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By Shamus
on Saturday Sep 11, 2010
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This video show Jerry Holkins – Tycho of Penny Arcade fame – performing a song in Rock Band for the crowd at PAX. He wrote the lyrics. Harmonix put it in the game. He sang the song. Soon you can get it on Xbox LIVE. (All proceeds benefit Child’s Play.)

Link (YouTube)


In a Kingdom of Iron
Under the dome of the sky
Warmachines begging for battle
And battle is their reply!

A Warcaster is more than a wizard, more than a soldier, and more than a man
Bound to their steam-powered warjacks, pneumatic nightmares which sunder the land

You can run! But can you outrun your doom?
You can hide! But you’re hiding in your tomb!

In a Kingdom of Iron
Beneath the vault of the sky
Corvis has made you a weapon
On which Cygnar can rely.

You’ve been instructed, almost reconstructed, by Lieutenant Allister Caine
See how he bristles with his Spellstorm pistols, to burst with cerulean rain

Watch them flee! From your furnace of coal-fired hell!
Mystery! See them blister as you form the spell.

The Cryx fixed their gaze upon thick stands of pine
Where your column walked solemn through lands lost to time.
Their necrotechnology, their psysiognomy,
dichotomies beyond rhythm or rhyme.

When Corruptors fire Bursters, it couldn’t be worse.
Helljacks attack and your soldiers disperse.

You’ve seen light, a green light, an Yngwie Malmsteen light:
the blight which powers this demonic hearse.

In a Kingdom of Iron

Under the dome of the sky
Surrounded by ruination
You’re waiting. Waiting to die.

Comments (23)

  1. Vegedus says:

    I bet it’ll be worth it for the Warmachine as well, just in terms of advertising.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I wonder how many people know that that song is about the miniatures wargame Warmachine.

  3. X2-Eliah says:

    Hmm, not sure, actually – the video is of very awful quality, the song seems just average.. Not sure if it was worth embedding this and posting the lyrics. Perhaps a link to another source would let you retain a more distanced position.

    • Another Scott says:

      Hmm, this comment is of very awful quality, the point of ‘retaining a distanced position’ seems just unclear. Perhaps some light mocking* will establish that I quite enjoyed the clip and am contrary to your opinion.

      To surmise: Phttttt :P

      *The tone is the nicer “I’m just playin” kinda mocking.

  4. Teldurn says:

    No one’s making mention of the typo in the title, Marmachine?

  5. acronix says:

    Song? I heard some electric musical artifact, but beyond that I only hear a lot of screaming and a voice in the background moaning and mumbling something. Then they interchanged places, but the moaning continued until my ears could stand it no more.

    Oh, wait, that´s the song. Nevermind, then!

    Seriously, though, I did hear a lot of screaming. Also, I mostly hate contemporary music so it´s just me.

  6. Cuthalion says:

    I kind of liked it, but it would probably sound better in the game itself rather than the recording we’re working with here. Video cameras have a tendency to do that to music. :(

    I’d probably find it hilarious and/or awesome if I had any familiarity with Warmachines. :P

  7. Snook says:

    Without seeing the video, I immediately began to sing it in my head a la Iron Maiden. It works pretty well.

  8. ngthagg says:

    The story behind the guys playing instruments is great too. http://www.penny-arcade.com/2010/9/8/

  9. somecrazyfan says:

    That’s what this site has become.
    Instead of an interesting review of a game we get: penny arcade, penny arcade, penny arcade, penny arcade…Has Shamus done a contract with them or something?
    Instead of learning an interesting and enlightening thing about game design we get rants about the video game industry.
    Instead of a rant related to a video game’s character a la Jade Empire (see master Lee article) we get yet another article related to another mistake of one of the big cheeses of the video game industry or the legal system or how stupid are people that put video games on the market…
    Now we have this video of PENNY ARCADE go and see their SITE listen to THEM play a song NOW you stupid PEON, do it!!!
    What happened with old Shamus?

    • Shamus says:


      You’re still getting the Mass Effect review. And others will follow after that. There’s just MORE content. Because of the convention. This seemed like an appropriate way to close out PAX week. Sheesh.

      • Rob says:

        How dare you talk about current events, even worse a current event that dares to make my nerdy hobby mainstream and :gasps and narrows his eyes: popular.
        You can’t say nice things about them, you have to hate them with the force of a thousand suns because they are making me less 1337.

      • Soylent Dave says:

        More importantly Shamus, when you’re not sucking the corporate cock of Penny Arcade (or something), you have the gall not to just post reviews of games. Which is apparently what your blog is all about. Apparently.

        Sometimes you write about things you find ‘interesting’ or ‘important’ or ‘worthwhile’, which is just beyond selfish…

  10. Dovius says:

    Probably no-one cares anymore, but here’s a better quality version of the song:

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