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Spoiler Warning 4×1:
Death is Cheap

By Shamus
on Tuesday Nov 16, 2010
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Spoiler Warning


No more jokes, this is really the start of our Mass Effect 2 series. New format, new editing tools, new video host. Same band of jerks. We’re easing into this slowly.

Since our video is no longer a half hour long, we’ve been able to increase the video quality. Previously we were stuck in 320p, but now the show is available in glorious 720p. Which is a lot more p.

Link (YouTube)

The changes we’ve made were based on the feedback we got last week. In particular, the leading suggestions were:

  • Try to play the newest games to make the show more relevant.
  • Try to play older games so as to avoid spoilers.
  • More humor.
  • Less joking around.
  • More off-the-cuff banter.
  • Try to prepare our commentary ahead of time.
  • Cover more ground in each episode.
  • Make the episodes shorter.
  • Move to a more popular, established video host.
  • Don’t use YouTube.
  • Do episodes more quickly to hold interest and get through the game fast.
  • Less episodes, so it’s not so hard to keep up.
  • Do blind runs of games.
  • Know what you’re talking about.
  • Less grief and anguish.
  • More Rutskarn singing.

Yeah, we’re doomed.

Comments (322)

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  1. Noumenon says:

    I did watch all the way to the end (first time ever) and I did not notice any excessive camera jerking despite being on a hair-trigger for it because I complained two times. I say good job.

    • MintSkittle says:

      I’m not too sure we’re in the clear yet, since Josh really didn’t do anything besides walk around a bit and shoot a robot. Need more actual gameplay before it can be declared motion-sickness friendly. Maybe give Josh a gamepad.

      On a tangent, this is exactly why I did not want shorter vids. You really didn’t get to do anything. Just when things were starting to pick up, you ended it.

  2. Benjayman says:

    Finally a new episode what I’ve been waiting for.

    I miss the longer videos but will get used to this new set up.

    And about the voice acting while I completely agree Jennifer Hale does a much better job a Fem-shep I find the more comical dialogue is far funnier from the male one good example is when you accuse the store of being classicist it’s just much funnier with male-shep saying it, I dunno why

    Looking forward to the next one guys

  3. Zaxares says:

    I’m SUUUURE that somebody’s mentioned it by now, but on Joker’s seeming invulnerability to space with just a breather helmet… You guys probably didn’t notice that you’d walked through some sort of mass effect field that was keeping the atmosphere/pressure in when going into the cockpit. ;)

    On Mark Meer vs Jennifer Hale: Am I the only person who actually LIKED Mark Meer as male Shepard? Everybody thinks that Jennifer Hale is awesome (and I agree she’s pretty talented. She has a lot of experience doing voice acting and she contributed to a lot more voices in the game than Mark did), but… I just don’t like her voice. At least as female Shepard. I think it’s overly gruff and mannish and it grates on my ears whenever I hear her.

  4. Andrew B says:

    Why does your suit de-pressurise after taking a couple of holes in the back? If Joker has a re-breathing helmet, shouldn’t that be standard issue on ALL spacesuits?

    And welcome back, SW! I don’t mind the 15 mins length.

    • Avilan says:

      Not sure if I get the question. You are wearing the N7 Breather helmet, which includes a small (very small) air tank on the back. Joker is the only one wearing the type of helmet he is, and my impression was that it was some sort of emergency oxygen mask, like in airplanes. It is not stated to be a “re-breather” helmet anywhere.

    • General Karthos says:

      I think that the tubes that connect the helmet to the back of the suit (where the air is) get cut by the debris. I’m not positive on that, but it’s like in any underwater SCUBA-based action scene, someone always gets the tube between their oxygen tank and mask cut. It’s kinda like that. Except IN SPACE.

  5. unnamednpc says:

    The 15 minute format works for me – a lot better than half or even full our updates. I always wanted to get into the show, now I actually can.

  6. Noble Bear says:

    This was well done all the way around.
    The editing and title sequence were great.

    I am pro:
    *Brevity (more, shorter installments)
    *Foreknowledge of game (At least for the “player” and one of the commenters)
    *You Tube

    Please continue to be awesome :)

  7. Leif says:

    So does anyone know how regularly new content will come out? If it’s the same schedule that’s obviously less content per week. Also this may be the only site I’ve ever been to and see replies on the long comments and that is awesome.

  8. LachlanL says:

    I’m in favour of the shorter episodes, but then, I’m a married, working guy with 1 infant & 1 on the way. Just saying I might not be in your target demographic.

    For me though, the 4-person commentary doesn’t work. There’s just too many instances where people are talking over each-other and over the stuff that is going on in the game. For me, all of these collisions mean that sometimes I can’t tell what you guys are saying or I can’t tell what is going on in the game.

    Obviously this is a bit after the fact as all of these decisions have already been made, but…. better late than never? =P

  9. General Karthos says:

    I am BIG TIME in favor of the smaller, shorter episodes. I just didn’t have the kind of time (being in Grad School) to sit down for 45 minutes to watch… well… basically… people complain about a game while playing it. I don’t mind the complaining so much, even if it’s about a game I love/loved but sitting and down and watching it for 45+ minutes really grated on me. It’s like alcohol. Have a little bit, and you have fun, laugh, and enjoy yourself. But have too much, and the fun stops pretty quickly.

    Yes, sometimes I wish that an episode would be mostly positive comments about a particular bit of a game, especially if it was one I enjoyed. (Since Mass Effect 1, this is the first game you’ve done that I’ve actually enjoyed.) BUT! I don’t mind seeing criticisms of a game I enjoyed. And yes, the plot had its problems.

    Just don’t go criticizing the music. :p

  10. Cybron says:

    Like the new format! Much more accessible than the old videos. Keep up the good work!

  11. Johan says:

    I like how Shepard dies because Joker is still an ass
    “please land me somewhere NEAR the objective”

    “please be SENSIBLE and get off the ship”

    Also “And that was the 14th time I died”

    And you know, the opening to Mass Effect 2 feels a hell of a lot like the opening to KotOR 2. I know you made a comic about it, but it feels like… the SAME (except more cutscene-y because when your spaceship exploded in KoTOR 2 you got the tutorial)

  12. (LK) says:

    They didn’t heal Shephard with Gatorade, Shamus, that’s just absurd.

    It was so obviously Brawndo.

  13. Another Josh says:

    Edit: Whoops – meant to post that in another tab.

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  16. Fizban says:

    So, Spoiler Warning: Mass Effect 2. I think this was where I took a big break from watching since I hadn’t played the game myself yet and didn’t want to be spoiled. I’ve been watching the last few seasons, but coming back to this now that it’s 4 years old is gonna be weird. I don’t even know who’s here: I think this was when Mumbles was still around, but Chris wasn’t? But someone might have mentioned that Chris was around for one of the seasons I skipped and this might have been it. Apparently there were lots of jokes and stuff this season the cast has referenced again, but I don’t know if I’ll catch the “originals,” so I may feel even more lost. And so much has happened since then: through multiple seasons Rutskarn complained/commented on the process of writing for Unrest, then reflecting on having actually done it, and this is from before when “all” he did was puns. Shamus and the show are on Patreon (which exists now), and oh yeah the last game came out too. I’ve heard youtubers complain about “dating” their content, but for Spoiler Warning I hope the difference won’t be too harsh. Enough talk then, let’s get started shall we?

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