Shock 2 was his sacred cow. I think I may have had a similar experience, as I really loved System Shock 2, and when I heard that Bioshock was going to be the “spiritual successor” to System Shock 2, I was absolutely THRILLED! Unfortunately, I found myself incredibly disappointed when I actually got to play the game. So much of what I enjoyed about System Shock 2 seemed to be absent in Bioshock, and it merely came across to me as a slightly-above-average shooter.

    Looking forward to more good times and laughs!

  33. SatansBestBuddy says:

    Good series, great ending, wish you’d organize yourselves a little more in regards to what you talk about and what you do in the game (not a lot, but a little bit goes a long way), and a great series overall.

    I look forward to Bioshock, that was one of a handful of game released since, oh, 2006~ that I’d call a genuine masterpiece and a shining example of what games can be. (other games on that list are Metriod Prime 3, Hotel Dusk, Flower, Elite Beat Agents, Iji, and Rock Band 2… yes, my taste in games is pretty wide)

    • Mumbles says:

      Damn, there isn’t enough people who’ve played Hotel Dusk. I like your style.

    • ps238principal says:

      Bioshock was well written and beautiful, for sure, but I was a bit let down by the illusion of choice and your actions having little to no bearing on the gameplay itself beyond how much Adam you had access to.

      And this isn’t me saying the illusion of choice is a bad thing; feeling like you’re on rails is different than not noticing the rails in the first place. I just didn’t like how it was played up as being this amazing setup where YOU decide what happens when, really, you don’t.

      • swimon says:

        Isn’t that the whole point of the twist? I guess that might not justify it but still, it’s pretty clever.

        Personally I didn’t like how much combat there is. The games atmosphere is much better suited for slow build up with few difficult enemies. The almost constant combat sort of ruined the mood for me every now and then.

        • ps238principal says:

          No, that bit didn’t bother me. As I said, it was played up how what you choose to do or not do (mostly to little girls) would have a bearing on events. It doesn’t, really: Every level remains the same, who you kill remains the same, etc.

          You just get one of three endings: Good ending, bad ending, or bad ending with the same script and visuals read in a sympathetic voice.

  34. Freeze_L says:

    i liked this season, however my favorite parts had nothing to do with fall out. Rutskarn is a pun master, and josh always has that nice homey “i am going to kill you ALL sound to his voice.” it made me smile :) however a better lets play of fallout would avoid the main story…

  35. Jep jep says:

    In retrospect, the series could have definitely used more pimpsuited carnage.

    But yeah, been a good run. Thanks again for the entertainment. Will be interesting to see how Bioshock turns out.

  36. X2-Eliah says:

    Wait wait wait.. New host? Could it be.. Randy?

    Also, does this mean Rutskarn/Josh/Shamus gets the boot – or are you moving on to a 4-man team (doubledrink when all 4 talk in unison)? Because all 3 of those people are fun to listen to – and Josh’s playing style has become quite cool.

    Regarding Bioshock – haven’t played it myself, with it being a shooter and all, so looking forward to experiencing the game. Just, do not forget to enable subtitles.

  37. Galad says:

    Thank you for doing this an entertaining Spoiler Warning, on a game I probably wouldn’t be interested in playing for more than an hour or two, considering I’ve next to no knowledge of or experience with Fallout 1 or 2. Keep up doing the fun things to do in-game (like exploding pants) and talking about various tangentially related, but interesting topics =)

  38. Jarenth says:

    Game over man. Game. Over.

    I, for one, shall be watching this space, like unto a hawk, until the next season pops up.

    Also: Actually drinking along to even part of today’s drinking game wasn’t the smartest thing I could have done.

  39. Fat Tony says:

    The Roll Call of people we wanted to kill again at the end was brilliant
    Pimp Suit + Summer Bonnet x Reginald’s fist + Three Dog’s Face = Fun

  40. Fat Tony says:

    Hey Josh, Shamus & Ruts(Again)
    I think a good Spoiler Warning for you to do with Josh and Shamus would be L4D and/or L4D2 as it would only be a quick 5/6 episode thing and you all could play with mics so that Josh’s recording wouldn’t pick up voice chatter and…
    You = Bill/Coach
    Josh = Francis/Nick
    Ruts = Louis/ellis
    CPU = Zoey/Rochelle

    I mean it sounds workable to me?

    • KremlinLaptop says:

      You know, I hadn’t thought of that, but it would be fun. The only problem would be who’s perspective it would be viewed from… and unless everyone records and there’s some clever editing it might end up with Shamus standing in one spot by some porch light explaining how he’s very fond the level design here, talking for like ten minutes about the porch light with Rutskarn.

      While the camera is stuck to Josh, who is running around in circles followed by botZoey, chased by a Witch, covered in boomer slime and like way… way way far away from Ruts and Shamus.

      …It might be sort of hilarious though.

  41. Brother None says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. I guess?

    It always feels a bit weird to hear people say “yes they dismiss everyone with a different opinion as inferior”. I think we’re dismissive of people who argue things like “this is how the original creators envisioned Fallout” or “the setting is all that matters” (this attitude in particular seems very condescending to me, you’re basically telling people who enjoyed the gameplay equally or more than the setting that their opinion doesn’t matter). Are we dismissive of anyone who enjoys Fallout 3 to whatever extent? Not as a rule. Sure we have plenty of users who do feel Fallout 3 is bad in every way, but we went out of our way to make sure our review is more balanced than that (and it is), we have plenty of users who like or even love Fallout 3 (the trick is not to join with the mindset of “hah, those NMA extremists, I’ll show them!” If you do that, then you you’re likely a troll and going to be banned. If you don’t, you’ll find saying “I love Fallout 3” does not actually result in the outpouring of hatred our reputation might have you expect).

    Heck even some of our staff liked Fallout 3 well enough, and I don’t think any of us dismissed it fully. There were moments in Fallout 3 I absolutely loved, when I think they got the feel just right, and there are big chunks of its design that I think are really well-done. There’s also a lot I feel is shit, and the funny thing is, that in the gaming world at large (not places like this), that opinion is crushed way more harshly than praising Fallout 3 as the perfect game. And yet it is NMA that is constantly set aside as the extremists. Then again that makes sense, it’s always the majority that determines what’s extreme.

    NMA doesn’t really have an “opinion”, because we don’t really run a very tight ship in that way. We don’t like trolls but we also don’t like bullies who badger people for having an opinion. Still, we have a reputation, one that I can not deny has a firm basis in reality, and once you have a reputation, people will just repeat it without putting much thought into it. Especially when badgering NMA became the “cool thing” to do. We’ve had to endure trolling invasions and DDoS attacks on our computers. And for what? For having an opinion other people don’t like. And yet, we’re the bad guys. Funny how that works.

    My own opinion (and one shared by many older/more active NMAers) is pretty much what was put forward in this video: I have nothing against Gears of War. I play releases like GTA IV or Assassin’s Creed II with glee because they’re tons of fun. Fallout 3, I don’t get the ecstatic response to, but it was still fun (better than Oblivion, in any case). But I do feel the gaming industry has strangled out mid-budget titles to an extent the film industry really hasn’t (which is where that comparison falls apart). There’s indie and there’s AAA. The mid-budget realm is really very sparsely populated. And that has a lot to do with the way the console market and its profit margins simply asks for bigger investments. It’s a shame and I can see no immediate way out, but it’s a very evident economic truism that subsisting *just* on AAA titles is not a good long-term plan.

    Age of Decadence y’all.

    • KremlinLaptop says:

      Honestly, the narrative of ‘oh those people at NMA just hate everything’ to my knowledge was even put forth by the developers at Bethesda and their rather ugly PR machine, to the point that my previous Fallout games loving friends who disliked Fallout 3 would eventually start putting in qualifiers like, “Oh, I don’t like Fallout 3 but I’m not irrational like those people at NMA,” etc, etc.

      Which, you know, as former poster at NMA sorta started pissing me off after awhile.

      Fact is Bethesda shunned core community sites that had been through the very thin of “Van Buren is dead in the water, the last game was a shitty console title no one wants to speak of and the studio is dead — but we’re going to keep going” because I think Bethesda very early on must have realized that what they were making was the exact anti-thesis of the thing that F1 and F2 players would have enjoyed as a sequel.

      Essentially, I think they knew they were going to be shitting out a golden goose egg, calling it Fallout 3 and one of the clever ways to quickly build a new community would be to fire up some sort narrative of ‘us vs them’ in regards to say NMA or RPGCodex, etc. And that seems like one of the reasons there are people, years after the fact with no real basis in the reality of the matter, like Rutskarn at the start going, “Oh sure, I dislike Fallout 3 but I’m not like those crazy people at NMA.”

      …Which sorta pisses me off.

      No offence, Ruts, but the rant at the start did come as a bit ill-informed. Even at the height of Fallout 3 being new and sucking the fora over at NMA were never as bad as they were made out to be and really the bigger problem seemed to be blatant trolls coming in to rile people who were already pretty disappointed by Fallout 3 and really didn’t need some Bethesda fanboy coming in rubbing his keyboard vigorously over his nether regions and then hitting the ‘submit post’ button.

      In fairness, I’d say what the community at NMA did suffer from was a sense of entitlement to the Fallout franchise since we’d all been waiting so bloody long for nothing; but that’s not so hard to understand. I’m also a fanboy of the original Command & Conquer games, ask me about my feelings for Electronic Arts.

    • Rutskarn says:

      This is one of those things where you come in the next day, rewatch what you said, and realized you made a tremendous error.

      I didn’t mean to refer to your site in the first place. Sure, your community has a certain elitist element–although it is by no means dominant–but I have nothing bad to say about your editorial staff.

      It’s tremendously humiliating to admit this, but in the commenting fugue state–as I am wont to do–I dropped the name of one organization when I was thinking about another.

      The site I meant to reference was RPG Codex (whose taglines include phrases such as, “Doesn’t scale to your level,” “Putting the ‘role’ back in ‘roleplaying'”). The Codex’s community, and, to a significant extent, its staff, have all of the qualities I was referring to.

      Again, let me formally apologize for mistaking your site for theirs. I’ll see about getting a more public retraction posted.

  42. Irridium says:

    About the ironsights things, I’ll just be the guy and say there’s a mod for that.


    Anyway, another great series. And I look forward to the next one. Kind of sad its not Fable, but oh well, this is good.

    • KremlinLaptop says:

      Fable: The Lost Chapters for the PC would have been an amazing choice — perhaps even too amazing. Oh well, there’s always next season, besides which I’m happy to see Bioshock get it’s just desserts.

      /can’t stand Ayn Rand, loved the System Shock games, etc.

  43. Scaevus XIII says:

    Shamus, I’m a long-time reader, but a first time poster here, and I’d just like to thank you (And Josh, and Rutskarn) for this awesome series! Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since I had a lot of the same complaints. Listening to the same bitter rants coming from different people is cathartic.

    I look forward to the next Spoiler Warning!

  44. X2-Eliah says:

    I still would have preferred you to take on Half-Life 2, though.

    • krellen says:

      They wouldn’t have enough bad to say about HL2 to carry a series. 90% of the critique would be “where’s Episode 3?”

      • X2-Eliah says:

        Yes, exactly. I really do not like how this is turning into a ‘lets sh*t on the game that’s being played all the time’. Okay, F3 had a lot to say about it in this way, but I would want to hear more comments on the technology, the design, the creatures, the plots, you know, hear insightful stuff about what is good and special, not just “This sucks, that sucks, this sucks, check my unrelated LP, that also sucks, I know rite?”

        HL2 would have been perfect by giving a ton of good stuff to say. Instead, we get a game that one of the hosts (shamus) is known to hate to the very guts, which does mean another bash-fest of a series.

        The high points of the current Spoiler warnings have been precisely such good/suprising/elaborate discussion on the game’s aspects, not a pure torrent of dislike. I guess most of you come here ‘for the lulz’, however.

        And for all that, this post will not be read by anyone, and the point will be lost in the sea of the Internet. Such a same.

        • Shamus says:

          “Instead, we get a game that one of the hosts (shamus) is known to hate to the very guts, which does mean another bash-fest of a series.”

          Having recorded the first episode, I can tell you this is not the case.

          • X2-Eliah says:

            Well, I’ll hold you to your name on this :)
            Anyways, I didn’t mean to come across as not liking the last series – oh no, that was also very cool. I’d just like to hear the best you have to say.

  45. Daemian Lucifer says:

    An interview about new vegas:

    Nothing much said,but an extremely funny bit about the bugs.Game by obsidian playtested by bethesda,oh joy!

  46. Aven says:

    I am starting to get in to the Spoiler Warning series. I am looking forward to Bioshock since I have played that one through. I missed most of Fallout 3 as I had not finished the game until recently (took a long break).

    Any thoughts on offering these in a format I can use on the iPad ?

  47. Mario says:

    You really did a great job, and I truely appreciated this series. I can’t wait to see what will happen with bioshock, wich, I didn’t really loved, but neither hated.

  48. Vipermagi says:

    A farewell tribute/sacrifice to our maddened god Reginald “Obvious Reasons” Cuftbert. http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp53/Bakmachien/ScreenShot785-1.jpg
    (I think there’s 10)

  49. Josh says:

    Somewhere… Beyond the sea…

  50. Blanko2 says:

    just cause 2. worst writing ever.
    but fallout 3 is pretty bad.

  51. guy says:

    Man, consuming every drug in the game at once for the final battles worked much better in the original fallout. I pumped all my stats above six and got 90% damage reduction with power armor and copious quantities of drugs.

  52. RCN says:

    I have a well kept secret to throughly enjoy any and every Bethesda Game since Oblivion: Stay the hell away from the main quest. None of my Fallout 3 characters ever bothered to find dad, and seeing these videos, I now realize the Wisdom of my actions.

    Loved the series guys. I agree, they should make some Indie branches on the big devs. Actually, one of the series in The Escapist, Extra Credits, was talking about this idea. You heard that Nival? Make a New World Computing branch or something to give us Might and Magic X. No, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic doesn’t count, its a Half Life 2 with spells, and that is not what Might and Magic was about. 1st step, take out the linearity and railroads.

    Shamus, Rutskarn, Josh, good fortune to you all. Oh, and follow Rutskarn advice and read some Terry Pratchett, it’s good for the soul.

  53. Eljacko says:

    What, no Funkorama?

    So ends a glorious era. Goodbye Spoiler Warning: Fallout 3. Now, we march on Rapture!

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