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DM of the Rings LIX:
Disorder of the Stick

By Shamus
on Friday Feb 2, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Party must disarm in Edoras..

Everyone has walking sticks.

I don’t blame them for wanting to hold onto their walking sticks. Edoras has about the worst wheelchair / handicapped access I’ve ever seen. If you take a bad step at the entrance to the Golden Hall, you won’t stop rolling until you’re outside of the city.

Wheelchair deathtrap
Laying that aside, this is a great case of, “a small change to the script throws the whole conversation into the blender and hits liquify.” If you have a conversation which requires information to be revealed in a certain order, you can bet the players will – without even trying – turn the whole thing sideways and backwards. They will trick you into revealing the catch to doing a job before they’ve agreed to do it, or goad you into revealing a loophole in the local rules while they still have the opportunity to exploit it.

They are devious little buggers, for sure.

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  1. Saoirse Young says:

    I just noticed your last name is young… but it’s fine, I’m sure there’s no relation ^_^

    Anyhow, I LAUGHED so hard at this one lol. “um, metal walking stick… and a quiver of little walkng sticks” ol who would fall for that, lol

  2. James "Dairyllama" says:

    Exploitation gets very bad. My players were getting too much influence in a city and were threatening to take control of the major rogue/thieves guild in teh city. So I threw a curved ball, and destroyed the city with green dragons.

  3. WarWolf says:

    “I've just run across half of bleeding Rohan chasing the little buggers!

    If you just ran across half of bleeding Rohan, you obviously don't need a stick, do you? Aha, gotcha! Come on, hand it over…”

    Your logic has a flaw. Now that he has run half of bleeding Rohan he’s going to need the stick just to stay up. And the little ones are reserved to when he falls on his knees or lower. So there. Oh, and the rest are reserved for their companions whose names escape them at the moment…okay, so they don’t remember them at all.

    Wonderduck: Yes, sprite one of the stickiest drinks in the world. Still (witout any ofence), I almost pass out of laughter every time I see the imagery in my head… aragomless/or someone else falling down the stairs right out of the city and wonderduck cleaning his duckies….khehehehehehgrmh…*thump*

    Shamus: I think I’ve read your comic four or five times and I still love it. And laugh. And love the comments.

    Pitty there aren’t any RP groups around where I live (to quote my self: the deep forests of Pohjanmaa, Finland). *sigh* Oh well, guess I’ll just have to settel with NWN and NWN2…

  4. ERROR says:

    I’d be funnier if the guard guy said MISS elf instead of MISTER elf. You should change it to that.

    Also, I’ve noticed that, in the movie, Gandalf pulled his walking stick excuse, and as soon as he did, he began holding his proposed “walking stick” horizontally and kept it that way for most of the meeting.
    Course, I haven’t watched that movie in a while, so I could be wrong…

  5. middle_earth_muggle says:

    Best one yet!!!!!
    “Quiver of little walking sticks. . . .
    . . . riiight.”

  6. Crazyeyes says:

    “dwarven walking stick – chuckle
    metal walking stick – snort
    “with a quiver of little walking sticks” – oh, man, I LOST it there.”

    Exactly my reaction. XD XD XD

  7. Leyomi the Parodier says:

    That’s the most I’ve laughed in ages, and this is my second time reading this thing.

    I was laughing at the comments, the bit about the rolling. It was absurdly funny.

  8. Tachi says:

    That made me laugh so hard and for so long that my abs hurt…

  9. Matthew says:

    so once when i was DM i built a portal to Hell in a corner of a dungeon some mid-level PCs were exploring. i never really expected them to do anything with it, and hadn’t fully worked out what i was going to do with it. well, they found it and, despite scanning with a gem of true seeing, proceeded onward. since i hadn’t prepped anything, i just had to wing it. and since i had just been playing Paranoia the day before, things went quickly downhill. rather than go with sulphur and brimstone and wailing demons, i made it out as a castle (with endless corridors) inhabited by tailed, horned humanoids who ran a truly miserable bureaucracy. and then the internal logic of the situation took over.
    the PC’s were asked to disarm , as is only civil, and amazingly they did (this panel reminded me of this!). they were treated to individual rooms for the night, again – as is only civil. and after a good night’s sleep they were taken individually from their locked rooms (this is when they finally got suspicious) to their interrogations and trials.
    so i got a rep as a sadistic DM; i don’t think i ever DM’d again. my friends still remind me of the occasion some 17 years later. on the other hand, one of my PC’s famous last words was to ask the hell-being interrogating him how old it was, and when it replied it was immortal, he asked it, “so what’s the first thing you can remember?”
    I think I’ll send this page to all the PC’s in that old party, with a reminder never to disarm nor split the party!

  10. Toaadam says:

    Wow! This is so funny!

  11. Rose says:

    Legolas’s last lines made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.

  12. Brandon says:

    Just directed to the site by a friend. These are hilarious and this is definitely my favorite to this point. Great work!

  13. joesolo says:

    rolf “and a quiver of little walking sticks”

  14. Samantha says:

    Ireally enjoy reading webcomics, but I have to say yours is the funniest one Iv read in quite a while! Very funny and imaginative!

  15. Blas de Lezo says:

    Jaajajajaj! rofl!!! man, the last one with the “little walking sticks” was great!!

    I love this strip, you really should go for the next film. DM Willow, DM Conan, etc

  16. Nacata says:

    That was so funny!

  17. Josiah says:

    “I used to be an adventurer until i took a little walking stick to the knee.”

  18. Dark Waffle says:

    “aye we like them heavy and, uh sharp”
    “a quiver of little walking sticks”


    “I think future DM's will have to make rules disallowing quotes from
    DM of the Rings”


    I think that is the most sincere accolade it is possible to give DMotR…
    Dead Bril’, Shamus!

  19. WriteBrainedJR says:

    This is not my first time reading the strip, but the line “and a quiver of little walking sticks” will never get old.

  20. BahCheck.com says:

    Excellent Comic! Had fun while reading it!

  21. 4ier says:

    Messed up character encoding:
    should be ´

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