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Steve Taylor Interview

By Shamus
on Thursday Feb 22, 2007
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Over at Tales of the Rampant Coyote, Jay interviews Steve Taylor, president of the indie game company Wahoo Studios. I find this peek into the inner workings of indie companies to be pretty interesting.

I should note that I’m a developer for a small company myself. I suppose it would qualify as indie, although it’s a little different and doesn’t really fit the “game house” mold. We have a continually developing product, as opposed to making a whole new game every 18 months like most other developers do. So, I’m always eager for chances to peek in the windows of real game companies and see what makes them tick. I suppose I’m living vicariously.

The interview is pretty long, and covers a host of subjects from where games come from to what the bosses play when they need to scratch their gaming itch.

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  1. gedece says:

    A really interesntind read. It shows there’s place for smaller companies that don’t have a BIG budget for graphics alone, and so must rely on creativity for success. Every day that passes, I’m loving more and more the indie scene.

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