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DM of the Rings LX:
The Madness of King Whatsizname

By Shamus
on Monday Feb 5, 2007
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DM of the Rings


The Players must disarm.

On one hand, taking away their weapons is a dead giveaway that they will need them. On the other hand, by the time conflict starts the players will already have opened the rulebooks and found the parts that deal with bare-handed combat, performing disarm moves, and using improvised weapons.

Players may blunder through dialog with shocking ineptitude, forget the name of the country they are in, or get confused about which side they are on, but once it comes time to roll for initiative they all turn into Sun Tzu.

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  1. Kunou says:

    I used to play characters who would ruin these. I had one character who only used thrown weapons (and had feats allowing him to pick up just about anything and throw it for damage). When asked to disarm I did the usual eternal disarmament trick detailing the locations of every hidden blade. It took 5 minutes for the whole list. The DM never tried it again.

  2. nocata says:

    aragorn, gimli and legolas are all very alike to the boys in my ELEMENTARY SCHOOL D&D club. similar in willingness to give up their weapons, too. if you asked them to do something similar to the situation above, they’d stay outside as a preference.

  3. ceridwen says:

    Hi, I have just started reading this comic at the suggestion of a friend, and I have to say, this one might have my favorite little text at the bottom: “… once it comes time to roll for initiative they all turn into Sun Tzu.” I litterally laughed out loud :P

  4. WJS says:

    Real people tend to be the same way. If you hang up a sign in your shop saying “no guns”, you will be losing business. Well, some people will just ignore it, since you aren’t going to be searching them, but many will simply go elsewhere.

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