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DM of the Rings LXV:
Gross Misallocation of Resources

By Shamus
on Monday Feb 19, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Thoden is terrible at strategy. Get paid in advance.

Thoden is terrible at strategy. Get paid in advance.

While often nothing the players do makes any sense at all within the contex of the gameworld, you can be sure they will fixate on any and all flaws in the thinking on the part of NPCs.

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  1. middle_earth_muggle says:

    Hey, I think the dice broke way up there at the top. . .

    . . unless it’s just my computer.

    You gotta love those horse f***ers.

  2. Tournesol says:

    @ the fool who said “think of gandalf as the emisarry to the gods”

    Sorry but in lotr there’s only one God, just like real life, since tolkien based it on religion, Gandalf represents jesus. He states in the movie “There’s only one lord of the rings and he does not share power”. In other words, there’s only one God.

  3. joesolo says:

    theyve got a point. why the hell do they always send the most powerful person on messenger duty?

  4. Chris Rivan says:

    OMFG! I just figured out that the dice next to each comment show the comment number. Brilliant!

  5. 4ier says:

    Messed up character encoding:
    ú should be ú
    ë should be ë

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