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Requiem For A Lets Play

By Shamus
on Friday Oct 22, 2010
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Someone made a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that gives Reginald Cuftbert a tombstone in Goodsprings. (The starting town.)


Thanks to modder FinalFrog. Also thanks to the couple of readers who alerted me to this. I do hope you’ll download the mod and dance on his grave. I know he would’ve wanted it that way.

Comments (51)

  1. X2-Eliah says:


    That is to say, it is quite neat and interesting in a somewhat-curious way. So what do you get when you dig up the grave?

    • Gandaug says:

      No digging of graves in the new Fallouts unfortunately.

      Though I would imagine some poorly maintained weapons and armor along with enough drugs and alcohol to let the town of Goodsprings party for a month.

      • Andrey says:

        actually you can dig into the graves in Fallout: New Vegas, you just need a shovel in your inventory and you’re good to dig.
        you;ll just find some ammo or a few caps here and there, but it’s the gesture that counts :)

  2. Rem says:

    Needs more alcohol, I say. Reginald would have liked that.

  3. Groboclown says:

    Can anyone decipher what the tombstone reads? I’m not able to make it out.

  4. Gandaug says:

    So I find this mod then tell Shamus about it in an email then log on to Twenty Sided then see this post here. Oh well. At least with Shamus’ email issues he may never even get my email so he won’t be alerted after the fact.

  5. RPharazon says:

    Does this mean that you guys are officialy e-celebrities? Is this going to be a thing for you guys, akin to the Freelance Astronauts and their replacement of moon graphics in every game they play?

  6. Halfling says:

    So if the Spoiler Warning crew ever does Fallout: New Vegas we will have zombie Cuftbert?

    God save us.

    • Gandaug says:

      I hope they do New Vegas. I’ve only started playing, but so far it’s much better than Fallout 3 could ever have hoped to be. This is with no mods too! I can’t wait until the mod community really gets their hands on this.

      • Halfling says:

        100% agree with you. The world in New Vegas actually makes sense, and it is not just a bunch of non-interactive set pieces. Of course the NCR and the Legion are far better factions then the Brotherhood and the Enclave any day. (At least the Fallout 3 versions of those organizations)

        Of course I am still dreading the inevitable Obsidian ending.

      • acronix says:

        I agree to an extent. Storylines, quests and dialogue are in another level of existance. They even made each town insert itself into the “world” economy by pointing out what they produce.

        However, we have to admit that Bethesda did something right, and that is ambience. The Mojave Wasteland doesn´t look as good as the Capitol Wasteland. And building interiors are now huge, realistic and laberynthic: it´s harded to find what you are looking for. It almost looks like they made the layout on an isometric view…
        Lastly, I find combat extremely difficult. The player starts as a common mook who fights groups of three or more common mooks. Sure, to die they need to hit you with 7 or more bullets, but so you. Good thing is that VATS is not needed anymore, but not because combat is better, but because you suffer more damage while in VATS, meaning it´s almost useless, from my experience. I died constantly even on easy, until I got Boone, the sniper companion. Now he kills everything for me. Go, Boone, go!

        • Halfling says:

          ED-E’s detection capability is what keeps me alive. Gives you an insane heads up on the radar of where baddies are. I find a piece of high ground. Take out my trusty cowboy repeater, crouch, aim, shooting gallery. When the radar is clear, I go loot. :D

          Eyebot for the win.

        • Gandaug says:

          I will agree that Bethesda is good at creating settings. That’s it though. Everything else they do is just bad. From what I’ve seen of the Mojave I like it better than the Wasteland. Personal taste I guess.

          Combat is definitely harder, but I’m not having that much trouble. I’m just being rather careful with how I approach things. I got a little worried when I encountered a pack of ghouls outside of Primm, but I managed to take them down barely. What did kill me is when I got too far out and found a Reaver. At level 3.

      • Irridium says:

        Well, on the mod front there’s good news. Since New Vegas and Fallout 3 are pretty much identical under the surface, Fallout 3 mods can be ported with relative ease.

        So yeah, don’t be surprised if most of the Fallout 3 mods are quickly put into New Vegas.

        Of course we’ll have to wait a bit. Modders have to play the game too you know ;)

  7. finalfrog says:

    =P Glad to see this was appreciated. It’s an incredibly small mod, but it took me a ridiculous amount of hours to make. (Mostly because I got sidetracked trying to make a decent tombstone mesh and failing for the most part. The vanilla ones are incredibly stupid for reasons I won’t trouble you with.)

    I suck at writing Haiku as one of you already pointed out, but I like the wording and will leave it be.

    I’ll be making one last update in a few minutes to this tiny mod. I realized today I don’t have to use an new mesh for the hat. (Obsidian added a easy way of making easily compatible re-textures. Woot!) I’m just going to remove the redundant mesh and make a few tweaks to the esp.

  8. Cerapa says:


    Well he has a son at the very least. A big daddy son, but a son none the less.

    Who is the mother though? The new Mass Effect 2 Shepard?

  9. Friend of Dragons says:

    …but he already died so many times before this for similar reasons. Why did it stick this time?

  10. Newbie says:

    The Road goes ever on and on
    Down from the vault, fresh from my bed.
    Now far ahead my dad has gone,
    and I must follow, rail-roaded,
    Pursuing him with heavy feet.
    Until it leads to better quests
    Where idiocy and nonsense meet.
    As days have gone, not my best.

    – Spoken by Reginald “Obvious Reasons” Cuftbert on exiting Vault 101

    It’s almost as if he knew…

  11. Specktre says:

    That. Is. Excellent.

    And I agree. “Definitely not a mercenary” should’ve been on there. But two thumbs up nontheless.

    EDIT: I love Newbie’s poem too.

  12. Jep jep says:

    I’m so gonna install this when I get the game. I’m thinking of bringing a beer bottle and some booze to his grave, maybe some various drugs for decoration, and then get addicted on a random substance to honor his memory.

    Sounds about fitting.

  13. Jarenth says:

    “Here lies Reginald Cuftbert. Or at least, his hat; that’s all we found. But we’re very certain he’s actually dead.


  14. Irridium says:

    I found the perfect mod to use when dancing on his grave.


  15. el_b says:

    dont forget to take ‘all the drugs’ when you visit, a suitable tribute.

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